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Halcyon System for Image-guided Radiation Therapy at Henry Ford Allegiance Health

So Today we’re in Jackson, at Henry
Ford Allegiance Health. We are in radiation oncology and we’re actually in
one of our treatment vaults. It’s called the Halcyon system, what you see in the
background here. It is brand new technology, so it’s a brand new platform
to treat cancer with radiation. It allows us to treat cancers with even more
precision. More precision means less side effects you know better cancer
effectiveness, so this is what this is all about. It’s super time efficient so
we are actually able to split the time that the patient spends in the radiation
room in half. So, much less time spent on the treatment which means less patient motion, less tumor motion, less motion of normal tissues so
that the entire treatment gets even more precise, more effective,
less side effects, the whole idea here. The machine is very quiet, you don’t have
the big technology rotating around the patient. So I’m expecting that they will
be more relaxed which again it also makes the radiation more precise because
you know they’re better able to hold still. We’ll be able to talk to them
throughout the radiation treatments so all this will put them at ease I think.
We have a second vault with a TrueBeam, this is absolutely up to date
technology, but I think we will be able to diversify our radiation treatments a
little bit more. So the machines are different in terms of the energy that they use, the
radiation quality and you know we as radiation oncologists we make very individual
decisions on how we want to treat a cancer. So it is not just lung cancer verses breast cancer verses cancer prostate cancer it’s more like,
where is it exactly located you know it’s superficial, is a deep, is there
breathing motion involved, so all this work goes into the equation you know for
a recommendation. I’m very excited to have both
technologies available.

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