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Guess Which Drugs I Use (Parker) | Lineup | Cut

– Which drug gave you the
worst trip would you say? – Meth. – Meth. – Mostly because it was an accident and I didn’t realize
what I was getting into. (instrumental music) – I suppose drugs that
I’ve done is like alcohol, weed, shrooms, LSD. I can’t remember what it was called but they told me it was like a horse tranquilizer or something. I can’t remember what it’s called. (laughing loudly) It was only for one night. – I don’t know it’s just basically just putting something in your body that makes you feel different than what you naturally are. Oh okay. Like done or does? Both okay. – I’m Henry. – Henry my name’s Parker. Nice to meet you!
– Nice to meet you Parker. – So any drugs you do right now if you were to quit cold turkey right now you wouldn’t
really have a problem? – I don’t think mine’s addicting. – Okay. Fuck. – That’s usually fun. (laughing loudly) – (laughing) That’s a good drug. – No no but that’s part of it. – Oh! So ecstasy is a big one. – No but I can show you what I do. – Sure. What the hell is this? Is this legal? Am I holding an illegal
thing in my hand right now? – No not really. – Not really? – No. – Okay. – You can’t get arrested for it. – Oh it’s a solvent, it’s a cleaner. What the fuck? – Well that’s what we usually call them. – Like what do you call this? – Poppers. – This is poppers? – Yeah. – Huh. How does that affect you? Does it give you a more trippy feeling? – It makes it easier to have sex. Well anal sex. – What about it? – Relaxes things.
– Okay. – It relaxes your muscles, it relaxes your blood vessels so blood flows. You get a rush. You get a nice little high and a full body high. It makes orgasms great. – Wow so you just take like a little napkin and just go… (sniffing) – No, you just take it and put it in your nose. – Oh you just put it in your nose? – Yeah just put up your nose and sniff. – Would you put it under
your tongue at all, or does it have to go– – No you can’t ingest them. – You can? – No you can not. – What happens to you if you do? – You can die. – That’s why it says keep
out of reach of children. (laughing) Wondering why it’s definitely not safe. But it was great meeting you and that’s very interesting. Poppers, okay. I’ve never even seen that before. Cool. – Well you learned something. – Yeah exactly that’s
why I’m here I suppose. – Hi I’m Mimi. – Mimi? – Yeah. – Nice to meet you! What would you say are your hobbies during the weekend? – I go to drag shows. I go to parties. – So you’re a partier. It sounds like you’re very active. – Oh yeah I love to yeah. – In the night life you wanna feel good, – Yes. – and confident and stuff, so I’d say the main two would be cocaine and ecstasy. – You’re wrong on both. – Wrong on both? – Yeah I’ve actually never done ecstasy. I’ve done coke a few times in my life but I don’t like it. But my favorite drug is acid. – Oh. – I love acid. Yeah the first time I ever did any type of psychedelic, I took three tabs of
acid and one tab of 25C, which is like a research chemical. It’s like kind of an acid alternative like a synthetic hallucinogenic. – I was awake for 36 hours.
– Oh my god. – And I was just like trying so hard to make it stop because I was like oh my God. It’s like I don’t– Is this gonna be forever?
– Yeah. – Is this what happened to Tila Tequila? (Parker laughs) Like am I
ever gonna be smart again? And then I started calling all my friends, I was like someone
needs to like rescue me. – It was great meeting you. – Yeah thank you. Good to meet you.
– A new one. (laughs) – Howdy! – What’s up? – What’s your name? – Tony. – Tony? My name’s Parker. I’d say you look like a … you’re a normal person. (laughs) I know you have the long hair. Super chill you know? You seem super chill. So it’s like worst would be cocaine but. So what’s your main drug? – So I don’t do it
anymore but it’s opiods. – Oh shit. Oh my god I totally like– – Pretty big deal. – I didn’t even think of those. Are opiods addicting? – Yeah. – Like chemically addicting? – Yeah. – Okay I see. Shit. – Annaliese. – Annaliese,
my name’s Parker. What would you say your hobby is? – Gardening. – Gardening okay. – I’m growing a veggie garden. – Oh nice. – If anything if you’re gardening, I’d say weed should probably be in there. So what would you say is your main drug of choice? – Heroin. – Heroin. – Mm-hmm. – Wow, no way. So whenever you do heroin I’m assuming, you are high when you are gardening. – I’ve been clean for
about a year and a half. – Oh, okay.
– I started doing heroin when I was 16. – Okay. – And I got clean when I was 21. – Good for you. That’s good. – Yeah so. (laughs) – So would you say that heroin had any influence on you as a person, like on your personality at all? – I think that I would not be the person that I am today if I didn’t go through it, because we try everyday to be a better person than we were yesterday. – Exactly. ‘Cause it’s like in the
back of your head almost, it just like you know– Even if it’s just a
thought it’s just like… – And it’s like everything
that we’ve been through it’s just like you learn to just kinda laugh at everything. (laughs) – Exactly. Well that’s good! That’s great. Great meeting you. – You too. – What’s your name? – I’m Shawn. – Shawn nice to meet you. – What’s your name again? – Parker. – Parker okay. – I like your shirt by the way. – Thanks. – Well what
do like on the weekends? Like what kind of hobbies do you have? – I am a cult leader. – Are you? – Mm-hmm. – What kind of cult? – It’s called the First
Church of David Bowie. – No way really?
– Yeah – How many members do you have? – I don’t know. Just like four or five
at this point. – Oh. – What I do is kinda
scary to a lot of people. – What do you do? – I use a combination of the substance of my choice and recorded music to enter into specific kinds of visionary states. – So you gotta be seeing things while you’re doing this.
– Mm-hmm. – Okay. And you got music in the background? David Bowie. – Music blasting. And I use a song called
“Blood and Thunder” by a heavy metal band called Mastodon, and I get these visions of black iron fortresses, sheets of flame, devil’s dancing and everything because I am channeling that energy. – DMT I’d say, would be your main one. – So no it’s not my main one, however what I do do is I use psilocybin mushrooms
potentiated with Syrian rue And Syrian rue has DMT in it. (Parker laughs) And
what the Syrian rue does is it basically doubles the force of the mushroom, so whatever your dosage is,
– Oh shit. – the Syrian makes it that much deeper, but also extends the trip too. Nice to meet you man. – Yeah nice to meet you. Thanks. – Hi. – Hi how are you?
– Good. Kate. – Kate my name’s Parker. Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – What do you like to do on the weekends? – Party and I work a lot. – Okay so how often do you work a week would you say? – I’d say I work anywhere between like 80 and 90 hours a week. – Holy sh– I’d say anything that makes you attentive or focused. You know like cocaine. – I’m actually here for weed. – Oh shit no way. – What are all the drugs
that you have done, – Oh my god. – would you say? Yeah list them off. – Weed, coke, accidentally did meth. I was a sophomore in high school thinking I was doing
cocaine in drama class and it happened to be meth. – Wow. Which drug gave you the
worst trip would you say? – Meth. – Meth. – Mostly because it was an accident and I didn’t realize
what I was getting into, but the first five minutes was amazing. The next two days was
like my skin was crawling, and I couldn’t sleep
and I couldn’t breath. It caused me to have like
severe claustrophobia. Don’t do meth. – (laughs) Yeah don’t do meth. I learned there’s some like stereotypes with drugs. Like with heroin you just
imagine losers in a way, and same thing with meth. When that’s not really the case anybody can be addicted
to any of these drugs. I think that everything can be legal, just as long as there’s like restrictions on like maybe how much you can buy and age and stuff. Yeah I suppose, Yeah everything should
be legal. (laughing) I don’t fucking care. Well thank you everybody. – [Man] Thank you. It’s always great doing these things even though I feel like
I’m torturing myself. (laughing)


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