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Fighting for the Advancement of Medicine

Bill Parker:  It was wrestling season January
of 2007, Brian kept complaining about his finger hurting him.  we noticed an extremely
large amount of swelling on his finger, it continued to get worse.  
Samantha Parker: I had never heard of MRSA.  I kept thinking its just a little infection
that Antibiotics, its gonna heal.  The Doctor said “Ma’am you were 24 hours away from
having his finger amputated and he said to be honest you were 48 hours away from him
losing his life.”   Shahriar Mobashery:  MRSA is a nasty bacterial.
 In the US, on an annual basis, a 100,000 individuals come down with MRSA infections,
of which roughly 20,000 individuals die.   Narrator:  Shahriar Mobashery’s work at
the University of Notre Dame progresses medical science towards an antibiotic that would effectively
combat MRSA in all patients.  His research advances solutions for the complex infection
and far reaching clinical problem that kills 1 in 5 people who contract it around the globe.
  Shahriar:  MSRA is especially insidious because
of the way it goes from one person to another it can spread very quickly in locker rooms,
in prisons, and nurseries and the like.   Bill:  This is something that can affect
anybody.  The more that we can come up with something to cure this, it would be remarkable.
  Narrator:  The University of Notre Dame ask
what would you fight for? Fighting to improve living standards.
Fighting for a healthy global economy. Fighting For Justice
Fighting for the Advancement of Medicine Shahriar: We are the Fighting Irish.

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