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Falling In Reverse – The Drug In Me Is You Solo (Guitar Cover By Danny Gomez)

Falling In Reverse The Drug In Me Is You (Guitar
Cover By Danny Gomez) Track #3 off the album The Drug In Me Is You.


  1. Sam May
    Sam May July 17, 2011

    @Yuhkah Well… Just saw your profil, now I have some answers ! Sorry. x)

  2. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez July 17, 2011

    @Yuhkah Lol yes as for the last question since I didnt have an answer for that on my profile it took somewhere from 15-20 hours.

  3. genoxs
    genoxs July 18, 2011

    how long ya been playing for?

  4. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez July 19, 2011

    @genoxs 1 year 10months

  5. genoxs
    genoxs July 19, 2011

    howd ya start to learn guitar? any tips?

  6. jose ramos
    jose ramos July 19, 2011

    NIGGA FUK U!!!!

  7. jose ramos
    jose ramos July 19, 2011

    I'd like 2 see u do Roarin Dragons – throught the fire and flames! 😉

  8. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez July 19, 2011

    @DarkDemon700 1. Im pretty sure thats Dragon Force. 2. As far as im concerned I cant play the solo cause Im not fast enough.

  9. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez July 19, 2011

    @DarkDemon700 No…

  10. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez July 19, 2011

    @genoxs When I started 7th grade I wanted to learn to play so I stole my sisters fender and ook it as an elective as school. Tips would be to play slow,clean, and accurate. Practice to a metronome. Pay attention to Scales,Chords,Theory,and Technique not just learning songs. Listen to instrumental artists like Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Joe Satriani to expand your knowledge of what a guitar can do. Learn easy songs first then move onto hard ones. Understand Muscle Memory.

  11. Max DellaGrotte
    Max DellaGrotte July 19, 2011

    thats fuckin insane

  12. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez July 21, 2011

    @ayu303677 Its within my ability. However I'm practicing other things at the moment and perfecting my technique so I can prepare for solos like that.

  13. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez July 22, 2011

    @musicfreak7171 A couple of Major sweeps, Minor sweeps and some diminshed sweeps combined with some bends and taps.

  14. vongolaprimo5
    vongolaprimo5 July 22, 2011

    Nice cover dude… hope i can be as good as u after lots of practice 🙂

  15. TheeDevilWearsPrada
    TheeDevilWearsPrada July 22, 2011

    Seeing guitarists as skilled as you makes me sooo jealous and angry lol. Kinda makes me wanna break my guitar!! Some people just learn guitar so easily…and others, it takes like 15 years to actually learn how to play the guitar LOL. Fuck. I hate seeing other people that are crazy good at guitar…makes me feel like shit. Fucking pisses me off :/

  16. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez July 22, 2011

    @TheeDevilWearsPrada Trust me. 1 year back I was exactly like you. Just gotta remember that the world wasnt built in one day and that you gotta take things 1 step at time. To be honest I'm not really that good and even I still feel the same way when I watch some other guitar players. Its not easy learning and im not talented. I worked for countless hours in order to get my chops the way they are now. If you wanna get good spend less time on the computer and more time on the guitar.

  17. Mario Muñoz
    Mario Muñoz July 23, 2011

    oh my god that was awesome

  18. Dono
    Dono July 25, 2011

    Amazing I almost Pooped my pants lol

  19. KillJoy2093
    KillJoy2093 July 25, 2011

    @DannyDaWiz You make it sound like it's nothing. haha
    I've been playing guitar for 3 years and bass for 6 and I still can't play that shit.

  20. jovanny black
    jovanny black July 25, 2011

    hey dude how do you build up to that speed cuz i dont really know how so can you be specific or make a tutorial for this solo at least?

  21. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez July 26, 2011

    @jovanny4965 Metronome

  22. brandon birdsall
    brandon birdsall July 27, 2011

    crazy shizz

  23. MsObbsesion
    MsObbsesion July 28, 2011

    wow your amazing…. and great song choice

  24. andrew frank
    andrew frank July 29, 2011

    very good!

  25. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez August 2, 2011

    @cheesecake244 Thanks but your jealous of absoloutely nothing. One day you'll understand what I mean.

  26. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez August 2, 2011

    @cheesecake244 Its a Schecter Omen 6 Extreme FR. And it may look natural but it really isnt. I may have practiced this alot but I only practiced to the point that I could BARELY play it and do a proficient job. There's so many better guitarists out there than me.

  27. elpelucasaabe
    elpelucasaabe August 6, 2011

    Jhonatan Urretavizcaya playing a guitar solo

  28. Bengycat
    Bengycat August 7, 2011

    you suck, your horrible, all of it is wrong, this is so fake
    (all words of jealously very nice job my friend, i wish i could do this)

  29. MELL0
    MELL0 August 9, 2011

    Carson/dominguez hills anyone?

  30. noobker
    noobker August 9, 2011

    hey i just realized, you have wolverine hair dude! 😀

  31. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez August 9, 2011

    @noobker Not anymore. Im a shaved bird now. By the way I've seen your FIR covers and I am very deeply impressed in your playing.

  32. noobker
    noobker August 9, 2011

    @DannyDaWiz haha damn. Thanks bro 🙂

  33. Alekszanver Virgel Villanueva
    Alekszanver Virgel Villanueva August 11, 2011

    how old are you mate? and how old are you started playing guitar ? HONEST

  34. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez August 11, 2011

    @alekszanver Im barely 14. I started playing when I was12.

  35. Anthony Lotardo
    Anthony Lotardo August 13, 2011

    that was pretty fucking good for how fast he plays it. you should put a hair scrunchie on your neck to block out the extra noise

  36. Victoria reyes
    Victoria reyes August 14, 2011


  37. Gandhi NADA
    Gandhi NADA August 15, 2011

    man! i want this speed!!! what to do? please please help me out!

  38. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez August 15, 2011

    @omertaxtx Practice to a metronome slow and accurately and then when you can play it 100% perfect and comfortably rise it up by 1 or 2 beats.

  39. ZackSpade013
    ZackSpade013 August 16, 2011

    U make it look so goddamn easy!!!! Ive been practicing this thing since the album came out and i still cant get it right xD but in all seriousness props to u my dude 🙂 keep up the amazing work. Hppefully itll get u somewhere.

  40. Gandhi NADA
    Gandhi NADA August 18, 2011

    can you recommend any lick?

  41. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez August 18, 2011

    @omertaxtx Its up to you to be creative and create your own licks.

  42. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez August 18, 2011

    @garo1234567890 To be honest I tried and Im not capable of playing at that speed without tensing up my arm. I practiced my alternate picking for 27hours to a metronome and it still wasn't enough. Ill most likely do a cover in the future since I know all the notes but at this time I have much more things to focus on besides working on my technique.

  43. EpilepticFingers
    EpilepticFingers August 23, 2011


    MRCRAZYGUY100 August 25, 2011

    @DannyDaWiz How many bpm?

  45. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez August 25, 2011

    @MRCRAZYGUY100 Start at whichever beat you can play it perfectly and comfortably without tension.

  46. Tenniel Tuason
    Tenniel Tuason August 25, 2011

    Nice hair! 😛

  47. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez August 29, 2011

    @TheComedians2000 I dont know what your talking about but interesting story.

  48. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez September 4, 2011

    @TheNyuu1 That or Im just a 14 year old with an incredibly accurate cover of a solo on youtube. If you really had a brain maybe you'd realize that the person in this video isn't the same as the person that Falling In Reverse are arguing with. Rain simply posted the link to my cover onto his twitter and if you had any sense of pride as an adult you would apologize for threatening to kill a teenager.

  49. James Nva
    James Nva September 10, 2011

    nice cover 😀

  50. blackknightkanos
    blackknightkanos September 13, 2011

    Great cover! When will you cover the whole song?

  51. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez September 14, 2011

    @blackknightkanos I dont have a plans for a full cover. Sorry

  52. JOdeinde96
    JOdeinde96 September 14, 2011

    @TheNyuu1 what do u expect him to do douchebag? he nailed the solo note perfect! you must be jealous clearly. the only one who is a worm here is you, or atleast thats what you hold in your pants you pathetic person. go get a life and get real nobjob! you owe this man some respect!

  53. Gerardo Higuera
    Gerardo Higuera September 20, 2011


  54. James Spicer
    James Spicer September 21, 2011

    Pretty pinpoint there, man.

  55. niallc223
    niallc223 September 24, 2011

    @TheeDevilWearsPrada do something about it. practice more! theres no easy way about it and i know cos i feel the exact same sometimes trust me youve just gotta practice as much as you physically can and then some

  56. spnrd97
    spnrd97 September 26, 2011

    @TheNyuu1 people like you should be kicked off the internet forever

  57. Ceejay
    Ceejay October 1, 2011

    hey ur so cool i can do sweeping but not that fast well i can do that fast but sometimes i miss to hit the string LOL wish i can play this before january comes m/ keep rocking X)

  58. Ceejay
    Ceejay October 1, 2011

    by the way u look better with long hair X) LOL

  59. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez October 1, 2011

    @Sieghart213213 Just keep practicing and you'll get it 🙂

  60. Trent Bingham
    Trent Bingham October 22, 2011

    @TheNyuu1 cool story bro

  61. Jazzi Shaddix
    Jazzi Shaddix October 29, 2011

    HELL YEAH!!!!!!

  62. Ruymán Sánchez
    Ruymán Sánchez October 29, 2011

    dude you should do a I'm not a vampire cover, I think that you are the only one that can play the solo as quickly as jacky 🙂

  63. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez November 8, 2011

    @VaiFreakshow Tha was me 🙂

  64. Lucas Izidoro
    Lucas Izidoro November 16, 2011

    … :´(
    nun faço isso nem se eu toma um redbull

  65. Lexus Monroe
    Lexus Monroe November 17, 2011

    That sounds the Same as jacky!! Your amazinh

  66. Dalton Hartzell
    Dalton Hartzell November 29, 2011

    ive been spending 6 weeks with my instructor on sweep picking im definately learning this song next

  67. Aly0600
    Aly0600 December 23, 2011


  68. Spencer Cammayo
    Spencer Cammayo December 26, 2011

    You look like Shia Labeouaslhfdslidubvisdhflsd from transformers

  69. GaaGerzGuitar
    GaaGerzGuitar January 5, 2012

    @Sieghart213213 So, have you been practice alot? did you nail it? 🙂

  70. Jeremiah McGowan
    Jeremiah McGowan January 27, 2012

    Hell yea dude that was awesome.

  71. Omar G
    Omar G January 27, 2012

    @TheNyuu1 i can't believe i speak better english than you, considering the fact that i am mexican , and what was your insulting comment for?

  72. noobker
    noobker January 30, 2012

    Dude I just realized that you look like "Abed" from the tv series "Community" haha

  73. jose aguilera
    jose aguilera February 3, 2012

    muy robotico loco

  74. Aik Ming
    Aik Ming March 19, 2012

    What guitar is that !

  75. Jaden Toney
    Jaden Toney April 14, 2012

    This was really good :3

  76. CB Powell
    CB Powell May 8, 2012

    Hey dude, just ignore anyone who says anything negative. It's a fantastic cover, I'm impressed as I'm sure a lot of others who saw this are. Keep it up and hope to see you up on the big stages soon!

    POOTIE TANG May 10, 2012


  78. o Jehuty o
    o Jehuty o May 11, 2012

    uuuugh? well i thought it was great, for the few seconds at least

  79. luke gibbo
    luke gibbo June 4, 2012

    Why do you look so pissed off at the end after hitting a solo like that id be fuckin jumping up ana down in happiness XD

  80. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez June 4, 2012

    You know I wonder the same thing…

  81. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez June 29, 2012

    I apologize but I don't remember clearly how long it took. Learning the notes took maybe 2 minutes at most but practicing the solo up to speed was a different story… Im guessing 3 days in total and I practiced it repeatedly all of those days to a metronome

  82. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez July 8, 2012

    I apologize again. Reread the post and meant to say It took 20 minutes at most figuring out the notes. Looks like my subconscious is starting to act arrogant.

  83. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez July 11, 2012

    🙂 Around 10 hours to practice the song, record the cover, figure out the notes, and upload it to youtube.

  84. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez July 12, 2012

    I only had to learn the song not the guitar itself. 🙂 If I had just picked up the guitar for 4 days and tried learning this song it wouldn't sound so good. 😛

  85. Bradley McClelland
    Bradley McClelland August 12, 2012

    Hey man, I been trying to sweep pick for about a year now but not totally dedicated, can't really find a good like step by step how to learn, can you give me some tips or steps how you learnt/practiced? Would be much appreciated, love your covers man

  86. Keila Ortega
    Keila Ortega September 17, 2012

    oly shit!

  87. BlazzedTroll
    BlazzedTroll October 14, 2012

    just throwing this out there… TheNyuu1 is obviously not an adult.. This is a great cover. And just grammar checking and from the name calling … I would say he is younger than you are… Just some little bitch that stole his mommies laptop so that he could rage at people because … well… little kids are short and suck at everything so they get pissed easily.

    Great vid.

  88. BlazzedTroll
    BlazzedTroll October 20, 2012

    If you are stuck on trying to learn to sweep pick… picking every string can be frustrating when you just need to get the pattern down. So what I do is hold my right hand over the guitar neck (around 5th fret area) just to mute the strings and then I basically tap the pattern out with my left hand. It makes it much easier. If ur really lazy u can just put a beanie over the head stock and clamp it down with a capo so that it mutes and then just go through the patterns while watchin TV.

  89. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez October 20, 2012

    Thanks but i have to disagree. The whole point of sweep picking is to synchronize both your left and right hand. Even if you do end up getting that left hand up to speed with your right hand over the fretboard it won't matter if you can't use the two in context. The problem with the beanie over the headstock is that is blocks the open strings from being played.

  90. BlazzedTroll
    BlazzedTroll October 25, 2012

    … "when you just need to get the pattern down", as in, when I am learning a new lick it is hard to look at tabs and play at the same time so i just memorize the pattern by playing with one hand… and the point of the beanie is to keep open strings from being played…because when I am sweeping I ususally don't hit open notes. Obviously when I am finishing up learning the later step is to play with both hands… not really sweeping if you aren't sweeping?

  91. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez October 25, 2012

    Your entitled to practice however you like but practicing sweep picking with a beanie over the strings serves no purpose. You can stop the open notes from being played without a beanie.

  92. MrSkyhippowdon
    MrSkyhippowdon November 20, 2012

    only thing that sucks here is the haircut -_____-

  93. Kevin Tang
    Kevin Tang January 28, 2013

    check out my cover of the solo 🙂

  94. Christian Saona
    Christian Saona February 18, 2013

    You are the most acurrate guy that i have seen in YT doing this solo. Nice Work

  95. Christian Saona
    Christian Saona February 18, 2013

    I have a cover of this too. I would me plase if you check it 🙂

  96. TheHopey97
    TheHopey97 March 17, 2013

    Someones A Little Jealous..

  97. guy112ex
    guy112ex June 30, 2013

    sick dude!
    but why didnt you do a cover of the whole track?

  98. GabrielTheGuitarist
    GabrielTheGuitarist August 17, 2013

    How the hell can I learn this solo? I've been playing for 6 years and cant come close to that.

  99. Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez August 17, 2013

    If I knew I'd tell you. Sadly technique is natural for some people and for others like me and you it's no more natural than trying to grow wings and fly.

  100. Gabe Sk8er
    Gabe Sk8er July 9, 2016

    That's great

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