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Food As Medicine | Aging Matters | NPT Reports

– [Narrator] NPT Reports, Aging Matters – Hey, Sweetie! – [Madeline] Miss Mary,
where have you been? – [Narrator] Like many older
adults, Madeline Jeans, finds eating more of a chore. – [Madeline] My children
tell me if I don’t eat I’ll be back in the hospital. – [Narrator] Sarah Downer
is with the Harvard Law School Center for Health,
Law & Policy Innovation. She led a study on the
impact of medically-tailored meals for patients with chronic diseases. – And they compared people
that were receiving the meals and people who were medically similar had the same medical profile, so they were also very ill, that weren’t receiving the meals and what they found was hospitalizations decreased by half for
the population that was receiving the intervention and that when those
patients were hospitalized, the length of the
hospitalizations were shorter by about 37%. They were more likely
than the comparison group to be able to return to their homes rather than going to
another acute long-term care facility. And so they’re receiving
on that end as well. The take away here is really that food is medicine and the provision of food should be central to
provision of health care. It should be a routine
part of health care.

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