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So~ I’ve been thinking, Isn’t there a more humane way to hinder overpopulation here in Hell? Perhaps we can create an… …alternative way to change souls, through… Redemption? Well, I think yes! So that’s what this project aims to achieve! Ladies and gentlemen, I’m opening the FIRST of its kind: a hotel that rehabilitates sinners! *cough* Y’know? ‘cuz hotels are for people passing through… Temporarily… *laughter* Is this girl for real? She thinks- she thinks- she- ha-ha! Oh, she’s nuts. I figure it would serve a purpose. A place to work towards redemption! Yaaay… Ksss. Stupid bitch. *grunt* Look, every single one of you has something good deep down inside. I know you do. Maybe I’m not getting through to you. Oh no. ♪ I have a dream I’m here to tell About a wonderful, fantastic new hotel Yes it’s one of a kind, right here in Hell Catering to a specific clientele (Ooooohh!) Inside of every demon is a rainbow, Inside every sinner is a shiny smile! Inside of every creepy hatchet-wielding maniac, Is a jolly, happy, cupcake-loving child We can turn around! They’ll be heaven-bound! With just a little time down at the Happy Hotel! So, all you junkies, freaks and weirdos Creepers, fuck-ups, crooks and zeroes, And the fallen super heroes, help is here All of you cretins, sluts and losers, Sexual deviants and boozers, and prescription drug abusers Need not fear While in our care We’ll cure your sin, we’ll make you well You’ll feel so swell, right here in Hell At the Happy Hotel~ There’ll be no more fire, And no more screams. Just puppy dog kisses, and cotton candy dreams And puffy-wuffy clouds You’re gonna be like, wow! Once you check in with meeeeeeeeeeee~ So, all your cartoon porn addictions, vegan rants, psychic predictions Ancient Roman crucifixions, end right here All you monsters, thieves and crazies, cannibals and crying babies Frothing mouth is full of rabies, filled with cheer You’ll be complete! It’ll be so neat! Our service can’t be beat! You’ll be on easy street! (Yes!) Life will be sweet, At the Happy HoteeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEELL~ ♪ Yeah! Wow! That was shit! [Music Instrumental Outro]


  1. Kira Crocker
    Kira Crocker October 5, 2019

    I wonder how the person who sung this song felt after they sung this, and I wonder how they hit those high notes 0~0

  2. DBKitty Animates
    DBKitty Animates October 5, 2019

    I aspire to be like you Vivzie

  3. kiskilol
    kiskilol October 5, 2019

    I live for the dude at the end

  4. Naram-Sin of Akkad
    Naram-Sin of Akkad October 5, 2019

    I'm in love.

  5. angelia flores
    angelia flores October 6, 2019

    Who’s ready for the 28th!!!?

  6. XD_StrikeBomb
    XD_StrikeBomb October 6, 2019


    That was shit

  7. •OmqiiAxel •Pack
    •OmqiiAxel •Pack October 6, 2019

    Nobody gonna talk about the part where she threw the dog-

  8. Kevin Lockhart
    Kevin Lockhart October 6, 2019

    Plot Twist
    Charlie is really trying to help the devil take over heaven

  9. spencer ward
    spencer ward October 6, 2019


  10. chazz30000
    chazz30000 October 6, 2019

    Is there art of Charlie going full demonic? Not just the flashes we see during the song

  11. Daniela Carvalho
    Daniela Carvalho October 6, 2019

    "Wow… that was shit!"

  12. Andy Shoumi
    Andy Shoumi October 6, 2019

    Elsie Lovelock has such a powerful voice, I'm speechless.

  13. T.C Elmas Ejderha
    T.C Elmas Ejderha October 6, 2019

    I,Charlie,have a dream

  14. 닭뚤기
    닭뚤기 October 6, 2019

    미국그림체 진짜 이뿌다ㅜㅜ

  15. im a retard
    im a retard October 6, 2019

    The demon with the horns to the right was staring st charlies ass

  16. Emoji Lord
    Emoji Lord October 6, 2019


  17. Gacha_Is_Gae
    Gacha_Is_Gae October 6, 2019

    I keep trying to sing this, and i feel bad for my mum

  18. Fallout Punk
    Fallout Punk October 6, 2019

    Her hair. Holy shit shes a goddess with that hair

  19. Lonely Boi
    Lonely Boi October 6, 2019

    And little did they know the radio demon was right outside the hotel door

  20. * DaniTaz *
    * DaniTaz * October 6, 2019

    So why isn't she in heaven lollll

  21. equarg
    equarg October 6, 2019

    October 28 October 28 October 28!!!

  22. Wowie OwO
    Wowie OwO October 6, 2019

    I just realized when she says overpopulation it’s like everyone sins A LOT of people go to hell

  23. Marley Ruiz
    Marley Ruiz October 6, 2019


  24. Lisa Barnes
    Lisa Barnes October 6, 2019

    Every Time I replay this song, I always find new things in the animation. And art.^-^

  25. Mallory Monster
    Mallory Monster October 7, 2019

    Who else is watching in super slow motion just to appreciate every frame

  26. cyanity101
    cyanity101 October 7, 2019

    2:23 C H A R L I E W A I T T H E P U P P Y-

  27. Patricia Gonzalez Tejerina
    Patricia Gonzalez Tejerina October 7, 2019

    Los demonios:esta loca
    Charlie:les encantará mi musical

  28. Nicholas Demond
    Nicholas Demond October 7, 2019

    2:58 Lmfao I need to say that more often

  29. Gnomed421
    Gnomed421 October 7, 2019

    Why do humans do this?! Ima gnome and i think this is weird

  30. 남유수민
    남유수민 October 7, 2019

    캐릭터 너무 귀엽고
    노래 너무좋아서
    매일 두번씩은 들어와서 봐요 ㅎㅎ

  31. Arcadeyous K
    Arcadeyous K October 7, 2019

    RAINBOW? Sooooo gay?

  32. Jean van den Berg
    Jean van den Berg October 7, 2019

    I love it. Its lengend-wait for it,hope your not lactose intolerant-dairy!!!

  33. lol undertale
    lol undertale October 7, 2019

    To me I think TF2 pyro would be clapping cause he loves all that stuff

  34. minwage fucknugget
    minwage fucknugget October 7, 2019


  35. Данияр Андасбаев
    Данияр Андасбаев October 7, 2019

    Nice good 12+

  36. Brezania A C Vasques
    Brezania A C Vasques October 7, 2019

    Amo a Alator 😍😍😍

  37. pʎsuoɯıǝ
    pʎsuoɯıǝ October 7, 2019


    Vaggie be like: “Respect my waifu.”

  38. Kaelyn Gamez
    Kaelyn Gamez October 7, 2019

    "Wow….That was shit" 😂😂

  39. Izzytherobloxgamer09
    Izzytherobloxgamer09 October 7, 2019

    at 2:31 pause and look at charlies bootaful face

  40. zeh spy tamen
    zeh spy tamen October 8, 2019

    Why is tf2 pyro not here tho?

  41. Lydia Knotts
    Lydia Knotts October 8, 2019

    October 28th, honey!!!! Almost there!!!

  42. San Francisco
    San Francisco October 8, 2019

    I like to believe that there will be a part where Charlie get pissed off and shit gets real

  43. Hot Line
    Hot Line October 8, 2019

    Charlie: "Inside of every demon is a rainbow!"
    Doom slayer: LET'S CHECK IT OUT

  44. 담백한소고긔
    담백한소고긔 October 8, 2019

    I can't stop watching it DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:

  45. Randie
    Randie October 8, 2019

    Не знаю что это такое, но передаю привет дегенерату под именем Тимон Серб. Если ты это читаешь, то привет клоун.

  46. kazuki fuzii
    kazuki fuzii October 8, 2019


  47. Lavender Sark
    Lavender Sark October 8, 2019

    Sinners/Demons surround her with normal eyes
    Every Demon/Sinner that witnessed her more demonic form, a few of them were scared xD
    Look at their eyes and face expressions!

  48. ManulTheCat
    ManulTheCat October 8, 2019

    Are those demonic almighty tallest from Invader Zim in the background here? 2:08

  49. Squir rel
    Squir rel October 8, 2019

    0:10 hmm where was that lil demon looking at

  50. CixStarsz !
    CixStarsz ! October 8, 2019

    Wow! That was shit.

    Omg I love it

  51. UberGoth
    UberGoth October 8, 2019

    Can I just take a second to say how much I admire the visuals in this video? The shit you do with single frame shots is astounding. I love it and I can't wait for the show to start.

  52. Taken King
    Taken King October 8, 2019

    I like the guy at the end
    “Wow, that was shit”

  53. Entidade 302
    Entidade 302 October 8, 2019

    0:09 just me saw that the guy with the horns and a heart in the head is looking at charlie's butt?

    edit: 11 i don't care if just one frame these goat guys are so cute! 🙂
    edit 2: 1:48 why is she point to her, well, you know where


    now i'm done

  54. Jen S
    Jen S October 9, 2019

    Oct 28th, hurry the hell up

  55. Retio The wolf
    Retio The wolf October 9, 2019

    Me when I saw Fortnite and it was bad 2:58

  56. heaven
    heaven October 9, 2019

    Alastor: [creepily smiling]

    Everyone else: ignores

  57. Invader Zim
    Invader Zim October 9, 2019

    Woooow!…THAT WAS SHIT!!! 🤣

  58. Nany :3
    Nany :3 October 9, 2019

    Charlie be like—> amazing explanation about her project and how she can help sinnesr at the hell, with a music and so cute creppy character… just beautiful


    absolutely nobody:

    even lucifer and lilith:

    The cute hat demon at the final: wow! that was shit!

    me:lol xD

  59. Nany :3
    Nany :3 October 9, 2019


  60. DeathofInk
    DeathofInk October 9, 2019

    TV costs six-hundred & sixty-six dollars

    HA! XD

  61. Sparkle Icicle
    Sparkle Icicle October 9, 2019

    2:22 you just threw a dog off a cloud…

  62. Indira Narayan
    Indira Narayan October 9, 2019

    How did the VA's lungs not collapse while singing this?
    Especially at that high a pitch

  63. Matthew Knight
    Matthew Knight October 9, 2019

    Soon…. SOOOOOON!! ❤️

  64. PR! WS
    PR! WS October 9, 2019

    I'm Japanese. I can't wait this cartoon. But it's sad that I can't see
    it in Japan.

  65. Pheniox Flame
    Pheniox Flame October 9, 2019

    I can tell this is not desny

  66. Даня Воробьёв
    Даня Воробьёв October 9, 2019

    Many good characters are considered stupid.

  67. saymon2006
    saymon2006 October 9, 2019

    sooooo good OMG

  68. Gerardo Grajeda
    Gerardo Grajeda October 9, 2019

    What is the name of the wolf girl character at 1:37?

  69. Bartley Newkirk
    Bartley Newkirk October 9, 2019

    I fukin love every second this exists

  70. Lemon Chan
    Lemon Chan October 10, 2019

    2:45 is that Mimzy I see?!

  71. Kourage Cooper
    Kourage Cooper October 10, 2019

    We gonna talk about that note she was hitting for the entirety of the song? Anybody else like, “…wow…jeez.”

    Just me…?


  72. Buttercupkat Productions
    Buttercupkat Productions October 10, 2019

    Parry Gripp? The guy who made Space Unicorn, Potato Dog, It's Raining Tacos, and so much more? This dude is a hero to all of nostalgia!

  73. 프렁
    프렁 October 10, 2019

    I love your drawing style!!!!👍👍❤

  74. 郑晗威
    郑晗威 October 10, 2019

    I think when she get mad, she is the most terrible

  75. Вован Овсянников
    Вован Овсянников October 10, 2019

    Star Butterfly from hell?)

  76. Masahiro Blackwood
    Masahiro Blackwood October 10, 2019

    So there is piano and she said she "I have dream" is this jojoke?

  77. kazuki fuzii
    kazuki fuzii October 10, 2019

    What day will it be broadcast in japan

  78. Cat Kizmel
    Cat Kizmel October 10, 2019


  79. Hanzo Hasashi
    Hanzo Hasashi October 10, 2019

    How shit the Living Tombstone was apart of this awesome video

  80. Dark-Slayer
    Dark-Slayer October 10, 2019


    Even when she's trying to make the world a better place she can't hide it, like father like daughter.

  81. Mr. noodle
    Mr. noodle October 10, 2019

    1:52 this makes me think of Phineas and Ferb

  82. Kitek
    Kitek October 10, 2019

    2:17 – 2:21

  83. Albino Gengar
    Albino Gengar October 10, 2019

    You have such beautiful hair!!

  84. Windows Me JR. (AUTTP)
    Windows Me JR. (AUTTP) October 10, 2019

    "Wow! That was shit" that line will always be in my heart

  85. Dark-Slayer
    Dark-Slayer October 10, 2019

    Is that a possible Raven cameo?

  86. Onix king
    Onix king October 10, 2019

    Movie Movie

  87. Betsy Mae
    Betsy Mae October 11, 2019

    I would not go there

  88. Sebastian Sketches
    Sebastian Sketches October 11, 2019

    What program do you use?

  89. docette2015
    docette2015 October 11, 2019

    LOL — honey, I hate to say it, but I think you're the only one with a rainbow inside ya.

  90. Amina
    Amina October 11, 2019

    is nobody gonna comment about how freaking fast she can sing-

  91. Night Fight
    Night Fight October 11, 2019

    Best part 2:09

  92. MaXplosion1
    MaXplosion1 October 11, 2019

    S O O N

  93. Inkeros
    Inkeros October 11, 2019

    of course it's called doom slayer

  94. Commando C
    Commando C October 11, 2019

    This is so satanic

  95. Debra Hayes
    Debra Hayes October 11, 2019

    Best part of that entire song with when the character said wow that was shit😂

  96. Spooky101 UwU
    Spooky101 UwU October 11, 2019

    I can't believe Satan/Lucifer let Charlie watch Hamilton west end! Great video Vivziepop! Subbed as well! 😀

  97. Dunmer Warrior
    Dunmer Warrior October 11, 2019

    Parry Gripp and Elsie Lovelock?! I never knew i needed this!!!

  98. Yeet Craftzy
    Yeet Craftzy October 11, 2019

    So- Every demon is ga Y?— (I’m sorry qwq)

  99. Amina
    Amina October 11, 2019

    guys try singing the song, and when you finally get it correct try listening to a sad song

  100. A grim bloody fable with an happy bloody end!
    A grim bloody fable with an happy bloody end! October 11, 2019

    Anyone else rewatching because they just saw the final trailer wanna get more hype

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