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Whoa what the heck happened here Patreon dude, yeah Patreon… Donate to Patreon… Patreon Patreon dude! Fucking Patreon man See you next time man welcome back to the episode of What’s in this video today? Hey, dude, I fucked up this week. I don’t have two items cuz we all got lost in transit I only have one so that means you guys officials over here Wow dude. Thank you so much This is your second right now cool. I always wanted this. That’s actually my yes awesome Miniature squiggly Cup, that’s it. I’ll I that’s my hair. That’s my hair Oh, that’s my hair. What’d you put in your hair? I did put it in my hair Holy shit, you can keep your keep the bit going if you want Wow dude this is mine. Thank you so much, okay? I’ll give you your gift the fuck where’d you get this off Amazon? No, I got that off of the Rooster Teeth store it might not be available yet, but it will be soon Miniature fucking squiggly cups I got you something Dude You’ve been reading a lot nope You gonna start reading a lot yeah, what would you say this country is right now? In one word It’s on a it’s on a flat earth Okay, what about politically? Dry, that’s why I got something nice and juicy right here three the next couple of weeks at that fucking segue Dude, what he did not give me the fucking Great misters fucking hell dead, dude you actually fire in fury epic tale of the Donald Trump And how he conquered his way up to victory is this like it’s like kind of like drama in this book There’s a lot of drama in here the secret to communicating with Trump What is that? It tells you in this book what the secret is I had a lot of shit in this is $40 for this book here Well, I can’t say that I’m not actually gonna read this very like I like read anything from Because I thought you’d like read like something for me no Raj it is this your only package you got for me This is my only package that came, but I think I’m thinking it’s a good one all right I’m thinking it’s a good one so nice a little callback from a video that we did back in year one Entitled the STD challenge. It’s a little throwback to that from the creators of From from the creators of these these Dicks here that actually had the the squirty tube and everything where’s the other one. It’s fine. You can have this one if you want It’s right there let me look for it Look for it. I’m not fucking helping you copy that for a debris. I’m not that’s your mess. Can you take me a present? Keating the present No, it’d be really fully No put it back there It wouldn’t be funny. It’s stupid. It’s fucking stop. It’s fucking old. Dude. It’s old. It’s done already Stop we didn’t even get to the second present yet You don’t need to do this like good doing that cuz we’ve been building No, you don’t you just put it right back under the fucking I was gonna say the fridge you put it under the fucking sofa I hate you God damn it. Dude you son of a bitch We’re gonna have to take a little sponson break Hey there welcome to this week’s sponsor Dollar Shave Club They’re not new they’ve been sponsoring the show for a long time And I should hope you fucking appreciate it guys isn’t it a pain in the ass when you go to the store? You try and buy some razors, and then like there’s no one around You don’t know what razor to buy the razors are locked up behind like the plastic thing next to the Tide Pods And you’re like oh what am I supposed to do? What do I choose? How do I live my life? You know right now Dollar Shave Club is offering their shit shave and shower starter kit for basically five dollars for new members Do you know what’s inside this box and you open it up here and seen the inside of one of these boxes? This is a critical moment you’re about to experience some of our most special products They’re probably gonna become a part of your life Everyday this starter set features their executive razor and three trial sized versions of their most popular Products that help you stay fresh and clean in your first box You will receive their shave butter body wash and one wipe Charlies Butt wipes you will also receive their executive ray Which includes their premium waiting handle and phulka set of cartridges after the first box replacement cartridges are sent for only a few bucks a month Dollar Shave Club comm $5 don’t get stuck in the door like me will be your best self This offer is exclusively available Couch shop Dollar Shave Club comm Couch shop, they’ll have you covered from face cheeks to butt cheeks Gotta go So fuck is this don’t don’t Wiz in tour so What that is oh god here? We go upside down what that is? You’re you you use these kits here to pass a drug test and somebody I know I know at least one Rustler was was busted with this here and They got fired this. Hope kit. They say they can’t pass it right now. I don’t think you could pass it right now, so I Figured maybe you’d want to give it a go give it a test run See how it works, and if a drug test ever comes up, then at least you got your you’re pretty prepared, okay Yeah, I see yeah tie this up around you. Yeah, you actually put it on you put it on you make it you you come You you you’re supposed to do it you come You you you’re supposed to do it you come Like you make it come out of your your fly oh I see Yep I Was pretty real man is this to like? Fake it yeah for whatever reason they look like in case they look to see if you have something. I’ll see a dick yeah be like I Said that’s his dick That look like yours. What’s that? Yeah? It’s a little bigger That’s what it is Well What are you doing are you trying to transfer them oh? Man get it all over my hands, dude. Why don’t you just want a cup oh? Man Jesus Christ It’s coyote. How how do you have a cup what? one of my squiggly cups yeah, so you put the pee in here Okay Did you not give me the reaction I wanted And then I didn’t didn’t really want you to Die just that I’m not gonna use it now if you’re just gonna be sad about it What do you want me to be excited about you using my school life? No yeah, that is a no But you’re doing it anyway, so I can’t Do it yet don’t do it. That’s not that’s convincing don’t Don’t do it Which what type of emotion just give me an idea anger would undo it Whoa That won’t that will get you to pass the drug test You don’t need to do that you listen to it too to see if their finger hits it Oh there you go Yeah, that’s a lot That’s a lot you should go go put it on You don’t have to do that here. I’ll just take long as you’re afraid go to bathroom well You got to go pee in the bathroom anyway do what you’re not gonna. You’re gonna gonna. Pee here. Are you gonna be here? Can you put it in you’re gonna leave it like that you can’t just leave it like that what I Thought you walk in I sir Manual drug tests we’d like for you to take us We’d like for you to take a take a piss test all right You have to peel this cup we’ll test it later, and see you know how they do it like right here You just have to you just have to pee what’s happening. What’s happening hmm So I think you’re fired You’re absolutely fired get out of here pack your things shit, I wanna stop anyway Jesus Christ, are you ready for your next gift today. Yep. Hello, sir step right up Oh Like a pizza earlier for lunch of those oh It’s so much la machine it looks bigger in the pictures oh This is perfect. Yeah does it take quarters takes coins takes Punky’s. I don’t have any you wanna buy some How much what you got I don’t know my wallet Damn it fucking is stupid fucking carnival one dollar. Let’s probably get me Pretty good amount of tokens yo bitch. It’s fucking more than a dollar for these two days They’re like quarters though. You know it’s three dollars a game three dollars. Yeah five dollars for two games. Oh My god think I’m worth a fucking dollar Three dollars sure three dollars Perfect okay, that’ll be one token for you Then we’re heading Who’s this You put it in there sure what I won that dog Are those my keys? What are those my keys where? And there’s my keys well it appears to be the grand prize a set of keys It’s watching this week’s episode of Amazon make sure to check out some other videos We’ve got going on this channel as well as the SUBSCRIBE feature, which if you click that? Who knows where you’re gonna get in your YouTube homepage probably no this Is it the algorithm well hey we also got a merch store check that out as well and our patreon Thanks for watching guys, and thank you to our sponsors


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