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ENG SUB【法医秦明 Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Survivor】EP01——主演:经超,余心恬,艾晓琪

*The essence of music is to cleanse the mind,* *but sometimes,* *when you are at a certain period in life,* *at which, you lost motivation.* *You have doubts about life.* *You’re also desperate* *about humanity and yourself.* *Will the power of music help you* *regain the courage to continue?* *Now let’s listen to Nina Nesbitt’s song:* *Boy.* *This is FM 103.9.* *Coming up,* *let’s listen to a series of news.* *The Hong Kong section of the* *Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high speed railway* *has entered trial runs.* *Everyday the railway department will arrange* *multiple trains to run.* *After its opening, it will built a* *high-capacity passenger transportation* *railway between Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.* *Our city’s celebrity entrepreneur,* *the founder of Hongyuan Network, Luo Dake,* *has announced that* *Hongyuan Network will complete* It’s time. Let’s get ready to go. *its B round of financing within two months.* Yu, wait. Yu, wait. *It is reported that* *this time Hongyuan Network will also* I’ll finish soon. *It is reported that* *this time Hongyuan Network will also* *collaborate in-depth with* *Tencent Video in multiple fields.* *It is believed that with the help of Tencent Video’s* Hurry, let’s go. *extensive video resources and power,* *Hongyuan Network can more effectively* *help young people come together.* Yu, wait for me. Yu. Such a cold day we’re patrolling on foot everyday. When can we get a raise? I’d say you need to be more practical. I heard that two departments in the east have been electrified. No one is patrolling anymore. The ones patrolling are in cars. I think that we’ll be like that soon. Okay. You can wait for it. Anyway, I think that I’ll earn money for two years and then go back to do my own business. These years you can earn money from everything. Okay stop. Hurry and finish these few hundred meters. and go back home to the electrical fireplace. Yu. What are you looking at? Look, is there a person lying there? Where? There, there. That’s really a person. Someone is attempting suicide on the rail track. Hurry. Hurry. Move over. Move over. Move over. It hurts so bad. Yu, are you okay? I am fine. Are you okay too? I am fine. Do you want to die? Kill yourself somewhere else. What are you doing here? I’m telling you… Teacher, you’re finally here. What’s going on? The victim is a small shop’s owner. Two hours ago, her landlord found her at home, and called 110. Before the victim lost all signs of life, she was in a deep coma. On the way to the hospital she passed away. Are you sure it was a coma? the ambulance’s record says coma. Because there is a scar on her neck, the hospital called the police. The police department brought her back. I did a preliminary autopsy. There are also scars on the chest, abdomen, legs and face. This means that prior to her death, she was in an intense struggle with someone. The specifics of the autopsy need to be examined by you, teacher. Ke already went to the scene to investigate. According to the latest news from the scene, the scene has been badly damaged. Has the family been contacted? We don’t have the family’s contact yet. But, judging from the bruises on the corpse and the situation of the scene, the initial crime scene should be the victim’s home. It’s an unnatural death. Teacher, video recording equipments are ready. Where is Lin Tao? Don’t move. Stop. Go. Stop. Stop. Go block him there. There. Go. Caliper. Scissors. Pink foam. Take them. Medical Examiner Dr.Qin Episode 01 Okay. Good work. Hello. Okay. I see. Teacher. 2km north from the switch house at Qingyun Gate, a naked male corpse was found. Ke has already rushed there. I see. Oh yeah, send two tissue slices to the lab. One will be used for routine histopathological exam, and one will have a frozen section exam. I’ll wait for you at the parking lot. Hurry. Qin, where are you going? A corpse was found at the switch house at Qingyun Gate. I’m going to the scene. Didn’t you receive the alert? I did. I’ve asked Fang Yuan to go there. I have caught the suspect for Li Xiuying’s case. I’m sending him to the trial waiting room now. Let him go. He has nothing to do with this case. Nothing? Qin. Qin. Qin. Explain it clearly. Yong, bring him back first. Qin, explain it. What are you looking at? Go. Qin, you weren’t talking the whole way here. You haven’t told me why we can’t catch this person yet. Lin Tao, you’ve been asking the whole way here. When my teacher wants to tell you, naturally he will tell you. Don’t rush it. But I think the evidence is conclusive already, so why can’t we catch him? I didn’t answer you on the car because I was recalling the autopsy. I can tell you now with confidence that the suspect of the uxoricide has no direct relation with this case. I will write a report tomorrow. Once you see the report you’ll understand everything. Okay. Fang Yuan. Boss. Chief Qin. The corpse is there. Ke is doing mark inspection right now. Ke, how is it? Let’s go. Ke, any clues? Male, in his thirties, naked. Found by rail switchers when they were patrolling. According to the switchers, they started patrolling at 10 p.m. The entire process was less than 2.5 hours. So the corpse was moved here between 10:30 p.m. to 00:40 a.m. Because it was nighttime, the scene was supposed to be well preserved, but there was heavy rainfall earlier, so no matter how well preserved the scene is, there will not be many valuable clues. That is for other people, but you are Ke. There is nothing you can’t find. Stop joking. Come here. Luo Dake? Who? You guys don’t know about him? He is famous. He is always doing live streams. I just watched his live stream a few days ago. He is the founder of Hongyuan Network. Rigor mortis occurred twice. The first rigor mortis had clearly been damaged. After damage, rigor mortis formed again. Therefore the time of death must be within 6 hours. Even the nearest national highway is 1.5 to 2km away from here. There are patrollers at the rail track everyday. Corpses would be discovered easily. The victim is big, and dragging him here should be quite tiring. So, what is the reason for choosing here? Jiang Yong. Fang Yuan. Check the victim’s identity now. Okay. Okay. Let’s go. Careful, it’s here. Take photos and prepare plasters. Ke. What can be revealed here? Although the scene is undermined by the rain, but look at here. This is a dragging mark. This is a footprint’s edge. Although this footprint has been washed to be indistinguishable by the rain, we can still tell that this is the only direction of the dragging. And this tire mark. Only a parked car can leave a mark like this. Think about it, it’s nighttime and rainy. Who would park here for no reason? Even if one went out the car to pee or something, no matter how heavy the rain was, there should be relatively complete footprints here, right? Right. Okay. Take photos now. Qin. Ke has a great discovery. Alright, alright. Don’t talk nonsense. We don’t know if it’s useful yet. Qin, there is half of a tire mark over there, as well as some signs of dragging. But the scene has been damaged too much by the rain, so the footprint is indistinguishable. Finding so many marks after rain is already quite impressive. That’s right. All I can confirm for now is that we can rule out the possibility of hypothermia. I did not find the three wounds on the corpse, which are wounds caused by intimidation, constrain and resistance. There are no signs of strangle on the victim’s neck, nor are there signs of electric shocks on the body. But in the victim’s nails, we found some sawdust and signs of fingernails falling out. The specific cause of death can only be determined after autopsy. Okay. We’ll go now. Good work. Shiyu, arrange it and bring the corpse back. Okay. No, Qin. Wait for me. Shiyu, Shiyu. What does your teacher mean? Did he die of illness? Or of poisoning? Lin Tao. My teacher didn’t say how he died. He said that it could only be confirmed after the autopsy. Right, you can take care of the corpse. I’m going to go now. Teacher, wait for me. Boss. What does Chief Qin mean? Are you dumb? Ruling out hypothermia meant that he didn’t freeze to death. No signs of electric shock meant that he wasn’t electrocuted. No signs of strangling meant that he wasn’t strangled to death. As they put it, he didn’t die of asphyxia. No exterior wound meant that he wasn’t beaten to death. Do you understand now? Who, who doesn’t understand? So he didn’t die from hypothermia, not from electric shock,strangling, not from being beaten. Boss, isn’t there only poisoning and illness left? Moreover, it’s so cold. How is hypothermia ruled out? Yong, how did you get your graduation certificate? I’m telling you… Okay. I, your brother Yuan, will teach you a lesson. Before people die from hypothermia, they may hallucinate and take off their clothes. They may even fold them and put them aside. Then where are his clothes on the scene? But perhaps he… Alright, alright, alright. That’s not the point. Sooner or later Qin Ming will explain it to us. Our duty right now is to take care of that man who killed his wife. Understood. Chen Zhiquan, 41 years old. Several years ago, he was the most popular wedding host in our Longfan city. Later, due to gambling, his wedding host business was over, and he ended up with hundreds of thousands of usurious debt. After selling his house, he rented a shabby house in the old town district. Victim Luo Dake’s first autopsy was performed by primary medical examiner Qin Ming and medical assistant Chen Shiyu together. Since the usurious debt, your relationship became extremely bad. You two argue very often. Last night at 6 p.m., after you got home, you had another argument with your wife. What happened next, I think you should tell me. Tweezers. For others, it’s reasonable if they resist it. Why would you resist it? Even if you resist this, when you get out, will the debt collector let you go? Think for yourself. Tell me, when will people take off their clothes willingly? I’m asking you. There are two possible reasons for it. The first is willingly. The second is forced. Death caused by being forced to take clothes off is most likely to be sexual assault. But the victim’s sphincter was not hurt, so we can rule out this possibility. Taking clothes off willingly, only has two possibilities. One is drowning while swimming. One is drowning while bathing. But looking at the victim’s lung, there is no aqueous emphysema, nor lung rib indentation. So this possibility can be ruled out, too. Elbow shear. Okay. Get the procedures ready and send him to the detention house Okay. Shiyu, where is you teacher? Lin Tao, why are you so dumb? I told you that at this hour, this hour, my teacher will not possibly be drinking tea in his office. So is he in the autopsy room? Of course. You’re not the only one who is anxious. That’s not what I meant. Any findings? Your hair has been trimmed, your eyebrows, too. You are clean-shaven. This shows that you are a person who pays great attention to your appearance. Good job. Appearance is the symbol for a successful man. A good appearance is the best business card to give to clients. For someone like me, I will never look lazy or even disgusting in front of my clients. Your chest, abdomen and leg areas have BMIs of less than 10%. Someone who can keep this score must be extremely self-disciplined. I keep at least 20 hours of exercise per week. Caring about your appearance and also have self-discipline. There are not many people who can achieve both of these. It seems that there is a reason for your success. You understand me. Compared to your other skin tissues, the skin on your hands is more coarse. This must be caused by working in physical labour for a long time. It is not related to any form of exercising. As it says online you came from a prestige family. That is obviously a lie. I think that your real background is not at all congruent to the wealthy, successful and prestigious image you create. Due to vanity, you fabricated your background. Is that related to my death? The corpse is the last message left by the deceased in this world. As a coroner, my job and duty is to find all evidences related to the case from the corpse. To seek justice for the victim. If I can’t even achieve that, then I am not qualified to stand here. I admit. I came from a poor family. I lied. But so what? The question now is can you seek justice for me? When will Li Xiuying’s pathological analysis report come out? Tomorrow at 9 a.m. Qin, I waited for you for over 3 hours. Why are you so slow? Let me tell you something. Li Xiuying’s case I already solved it. I already sent the guy to detention centre. Wait until the autopsy report comes out, I’ll send it to court. Case solved. Her husband admitted to it? Of course. I put the facts in front of him, and he has no choice but to admit. Right? Her husband has no money for gambling so he asks his ex-wife. When his ex-wife refused, he killed her. This guy… Alright. I’m going to go now. Good work you guys. Qin, where are you going? What about the autopsy report? What does he mean? I’ve already told you, that man is not important. Why are you so obsessed with him? When my teacher’s report comes out, don’t say that I didn’t remind you. No, Shiyu. Is the autopsy report out or not? Give it to me. When it’s out, we’ll let you see for sure. What secret are you two hiding? Not a secret, it’s a solution. I’m going to go now. Remember to lock the door when you leave. Whatever solution you have, I still solved the case before Qin Ming. The victim Luo Dake, 41 years old. He was a famous bachelor in Longfan city. He owned two companies. One was Dake Realty. The other one was Hongyuan Network. This Luo Dake, according to his employees and partners, his reputation was fairly favorable. He had never married. But we learned from a notebook in his office that since the establishment of Hongyuan Network 5 years ago, he had had intimate relationships with 216 women. His network was quite successful. Before, there were 2 or 3 similar websites competing with him, but they all shut down later. Through some business tactics, he also bought several small companies. His business may be considered a monopoly now. Our preliminary determination is that it’s a vindictive murder. Because in his private mailbox, we found this. Good job. Hello? What? Qin, let me tell you, Li Xiuying’s case… Lin Tao, my teacher just finished work, give him a break. Shiyu. Come, come with me. Qin. I have never doubted your judgements, but it’s different this time. You must explain it clearly to me. Explain it clearly. It’s easy for you to write a report. My team worked hard over several days, and our results are wiped out by your report? This is the floor plan of the crime scene. Please explain to everyone your evaluation of the crime scene and the crime procedures. Come. Okay. The crime scene is an old-fashioned 2-bedroom with 1 living room apartment. This guy has been addicted to gambling and has accumulated a loan debt of hundreds of thousands. After losing money on the day of the crime, he came to his ex-wife’s home as usual, and wished to borrow some money from Li Xiuying, his ex-wife. However, unexpectedly, Li Xiuying had a cold attitude that day. I don’t have money. Okay, stop lying. I know that you have money. Right? Let me tell you, I’m really in trouble. Other than losing money from gambling, what trouble can you get into? Alright. I promise you. One last time. This is definitely the last time, okay? Get out. I have no money. Not even a penny. Stop shouting, it’s midnight. It’s inappropriate if neighbors hear this. Please, I can even kneel and bow to you. Please take pity on me. For the sake of our past relationship as a couple. Past relationship as a couple? You know about emotions of a couple? You won’t let me say it nicely, you just had to force me. How dare you hit me? How dare you hit me? How dare you hit me? How dare you hit me? How dare you hit me? How dare you hit me? Where is the money? Where did you hide it? Money! The money is to save my mom’s life. This is the entire crime. The suspect confirmed that the scene has no problem. At the scene, Ke also found the suspect’s hair. You also confirmed that she died of asphyxia. So how can you determine that she died of suicide? I have no objection to what you have just stated, because that is not the final outcome. This is not the final outcome because you didn’t finish the story. Where is the evidence? Do you have evidence to prove that she didn’t die on the spot? Ke. Firstly, we investigated footprints at the scene. We didn’t find signs of dragging. Secondly, the suspect’s footprints partially overlapped with Li Xiuying’s footprints. The footprints of Li Xiuying as she walked to the washroom overlapped on top of the suspect’s footprints. Thirdly, we found that the newest fingerprints on the sealed box was Li Xiuying’s. We also detected that the sealed box used to contain dry ice. The dry ice should be from when the suspect worked as a wedding host. If you ask him, he should know about these. So what? What I’m asking now is, do you have the evidence to prove that she didn’t die on the spot? The cause of death, to put it simply, the degree of damage on the victim’s neck would not cause mechanical asphyxiation at the time. The pulmonary edema caused by hypothermia in the victim’s body is very obvious. A sign of death caused by carbon dioxide asphyxiation: pink foam. Therefore, Li Xiuying was not dragged into the washroom. Rather, soon after the suspect left the scene, she woke up by herself. She brought dry ice into the washroom. According to the result of Ke’s on-site inspection, The victim died of carbon dioxide suffocation caused by dry ice, which caused the inclosed washroom cooling down quickly. Lin Tao, do you understand now? My teacher deduced this by reasoning out of the cause of death. Now this is professionalism. Tao, why are you still standing there? Hurry and discuss with the procuratorate how to deal with the man at the detention house. Just one careless mistake. Just one careless mistake. Qin, this Luo Dake. Okay. Yong, how is it going? It’s found, boss. The IP address is an internet cafe. We did some filtering according to the time. The person who sent the email is Zhang Guoqiang. His company shut down because it couldn’t compete with Hongyuan Network. I have sent you his bio and photo. I’ll bring people to his house soon. Okay, send me the address first. I’ll be there soon. Okay. Hold on, hold on, hold on. Sister Mary. Okay, I see. I just moved into a luxurious neighborhood. The rent here is so expensive. You got to get me some good job, otherwise I feel like I won’t be able to afford rent. But speaking about this, I can handle all of these men. Sis, stop kidding. Put on a face mask now and have a good sleep. Okay sis, I’ll stop talking. I’m home. Home. No scar on the body. No trace of death from mechanical suffocation either. Everything about the body is normal. But, the cause of death is strange. Why is that? The key question is, why did he die being completely naked? What is the murderer trying to show, or, trying to hide? What? Didn’t find anything? Wait for the pathology report. Perhaps, he died of illness. But who discarded the body? His vital organs did not have any diseases. I really don’t believe that it’s a sudden death. Let’s see if tomorrow’s pathology report can detect any illnesses. If no illness is detected, then the only possibility is heterogeneous death. You’d have to perform a second autopsy. Ke. Qin. Lin has caught the suspect of murdering Luo Dake. They’re on trial now. Tell me. I, I really… Get to the point. Police officer, I, I was impulsive. My company shut down, and my wife left me. Without him, will I end up like this? That day, that day I drank a little. The more I thought about it the angrier I got, so… So you murdered him, right? No. Is that right? Is that right? Not right. That day I spent some money and hired a hitman. The tire marks Ke collected are damaged. We can only tell that it’s a SUV. In addition, we investigated the surveillance of that night, and found three suspicious cars. A Toyota, a Great Wall, and a Land Rover Aurora. These three cars each passed through the Qingyun Gate toll that night after 10:30 p.m. When it’s close to 12 a.m., the three cars each appeared at Qingyun Gate toll again, and Qingcheng Highway, which is close to where the body was discovered. Around where the body was found, there are only 10km of surveillance blind spot. In addition we found out that although the Toyota and the Aurora looks like they belong to two owners now, once, they shared the same owner. Luo Dake? Correct. Okay then, check them out in order, with emphasis on the Toyota and the Aurora. Ke. Ke, what are you doing? What can I do? I’m extracting traces for comparison. What traces? It’s still Luo Dake’s case. Isn’t Luo Dake’s case solved? Isn’t the murderer caught? The suspect hired a hitman. The suspect we spent all night last night to catch didn’t even go there. He is a liar. He took the money and went to a mahjong house straight away. Does my teacher know about this? Of course he does. Do you guys still have no clue at all? So dumb. Shiyu. That’s not a cool thing to say. Your teacher is supposed to be an expert, yet, he has no clue as well. Do you know about my teacher? How can you two compare with my teacher? What’s wrong with us? Stop arguing. Shiyu. Tell me, did that person die of hypothermia? Perhaps he played some games, like that Ice Bucket Challenge. A huge bucket of cold water being poured on their heads. Who can take such thing in this weather? Also I remember that to play that game, one has to strip down, right? Impossible. Stripping clothes aside, the livor mortis of those died of hypothermia should be bright red. Look, this person’s livor mortis are dark. Teacher. The body of the corpse seems abnormal. Shiyu, request to perform a second autopsy. Okay, teacher. You guys stay here. Remember to lock the door when you leave. Okay. I’ll leave now. Okay. Thank you. Goodbye. No discovery? How is your questioning trial? The driver of the Toyota said that his tire broke, and he had no spares. So he called Wuyou Rescue. I checked Wuyou Rescue’s rescue record and driving recorder, no problem. That Miss Chen who just left is even simpler. She is an employee at Luo Dake’s realty company. Her car is assigned by the company. On that day, she was looking for her boyfriend who works at the highway. So after leaving the toll, she took a turn and went in the highway’s building. The surveillance at the parking lot underneath the building can prove it. Lastly, the Great Wall is a privately owned vehicle, and also registered under Longfan’s ride-sharing taxi service. I asked Yong to verify. That man’s driving record that day is completely congruent with his ride offers. All of them can be ruled out. We have no clue again. Did you know that Qin requested for a second autopsy? Decreased number of cerebellar Purkinje cells. Nuclear lysis. Cell swelling. Skeletal muscle stripes have disappeared. Muscle fiber has dissolution and necrosis. The sarcoplasm condensed into eosinophilic granules. The sarcoplasm condensed into eosinophilic granules? Heat stroke? He died of heat? Yes. Heart failure caused by high temperature. According to Luo Dake’s consumption record, we investigated several clubhouses with sauna services that he often visited… Stop. What happened, Qin? Nothing. You guys continue. Ke. Any discoveries? We have some achievements. We caught prostitution services in nine of them. Be serious. Fang Yuan. Any discoveries? We have investigated all properties under the name of Luo Dake in the past 20 years. We did not find any place with a sauna. But, we investigated the sales records of home saunas in the city. How did it go? We found that this March, Luo Dake purchased a home sauna. Where was it installed? Galaxy Garden. This is the only property under Luo Dake’s name that was not developed by him. I always thought that the diary written by Luo Dake, which said that within five years, he had had intimate relations with 216 women. I thought he was bragging. But the investigation finds that although not everyone had had a relationship with this guy, there are a lot who do have some relations with him. In fact, it is normal. Every woman wants to marry a successful person. This has nothing to do with money-worshiping. Luo Dake. From a financial point of view, he is a winner. We meet again, Miss Chen. Captain Lin. This house is a company asset. If you want to go in with the absence of Luo, you either have to get board approval, or have a search warrant. I have a search warrant. Can I go in? What did you say? Luo is dead? The body of your boss was found on the rails of Qingsha Gate. Impossible. If he died, why the police did not inform us in advance? We did not find any relatives of Luo. Plus he had an abnormal death. Temporary confidentiality is normal in this case. What’s the matter? I do not quite understand. Go ahead. Got it. Anyway, according to tests, we have a reason to believe that the sauna in this house is possibly the initial crime scene. Then, Miss Chen. What else can you recall? This house, was bought by Luo for his fiancee. Fiancee? Correct. The fiancee is Annie. She was Luo’s former etiquette teacher. One day in March this year, Luo called me over. Luo said that this Annie lied to him. He wants to take back the house he has given to her. This bastard, she dared to lie and blackmail me. No matter what, I have to take back the house. You find me a solution. Find me a solution right now. This house was paid by the company’s money before. I used the name of misappropriating company funds to sue both Luo and Annie. Later, with court mediation, Annie transferred this house to the company’s account. Other than that, I don’t know anything. The keys to this house, except for me, Luo also has one. This Annie, might not know about it. Because after we processed the house, we changed the lock. Boss. Look, is that Wang Jiuer? That’s right. Isn’t that car the taxi seen in the surveillance? Are you done yet? It seems to be. What do you mean am I done? I have already dealt with this for you. What else do you want me to do? Fang Yuan. Fang Yuan. Go. For you, I… Aren’t you supposed to help me deal with it? Stop. Stop. Get him. Police. Wang Jiuer, is it? Go back with me. Eyes intertwined with each other without words. Leaving with mystery. Gray world’s real back is hiding a secret. Every time we meet, an icy mask. You don’t know my story yet. Lonely, in the city. Embrace yourself. You use your fingers that can speak, to light up the dusty story. The sun can’t shine into the heart. How much melancholy, how much haze, how much loneliness have left because of you. The sun can’t shine into the heart. All lies, all past, all nightmares have left because of you. Unknown beginning. The perseverance in hope, will not be lost by dreams. Snuggling against each other. We gaze but don’t know each other. Shadows gradually blurring.


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