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Haiti Vol. 3 – A Day With A Third World Doctor

Thank You Brandon for asking yeah thank
you yes and let the world all the world know how we are doing here what we are
doing here We will spend the day, together and, its the best moment to show you what i`m doing, what i`m doing in my work 25 minutes maybe 30 minutes and how many minutes do you have to wait in the bus in the station for it to fill up. I dont know Cause it feels like it`s gonna be an hour more than an hour maybe in 20, 25 minutes we will be there. In 25 minutes? Yes because we got to the bus station this
morning at 7:40 ya, we got there at 7:40
but now it’s almost 9 o’clock yeah 2 hours at least it`s not even that far, the town, it isnt, and Hunter, show where we`re at we’re at some kind of mechanic yard. The driver left. I don`t know what the driver is doing. now we are in Terrier Rouge. now walking
to the clinic like over two hours you get here it’s only like ten miles (actually 20 miles)
from Cap Haitien. how long you’ve been working at this clinic for five years and how many doctors work here we are four okay what are the specialties? dentist 2 medical, medical doctors and me you`re a doctor eye ophthalmology yes I have to (sign in) Welcome home Welcome okay ok. madam this patient has glaucoma and she had a push back for one one more and she come back after one year and the
glaucoma got worse now the glaucoma gets worse now because she got she don`t keep
for the follow-up so we’ll try to to do another process to fight to see if we
can control the glaucoma she has the same vision, but the optic
nerve is gets more damage so that’s why it got worse now yeah we have another case of glaucoma and she
has appointment for three three months last year and she came after one year and I was I don’t know I would check to see if her glaucoma is worse or
no I don’t know I will check the optic nerve to see if everything is okay i prescribed a lubricant lubricant just
for ya – to lubricate the eye and then i prescribed too, the glasses, glasses so that
she can read better he has glaucoma but he has a high
infection the eye corneal infection okay then he has
glaucoma and in both eyes he doesn’t see in the right eye right eyes i will
prescribe some drop for antibiotics for the infection and then i will keep him
with the same drop of glaucoma yeah and then he will he will get back
he will come back for the follow-up after two weeks we don’t write four times or three times in the in the bottles
because sometimes we receive patients that know that doesn’t read that
doesn’t know how to read so if they don’t read they can`t read that
it says three times or four times a day with two we could just put three marks
or four marks so they can understand that’s it four times a day or three
times a day the total is we have twenty we saw
25 patients and then 25 patients so we find we found who
received 9 patients for the first time they come we received ten patients
with glaucoma we received six for cataracts and four
for cataracts and then we’ll give follow up to all those
with cataracts and all those with
glaucoma alright time to make our way home So Brandon, how was the day? that’s pretty good What is your impression about the clinic? About ophthalmology? I think you’re lucky to have electricity at your office okay you’re very fortunate yeah I remember the mobile clinics that you did Mont Organise no electricity no running water yes how long do you
think we will have to wait? Maybe five, ten minutes Let`s go

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  1. SeeJeanty
    SeeJeanty April 7, 2019

    Very interesting. Great work. Do check out my channel as I provide constant content on Haiti, from the perspective of someone who has moved their to provides jobs and encourage investment.

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