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Houston Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Mihir Shah

Hi, my name is Dr. Mihir Shah and I’m an internist at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. My first interaction with a physician was my own family doctor that took care of my mom, dad and me, and he was clearly a primary care physician so he was sort of the role model of what I thought a physician was, a physician that took care of your acute illnesses as well as your medical care holistically over the course of your lifetime. One of the most important core values is that Kelsey-Seybold emphasizes evidence-based medicine, and it’s very important to be part of an organization that supports and stands behind evidence-based medicine practices. From my own personal experiences, when I’ve been a patient in the past, the physicians that I’ve come to respect have been the ones that showed interest in me as a person. I think it’s integral to be able to learn a little bit about the patient and get to know them as a person, and as a human being. The sense of satisfaction that you get from treating patients just comes from being able to take care of what may appear as the most simplistic things to us as physicians, better so appreciated by patients, can bring a lot of satisfaction because you’re improving someone’s quality of life, and they’re very appreciative of that.

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