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How to Do a Figure 8 Crunch | Ab Workout

Now, I’m going to demonstrate how to do a
figure 8 crunch. What we’re going to do is use a light medicine
ball to do this exercise. I’m going to place this medicine ball securely
in between my knees, just like so. Hands at your side. Lift the legs up about 90 degrees, and I’m
going to move my hips in a figure 8 motion. It’s a little bit more of an advanced abdominal
exercise, taking some practice to get used to. You keep your adductors tight, so it keeps
that ball securely in the middle of the knees, and if you want to make the exercise a little
bit more difficult, you transfer your hands from the ground to behind your head, staying
up in that crunch position. You’re moving your legs in a figure 8 motion. You want to
try to practice these. Do high repetitions so you can get the form
down. That is the proper forms to do a figure 8


  1. N3uron
    N3uron June 10, 2012

    this sucks

  2. Martin Muñuzuri
    Martin Muñuzuri June 10, 2012

    mm k

  3. MDkid1
    MDkid1 June 10, 2012

    Forget the medicine ball, you can just stick my head in between your knees, and I'll go up and down. Hot, sweaty, sexy guy! mmmmm

  4. MDkid1
    MDkid1 June 10, 2012

    Oh you took the words right outta my mouth!

  5. wolfgang169
    wolfgang169 June 11, 2012

    lol howcast

  6. SaddleupASU
    SaddleupASU June 11, 2012

    im doing this today!

  7. Yahya Guzman
    Yahya Guzman June 4, 2013

    it does.

  8. Romelia Polly
    Romelia Polly March 5, 2017

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