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  1. Hassnaa Salah
    Hassnaa Salah July 22, 2019

    ادخلوا شوفوا الفيديوهات عندي ممكن ان شاء الله تعجبكوا

  2. kevin15chopper
    kevin15chopper July 23, 2019

    CDC has failed people with Lyme disease and co infections!!!!!! They are a joke!!!!

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous July 24, 2019

    Do you guys even mention biofilm? Why not? Especially concerning "ST8-USA300" an alleged massive Staohylococcus Aureus Pneumonia outbreak Airborne tens of feet and able to remain alive on a surface for tens of days allegedly. An outbreak in the USA and World allegedly causing autoimmune disease, cancer, organ failure, heart attacks etc. through biofilm, allegedly? Many are assuming those thought to have lyme disease may have a staph biofilm infection or even lyme biofilm infection?

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous July 24, 2019

    Hopefully B i o f i l m will be addressed one day. No way insinuating Medical Upcoding is going on with doctors pretending to be uninformed

  5. Dilba
    Dilba October 5, 2019

    CDC is part of the problem…they are dragging the acceptance of PTLDS and with that allowing the health insurances leaving patients struggling with Lyme and no help if they can't pay out of pocket for treatmes

  6. bluejellybean
    bluejellybean December 3, 2019

    The CDC is a corrupt government institution. They are covering up the Lyme epidemic.

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