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HFRS Prince’s Trust Team Programme – Episode 4 – Inside the Fire Service

[Voiceover]: In this episode, things heat up. [Charlie]: Working alongside
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, it gives the team members the opportunity that not
many young people get to have. They get to learn different skills with the fire service. [Voiceover]: But it’s not all just playing with fire. They learnt which different fire extinguisher puts
out what fire. [Tom]: A lot of people in the public wouldn’t know, you’d just pick up any fire extinguisher and go to tackle the fire and it wouldn’t work. The team members get to
put chip pan fires out using the fire blanket and they need to learn how to use the fire
blankets. That was one of the things I wasn’t looking forward to most, because I was worried
that I might singe myself. [Charlie]: They get to actually simulate that by using one of the fire blankets to actually put the fire out. [Austin]: To be honest I wasn’t expecting it to be as hot as it was for such a small fire. [Charlie]: They were a little bit nervous and a little bit scared at first, but once they realised that actually they can put it out and it’s really safe and they’re not going to get hurt then they just go and do it so they build up that confidence. [Austin]: We also did a little bit of the BA chamber. [Charlie]: It’s completely pitch black and they have simulated smoke in there as well. [Austin]: I could see probably literally just the back of the person’s head in front of me and that was it. That’s all you could see. [Charlie]: In the scenario, they have
to find a casualty. [Voiceover]: This is a massive challenge for all members of the team, even firefighter hopeful Tom. It is quite disorientating, yeah, obviously you’ve got to have a hand on the
guy in front of you at all times. If you let go of that and turn around, it’s easy enough to get lost. [Voiceover]: The activity also gave Tom and Austin the chance to step up and take the lead. [Austin]: Alright, left hand on wall, right hand on shoulders. [Charlie]: Because Tom and Austin had done
their work experience at Southsea Fire Station, they had previously done the BA chamber. I’ve always like working in a team but I’ve never had the ability to put my ideas across and
maybe show people different ways of doing it. [Voiceover]: But they’re not done just yet. The firefighters have one more surprise for the team. We’re going to put them up in the ALP, take them
to a height that they’re comfortable with. It can go up to 30 metres high. [Austin]: As I got in
to my kit and started to walk up towards the cage I was thinking ‘am I actually ready for this,
is it going to be alright?’ [Grace]: I guess I was a little bit nervous, but excited more probably. [Charlie]: They got to squirt water out at the tower and actually just embrace that experience. [Grace]: Oh it was just awesome to see so far. [Austin]: I had butterflies in my stomach all the way as it was starting to go up but I’m so pleased with myself, I’m over the moon that I’ve done it. To go from
day one when I was absolutely terrified of heights to fully up about 30 metres, it was
just amazing. [Charlie]: The team definitely got an overview of what it’s like to be a firefighter. It’s amazing, it really is amazing. [Voiceover]: As the team programme comes to a close, the group celebrate their achievements with some fun in the sun. But tensions are running high in the build-up to presentation day.

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