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Helena Santos-Martins, M.D.-North Shore Physicians Group

I was born in Portugal and I have been now
in the United States for over 25 years. I am very proud of my Portuguese heritage and
I certainly like to make use of my cultural and linguistic backgrounds in the care that
I provide to our communities. I attended medical school at New Jersey Medical
School at their Newark campus and then I did my residency at Cambridge Health Alliance
in internal medicine. I have a multitude of clinical interests but some of them that are
really closer to my heart are preventative medicine, I really like to spend quite a deal
with patients educating them about prevention, you know, screening tests, making them more
responsible for their own health and feeling that they have an active part in their own
health and that it is never too late to change. The other piece is mental illness, depression
and anxiety. They are so prevalent in our community. It can be very isolating, so I
try to bring up those subjects myself, and I work very closely with our behavioral health
colleagues and psychiatry colleagues, which we also have here in the practice.
I chose North Shore Physicians Group for a multitude of reasons. I was very impressed
with their role in rigor and excellence of care, as well as the work that the group has
done in innovation and really catering to the whole patient. The fact that it’s a multispecialty
group has its added bonus because we can provide a multitude of services for the patients under
one roof, but also the collegiality among the colleagues.
It’s always very neat to just go down the hallway and ask a specialist colleague about
a question when a patient might be in the room. I get to learn a lot by speaking with
my different colleagues and I think I become a better, more efficient doctor that way,
as well.

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