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Home Remedies for Hydrocele II जलवृषण का घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Mr. Satya Bharta Mohanty. He had e-mailed us and wrote us that he is having problem of Hydrocele and asking for the home remedy for this. Mr, Satyabharta first of all we need to know that what is Hydrocele If i try to explain you in a very simple language then it is kind of birth defect Where a passage way get occurred in between of your Abdominal and Testicles Area. With this reason liquid gets stored in your testicles area and your scrotum gets enlarged As far as you are not having problem while walking till them it doesn’t have any bad effects For this you do one remedy, and you will get so much of relief in Hydrocele What you have to do, Take a big Tub where you lower body can swallow in it Whenever you go for bath take Luke warm water and ad 2-3 spoon of Rock salt and mix it well And sit in that water and you will notice that you are getting relief in Hydrocele Aprt formt his one more remedy you can do Take 8-10 leaves of Neem (Margosa), boil it into somewater And once the water is not so hot,, or Like warm then take enema with it Even then you will feel relief Apart from that sun bath also gives relief, for this when the sun rise If you take sun bath in front of sun for 5-10 minutes ,without any wearing any cloth them you will also get relief in Hydrocele Apart from this Juice Of Aloevera & Gooseberry Mix both of them and consume them, with this also you will feel relief in Hydrocele Apart from this one more item will help you in Hydrocele, that is Wheat Grass Juice if you will take 100 ml juice of Wheat grass twice a day empty stomach then you will feel relief in Hydrocele. One more remedy i will tell you, Bone of our ears you have to press the upper bone of ear, both the ears and then you have to get up and sit in bending the knee positions and repeat it again and again and as well as press the ears also. if you will do this 15-20 times then you will notice that you will get relief in the problem of Hyrrocele Apart from this one more remedy you can do, take 1 bowl of Carrot in your breakfast Peel the carrot and grate it and consume it with 1 cup of water you will get relief in Hydrocole Use boil vegetables in you lunch as much as you can, seasonal vegetables must consumed in boiled form. And in dinner try to consume as much as of Salad. Just do all these remedies for 15-20 days and you will notice that you getting relief in Hydrocele So, Isn’t it all the remedies were easy? Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy,Busy,carefree and be with us. To meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell your friends and relatives to subscribe this channel. Get all the health benefits while sitting at home and support us in our motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people should get health benefits while sitting at their home only. So, share our videos as much as you can. Thank You…


  1. ninja 24
    ninja 24 January 15, 2015

    tnx sir

  2. Tommy Lee
    Tommy Lee March 11, 2015

    Sir, i have an issue called varicocele which is largement of left testical and pain in it. Please do a video on it and tell what natural treatment to take. Thans

  3. Tommy Lee
    Tommy Lee March 19, 2015

    Thank You Sir, waiting for the video you promised on Varicocele.

    DIKSHIT DAS April 7, 2015

    Dr. Sahab My Left testical is become big then the right. It is around a egg size. Sometimes it pain and simultaneously the right also pain some times. How can the left testicles come to its actual size in home remedies without operation.

  5. sambeit mishra
    sambeit mishra May 30, 2015

    Dear sir,
    I have the problem for more than ten year on my both sides, for few days I getting pain. So suggest me the ways

  6. Irfan K Official
    Irfan K Official June 30, 2015

    sir wo dekh liya h but sir usme pain hota right testicle main uska koi treatment btaye sir jisse pain na ho

  7. Irfan K Official
    Irfan K Official July 2, 2015

    thank you sir

  8. Liban Ahmed Abdi
    Liban Ahmed Abdi July 8, 2015

    Dear sir,
    I have Hydrocele for more than six years, therefore, which herbal or remedy can i take, thank you very much.

  9. Sandra Causton
    Sandra Causton August 1, 2015

    Will be trying all your tips thankyou for all your help

  10. furquan nadeem
    furquan nadeem August 7, 2015

    assalamualaikum sir,

     i got the VARICOCELE problem just few days back and very much suffering from it, my testcles are burning sometime, unable to walk freely, felling as a guage in my bottom and not able to sudden movements …………….

    but my testicle is size of normal type only except the veins surronding it are swollen and due to this enlarged the skin ( feeling as bagge ) ***** pls help me out sir – THANKYOU

    AAKASH MISHRA August 17, 2015

    sir on Saturday I met wid an accident due to which I got a hard hit on scortom an it left a mark on it.I felt pain for a while n den it was gone nw my left testes is swollen n scortom where I had got a mark .but I don't feel pain what shall I do to get rid of this pls help me sir!!

    AAKASH MISHRA August 17, 2015

    sir on Saturday I met wid an accident due to which I got a hard hit on scortom an it left a mark on it.I felt pain for a while n den it was gone nw my left testes is swollen n scortom where I had got a mark .but I don't feel pain what shall I do to get rid of this pls help me sir!!

  13. furquan nadeem
    furquan nadeem August 23, 2015

    my age: 23               
    today i underwent scrotum ultrasound scanning

    1. Right Grade-I   Vericocele
    2. Left  Grade-II   Vericocele

    * the doctor advised to take painkillers if painfull and 
    if pain uncontrollable then go for SURGERY and options of success are
     70-80% , 

    sir, pls suggest me treatment ( thank you sir )

  14. Anantha Padmanabhan
    Anantha Padmanabhan September 18, 2015

    Sir, If I use sendha namak will the swelling goes or pain will get relieved? Suppose continuing this process water in the testis will it get drained automatically? I don't have pain but discomfort while getting up and down.

  15. Big Winner
    Big Winner November 23, 2015

    i can't understand what he's saying, what's the remedy?

  16. yash dell
    yash dell November 29, 2015

    my age is 28
    i have problem in testis is up and down
    what is solution of this

  17. tignesboy
    tignesboy December 6, 2015

    only long term solution is surgery

  18. Abdul SHAIKH
    Abdul SHAIKH December 26, 2015

    thnx a lot sir just now I seen ur video bcz m also facing same prblm for last 5 to 6 year my scrotum bcmng larg I hope it is beneficial for me.

    And one more thing ye kyu hota hai kya krne se hota hai
    sir plzz rply

  19. Abdul SHAIKH
    Abdul SHAIKH December 26, 2015

    and my age is 24

  20. sana Sheikh
    sana Sheikh January 25, 2016

    mera penis bigg aur mota krna ha

  21. Hemant Kumar
    Hemant Kumar February 22, 2016

    +F3 Health Care – Cure yourself with Home Remedies i don't want the relief, i want to heal it permanently

  22. Mehtab Hussain
    Mehtab Hussain March 13, 2016

    Dear ziyada Arsa bukhar hony ki wajh sy Aanto me zakhm hojata h us ki koe video share please

  23. Nilesh Kalal
    Nilesh Kalal March 23, 2016

    hy sir mere ko HAYDROCELE ka problem he india se baahar rahtaa hu plz sir mere ko bataaye ye samsyaa kitle dil me sahi hoti he or mere ko vese chalne me to problem nahi he pr isko jald se jald sahi ho jaaye yesaa kuch bataaye

  24. Sachin Gaikwad
    Sachin Gaikwad April 27, 2016

    Sir Any Home Remedies on appendix testis torsion ?????????

    ROHIT SHARMA May 16, 2016

    Respected Sir..

    please revert is there any side effect of workout like pushup,jogging,gyming on hydrocele patient. kindly reply as soon as possible.


  26. study 365 with ankit
    study 365 with ankit June 15, 2016

    sir plz varicocele+varico veins k liye bhe kuch suggest kriye

    AMIT YADAV June 17, 2016

    sir bhut problem h please help me

  28. tech &fun tv
    tech &fun tv June 23, 2016

    sir I get severe pain in testis.wen I talk with gf ..or if i get erection…even wen I get more naughty with my gf..plz suggest me wat do …

  29. Waheed55 Ali
    Waheed55 Ali August 7, 2016

    Sr I am also same problem tell me what should i do it about

  30. Imran Mohd
    Imran Mohd August 21, 2016

    anima kya hota hai sir.jee

  31. Rajendra Raju
    Rajendra Raju November 8, 2016

    if i do like these all things Hydrocele water dry i mean it will gone ????? pls reply

  32. Rajendra Raju
    Rajendra Raju November 8, 2016

    aap ka methods follow karega pure liqwid (water) completely dry hojatha ?? pls tell me reply me

  33. nitish anand
    nitish anand January 2, 2017

    Sir hair care tips& control hair fall

  34. tousifboy ms
    tousifboy ms February 24, 2017

    Awala ka juice milta hai kya ayurvedic farmacy pe kya sir

  35. Waseem Malik 143
    Waseem Malik 143 February 27, 2017

    sar mere andkos ke upr ek andkos h chota koy upay btay

  36. santosh kumar Das
    santosh kumar Das March 27, 2017

    sir mera left side hydrocel mei pain ho raha hai kya karu mei plz sir help me .

  37. Surendra Rathour
    Surendra Rathour April 1, 2017

    gru ji din m v underwear m wet sa lgta h y kya h

  38. Surendra Rathour
    Surendra Rathour April 1, 2017

    testical ltke rhe h… ek thoda niche h ek uper bt koi pain no h

  39. Rahul Kumar
    Rahul Kumar April 6, 2017

    sir mere right side ke testies m Sujan Hamesa bni rhti h kbi kbi pain bi hota h

  40. shavali ss
    shavali ss April 17, 2017

    sir mere right side hydrocele bahut motha ho rahye aab mai kya Karna haye batao

  41. Ankitraj Mishra
    Ankitraj Mishra April 19, 2017

    what about a cancer patient having hydrosil

  42. Krishna Raj 7654253141
    Krishna Raj 7654253141 April 23, 2017

    very nice you're information

  43. Puneet Srivastava
    Puneet Srivastava May 5, 2017

    sir during hydrocele kya hume apna gym workout bund karna chaiye?

  44. Vishal Kashi
    Vishal Kashi June 15, 2017

    Thanks sir

  45. Zulfeqar Khan
    Zulfeqar Khan August 8, 2017

    sir mere hydrocele par Chote Chote daane nikle hain iska kya upchar hai btaey sir please please

  46. Zulfeqar Khan
    Zulfeqar Khan August 8, 2017

    sir mere hydrocele par Chote Chote daane nikle hain iska kya upchar hai btaey sir please please

  47. Zulfeqar Khan
    Zulfeqar Khan August 8, 2017

    sir mere hydrocele par Chote Chote daane nikle hain iska kya upchar hai btaey sir please

  48. Zulfeqar Khan
    Zulfeqar Khan August 8, 2017

    sir mere hydrocele par Chote Chote daane nikle hain iska kya upchar hai btaey sir

  49. Zulfeqar Khan
    Zulfeqar Khan August 8, 2017


  50. Rinku Verma
    Rinku Verma August 9, 2017

    hiii sir hydrocele m pani ko kse nikale bhot pain ho rha h

  51. Lalu Kumar
    Lalu Kumar August 28, 2017

    Sir mera aje 22 hai or mera Exide CA hydrosil Mai Sujan ho gaya hai par wo Dard Nahi Karta kya kare kuch medicine batao please

  52. Chandan kumar Mandal
    Chandan kumar Mandal September 4, 2017

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  53. Bimal Kumar
    Bimal Kumar September 13, 2017

    nice vdo Sir namaste

  54. Arvind Rathour
    Arvind Rathour September 13, 2017

    Dear sir i have epididymitis problem….small gath in testicle…. Plz help….

  55. Amir Nath
    Amir Nath September 13, 2017

    sir kya dono andekhosh kya barabar hote hai …

    Mero left side k andakosh upar jata hai or darda hota.
    mero age 24 huwa..

  56. Rahul Gupta
    Rahul Gupta September 14, 2017

    Sir my right testis is soiling andso tight ….n left one is normal …..sir wat is the reason behind it …

  57. pukhraj rajguru
    pukhraj rajguru September 28, 2017

    Sr andkos ke vericocel ke bare me byaye

  58. Rakesh Maharana
    Rakesh Maharana October 10, 2017

    sir phimosis ka treatment bataoge plz home treatment

  59. Æmãzîng ßœ
    Æmãzîng ßœ October 26, 2017

    nice sir

  60. Shubham Kumar
    Shubham Kumar November 2, 2017

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  61. Jasvir deepi
    Jasvir deepi November 26, 2017

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  62. Jasvir deepi
    Jasvir deepi November 26, 2017

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  63. Vikram Dass
    Vikram Dass November 28, 2017

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  64. md sufiyan
    md sufiyan December 4, 2017

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    Gs Gd December 19, 2017

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    md nasim December 20, 2017

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    Sujit Champ Ekka January 9, 2018

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    Vimal Kumar January 24, 2018

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  69. Hshhs Dhh
    Hshhs Dhh January 25, 2018

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  70. Nish Nishahath
    Nish Nishahath February 17, 2018

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  71. Harshit Tripathi
    Harshit Tripathi March 19, 2018

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    sira halka latka hi

  72. ayeesha yusuf
    ayeesha yusuf March 20, 2018

    Sir kindly tell my husband suffering grade 2 bilateral varicocele in left side. kindly tell me sir

  73. Gk gaming streaming
    Gk gaming streaming March 22, 2018

    Thnq you sir mera age 17+ hai but kya running krne se hydrosil fhul jati hai q ki me 20 din se running krte a rha hu pleSe help me sir?…

  74. Biswajit Paul
    Biswajit Paul April 3, 2018

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    Ranjan Moharana April 21, 2018

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    Shahid Shamsi April 26, 2018

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  77. Ashanta Chhadia
    Ashanta Chhadia May 19, 2018


  78. kisan gupta
    kisan gupta August 1, 2018

    Sir mera right side ka scrotum uper se niche tak suj gaya hai…
    Is k liye koi natural remede batao.

  79. Newtech4u
    Newtech4u August 2, 2018

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  80. Ripu Kumar sharma
    Ripu Kumar sharma September 13, 2018

    Mera right side ME hai hedrocel badha hua hai 2-3 year se ab Thora jaada bara Ho gaya hai Eska Koi accha upaey

  81. Birsha Barla
    Birsha Barla November 6, 2018

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  82. Ramnivas Ramnivas
    Ramnivas Ramnivas November 11, 2018

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    INDRANI RUDRA November 11, 2018

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  84. Radhakrishna iyer ramasubramanian
    Radhakrishna iyer ramasubramanian November 19, 2018

    nice to see ur channel today just now. 79 yr old man having RHS hydrocele and inguina hernia. Do yoa daily. Food green gram and subzi. no coffee tea etc. constipation and use pressure to move bowl. What solution and remedy you recommend? Pl guide me thank h k money canada

  85. Chetan Yadav
    Chetan Yadav March 31, 2019

    Sir 3 saal se hai kya thik ho jayegaa pelese riplai sir

  86. Ashok Yadav
    Ashok Yadav April 2, 2019

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  87. Bilal Asghar malik
    Bilal Asghar malik June 14, 2019


  88. Phillip Loco
    Phillip Loco July 11, 2019

    Thank you Sir, This is AWESOME thank you my Hydrocele is still small heard it sometimes goes away within 6 months . I will try these remedies.

    RAHUL YADAV July 21, 2019

    Sir my ultrasound report Shows minimal fluid in bilateral Scrotal sac? What to do now?

  90. Simmanna SENAPATHI
    Simmanna SENAPATHI July 22, 2019

    Sir my son one nd half years,one side hydrocele a small size, sometimes grows nd sometimes normal,plz give me solution sir

  91. Suraj Soni
    Suraj Soni July 31, 2019

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  92. Suraj Soni
    Suraj Soni July 31, 2019

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    Sonu kumar Turi August 9, 2019

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    Suresh B September 2, 2019

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    Mostafa Ahmed September 8, 2019

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    sameer dekate December 21, 2019

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    Competitive preparation January 14, 2020

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    Pena Tras pena January 21, 2020

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    Rajiv Ranjan Raj official Raj January 23, 2020

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