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EPR for Providers: Orders & eMAR – Medication Advisories

When placing orders advisories will appear for reasons such as: medication allergies, drug to drug interactions, or drug to food interactions. The type of advisory that appears is dependent on the level of risk the order poses to the patient. Most orders that contain an advisory can be placed as long as the advisory is acknowledged and the risk is accepted as
necessary to treat the patient. The advisory will include a description as well as a symbol. Upon activation of the order the symbol will appear throughout EPR to alert other clinicians to the advisory. Hover over the symbol for its definition. To acknowledge the advisory and continue with the order the user may: Enter a comment or click the Comment button to select a pre-built comment, click Confirm to acknowledge the advisory without entering a comment, click Evidence to view further advisory details, click Return if not proceeding with the order due to the advisory. Select the order and click Remove to remove it from the Order Preview window. If an advisory is not acknowledged the
system will not allow the order to be accepted.

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