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Fotis Dulos’ attorney alleges Jennifer Farber Dulos saw a doctor nearly two months after she disappe

The attorney for Fotis Dulos filed a new motion to get access to the medical records of his client’s missing wife Jennifer Farber Dulos, alleging that a new bill proves Farber Dulos saw a doctor in July — two months after she disappeared, the Hartford Courant reported  The motion, filed Friday by Norm Pattis, Dulos’ attorney, seeks a court order to turn over medical records Advertisement  “If Ms. Dulos herself did, as the bill suggests, receive medical services on July 7, 2019, she is obviously alive, if not necessarily well,” the motion, written by Pattis, states “Among the hypotheses the defendant is evaluating in his defense is that Ms. Dulos and/or her family have orchestrated an apparent disappearance to resolve a contentious divorce and custody proceeding that was not breaking Ms Dulos’ way.”  Pattis claims in the motion that Farber Dulos was receiving $160,000 in allowance from her mother prior to her disappearance in the middle of the couple’s contentious divorce proceedings  “The family has the means and apparent motive to keep Ms. Dulos out of public view,” the motion states Pattis has previously cited the novel and film “Gone Girl” as possible explanations for Farber Dulos going missing  Connecticut state police believe that Dulos is responsible for his wife’s disappearance on May 24  Farber Dulos was last seen on the morning of May 24 on a neighbor’s home security footage after dropping her five children off at school  Her Chevy Suburban was seen on that same camera leaving the house later that morning, but police do not believe Farber Dulos was driving or even alive at the time Dulos and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis have both been arrested twice since June for tampering with evidence in the ongoing investigation  In warrant paperwork for his most recent arrest, Dulos is alleged to have borrowed an employee’s red Toyota truck the day Farber Dulos disappeared and told his employee to replace the front seats in the truck (which he also had professionally washed and detailed)  The employee kept the seats and handed them over to state police who said the seats tested positive for Farber Dulos’ blood

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