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HBO Doctor Commentaries – Girls

♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ Three, four… I’m Dr. Ali Mattu,
cognitive behavioral therapist, and I’m here today,
in collaboration with HBO, to offer my take
on themes of mental healthin their shows.Today, we’re going to unpack
anxiety disorders and OCDfromGirls. A lot of people say
they have OCD, but let’s talk about
what that actually means.People who have OCD get stuck
on certain thoughts
or certain images
that lead to a compulsion.
Something you feel like
you have to do over
and over again
until it feels
I mean, this hasn’t happened
since high school. So it was really
a classical presentation. Well, okay.
Then I guess it’s classic to have to masturbate
eight or 16 times a night until your legs shake
and you’re crying, and you’re trying to make sure
your parents didn’t hear you, so you check their door
eight times, then you move your toothbrush
64 times, then you move
your dad’s toothbrush 64 times, then you go back and forth
between the two moving each one eight times
until you’ve reached 64 times, but then you realize that
doesn’t feel quite right either. And suddenly,
it’s three in the morning, and you’re fucking exhausted, and you go to school
the next day looking like a zombie.
It’s classical. MATTU:
That’s what OCD’s like,
that uncertainty played out
throughout the day.
The impairment here,the isolation,the difficulty to just
get out of her bedand to go about her day,very realistic example
of what OCD can look like.
I feel like I’m unraveling,
Adam, I’m really, really scared.
Stay right where you are,
I’m coming to you. One of the biggest complaints
I get from my patients who have OCD is how much the term
gets tossed around.Almost to the point
where it’s lost its meaning.
People will say, “I’m OCD. I like to keep things organized
as well.” Or, “I can be very picky
with things.” That’s not OCD.Going back to check
if you turned off
your coffee machine,
it’s not OCD.
If you’re not diagnosed
with OCD, try not to joke about it.It can be really hard
to talk about OCD.
And it’s why I’m so happy
shows like this exist.
-(WEAKLY) You’re here.
-Well, I was always here. It gives us a place
to start a conversation, that hopefully move things
forward.That’s my take for the day,
I’m Dr. Mattu.


  1. assassin
    assassin October 10, 2019


  2. Carrie Dillon
    Carrie Dillon October 10, 2019

    I like it. It was informative

  3. eldexxo
    eldexxo October 10, 2019

    lena dunham looks disgusting…

  4. Ucef
    Ucef October 10, 2019

    I wonder why there is a significant amount of dislikes?

  5. bridge4
    bridge4 October 10, 2019

    Dr. Ali is everywhere now. That's awesome. He's one of humankind's best, for sure

  6. Olive Juice
    Olive Juice October 10, 2019

    When she said "Then you move your toothbrush 8x and your dad's toothbrush 8x, then you move both of them back and fourth 8x until you reach 64x" I felt that.

  7. Dan N
    Dan N October 10, 2019

    When you have to wash a dish 85-90 times just bc you get this weird thought in your head that the number of times you wash th dish is the number of years your parents will live. Is this normal…?

  8. Dan N
    Dan N October 10, 2019

    People today “I have anxiety” (they just don’t like doing things like working) or “I have OCD” (aka they just like to have a clean room that’s organized). Or “I’m depressed “ (aka something didn’t go my way and I’m just seeking attention) . Everyone says this shit and it drives me crazy. It belittles people w th actual disorders or who are actually depressed. Thy don’t just use it to sound interesting or to get attention. In fact that give anything to be rid of it and not show it off like some attention seeking hooker. Oh rally you’re depressed? You can’t feel any emotions except sadness and misery? You think about killing yourself daily? Are you sure you just aren’t upset ? Fuck off.

  9. Talisman
    Talisman October 10, 2019

    He should address the realities of mild Traumatic Brain Injury, which are NOT derived from “arms” (or “weapons”), sports or military causes.

    Now, THAT will be compelling!

    She’s a good actress to capsulize the symptoms of OCD as she did!

  10. Miadaskate
    Miadaskate October 10, 2019

    She molested her own sister. Stop giving her the time of day. Nasty.

  11. The Psych Show
    The Psych Show October 11, 2019

    Thank you for sparking this conversation HBO! Honored to be a part of it.

  12. Ignacio Cortina Martinez
    Ignacio Cortina Martinez October 11, 2019

    25 people don't understand this.

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