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Harrow MS Therapy Centre — an introduction

I was diagnosed with MS in 1972 and I’ve been coming here since 1987 something like that I’ve been coming forever All the girls that come, and the boys and the physios, they’re all wonderful It’s part of my life as MS is Treatments that we offer here are the one-to-one, where we do stretches
for people various exercises, strengthening
exercises, core-stability exercises. I had a bad back
when I came in today and it’s less painful
because I’ve been stretched The whole idea of
having a physio on you for half an hour at least it’s wonderful This is a unique place to work compared to big hospitals,
because we see the same people all the time so you develop really good relationships with them,
everyone’s quite sociable I think we’re making a difference — people keep coming back! The centre started for the provision of oxygen therapy to
people with MS and we have a big decompression chamber in the centre and the idea is that people go into the chamber,
they breathe pure oxygen through a face mask and we close the door and pump in perfectly ordinary air The oxygen, whilst they’re breathing it,
gets into their bloodstream, and because of the pressure that’s much more efficiently taken up
into the bloodstream It will get to the parts where
there is inflammation which is characteristic of people with MS and oxygen reduces that inflammation The tank itself looks very very scary, a little bit daunting.
You wonder what it’s going to be like when you go in there When I first came I didn’t
like the noise and the sounds of the oxygen, it just a felt little strange, but it’s amazing You get very used to it very quickly You can listen to music in there and it’s my catch-up for
reading Hello magazine and gossip magazines, so it’s a good
chance to just have a little read of a magazine and have treatment the same time If I go away, if I don’t come here for a couple of weeks then I definitely notice
I have flare-ups So I definitely notice a
difference in my condition, absolutely For people who are newly diagnosed it’s a very scary business The lightness of this place
and the friendliness of it helps It makes you feel a little bit more normal in a way At first when I was diagnosed I thought
I was the only person in the world with it It felt like that Coming here you meet other people
that have the same illness, it makes you realise and that you’re not alone,
you’re in it together It’s essential.
I feel that without it over the years
that I’ve suffered with MS I would be substantially worse off now In a much worse position and a much worse place To me, it’s a lifeline I would say to people if they are considering coming here ring us up make contact with us, we’ll send you
information through the post you can read at your leisure,
and then come in and have a look round
and meet us, and meet everybody here.

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  1. Jeremy Travis
    Jeremy Travis October 9, 2018

    I go every week for physiotherapy. The people are kind and I feel much better for going. It's a shame it is so far away from my home or I would go more often.

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