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How to Relieve Gout Fast

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, Doctor of Functional
Medicine. Today I want to share with you my top tips on how to cure gout fast. Gout affects
millions of people all across the country, and there are three specific supplements that
if you take these, I guarantee you will see very, very fast results in getting gout relief.
Also, there’s a gout diet I’m going to share with you on this video as well. So the first supplement you should be taking
if you have gout is celery juice or celery seed extract. Now, celery juice is packed
with certain minerals and enzymes that actually have been shown to help reduce uric acid in
the body, so it will definitely help gout fast. The best thing you can do is if you
have a vegetable juicer at home, start juicing celery juice and drinking 8 ounces of celery
juice 3 to 4 times a day. You could also mix that with things like cucumber juice and carrot
juice which will be beneficial as well. But celery juice is the best. If you can’t do that, you can actually order
celery in capsule form or again just eat celery in general. You could snack on that as well.
That is the most effective thing to get rid of gout fast. The third supplement that’s very effective
is black cherry juice. We know that doing about three to five tablespoons a day of black
cherry juice is very effective in gout relief because, again, it reduces uric acid crystal
production within the body. Then the last supplement, but not least, is
nettles or stinging nettles. That’s been shown to be highly anti-inflammatory, but also reduce
uric acid production in the body. So again, ordering nettles or stinging nettles, it’s
been used over the years as an allergy treatment but also very effective in the treatment of
gout. Then if you want to know the best diet for
gout, there are three main nutrients you’ve got to be getting in your diet on a regular
basis to have gout relief. That includes magnesium, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids. In fact,
one of the things I would do right after watching this video is do a Google search on
for top potassium foods, top magnesium foods, as well as top omega-3 fatty acid rich foods,
and those things will all help give you relief of uric acid. I guarantee, if you follow these
tips, within 24 hours you can see massive gout relief. Then in terms of the foods you need to stay
away from if you have gout, anything that’s typically acidic in nature, staying away from
alcohol, staying away from processed red meats, staying away from excess sugar consumption,
any fast, processed, or refined foods, and staying away from coffee. All of those things
increase uric acid production of the body. An ideal meal, if you have gout, would be,
again, doing some vegetable juice, doing a big bowl of bone broth soup with real bone
broth and chicken or beef and carrots and celery and onions, but doing a big bowl of
that with veggie juice throughout the day. If you do that, you are going to see very,
very fast relief in your gout symptoms. So again, remember if you’re looking to cure
gout fast, follow these tips. Number one, consume a diet high in magnesium, potassium,
as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Number two, remember the supplements to take of black
cherry juice, celery juice, as well as stinging nettles and then again remove those inflammatory,
high acid forming foods from your diet. If you do that, I guarantee in just 24 hours
you’re going to get fast relief from your gout systems. By the way, guys, if you like this video,
make sure you subscribe here on our YouTube channel. I’ve got more videos coming out that
can help transform your health and life forever.


  1. weelgunny
    weelgunny May 7, 2015

    Thanks! Haven't had celery in ages.

  2. WestCoastPCbuilder
    WestCoastPCbuilder May 7, 2015

    I like the video's because I can apply many of these techniques for just an overall healthier life. Celery juice ! Dr. Axe, check out Clint Paddison and how he reversed arthritis, if you don't know of him already. Also, I noticed you don't have a video for depression or anxiety, hopefully one will pop up soon.

  3. The Mental Health Herbalist
    The Mental Health Herbalist May 7, 2015

    Great tips there Dr Axe. I think celery and nettles are such great foods, if you can eat them in salads or in juices, they are so powerful as you mentioned. Thanks Tom

  4. Regina Roberts
    Regina Roberts June 25, 2015

    My husband is allergic to topical nettles. Would it be safe to take stinging nettles orally?

  5. Ruthie
    Ruthie July 24, 2015

    I find when I drink sweet tea or soda, my feet become so sore that I can't walk, but when I go to the bathroom and drink lots of water with citrus infused it makes the pain more bearable!

  6. Dirk Tully
    Dirk Tully August 14, 2015

    Dr. Josh, Another item you should add to the list is apple cider vinegar. Works great for me every time.

  7. michaelandlucifer
    michaelandlucifer August 30, 2015

    Drink Lemon juice daily will help. Natural remedies will help to relief/reduce/avoid gout pain with or without side effect as modern medicines but it effect is not as fast as the modern medicines. The best medicines for gout is "discipline" of desire to eat food that cause gout. Most people with gout were and are the gluttony type majoring in red meats plus unhealthy lifestyle. As the saying, "you reap what you sow". Not all I think.

  8. slay the way
    slay the way November 11, 2015

    DR AXE my name is James i am 21 years old from Australia I have got gout doctor says in chest its super painful I think it was  caused from my cola Addicon     I drink around 4-5 bottles a day have done so for 3 years I typed quitting just cant its like cigarettes to me but yet I don't smoke how can I quit this cola? 75c stuff buy from Coles in Australia its affecting my health but yet I still cant stop what can I do? I have 3 kids   I want to be around them for long possible yet I cant quit it please help!

  9. Noel Conroy
    Noel Conroy January 4, 2016

    thanks for sharing this valuable information Dk.r

  10. Ahmed Fawzy
    Ahmed Fawzy January 27, 2016

    I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover natural remedies for gout in the foot try Lomonting Gout Control Mentor (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

    351WINCHESTER February 22, 2016

    What is wrong with coffee?  Is it the caffeine or the acid?

  12. sole56nz
    sole56nz March 2, 2016


  13. tatsu masa
    tatsu masa March 31, 2016

    nothing wrong w/uric acid since its antioxidant. it's wrong when sugar on scene w/it.

  14. kalapani Anaua
    kalapani Anaua April 15, 2016

    Why are people who ate the same food or drinks and the other having gout and the one not?

  15. Admiral Preparedness
    Admiral Preparedness June 3, 2016

    I avoid medicines so thanks for the tips.

  16. 4027glock
    4027glock July 4, 2016

    Didn't work for me!

  17. Leighton Lewis
    Leighton Lewis July 18, 2016

    Coca Cola gave me extremely painful gout, I had to flush my system out with Mineral Water which cured it.

  18. jim dee
    jim dee July 24, 2016

    dr. axe, did you not proof read your info for this video:

    "Lastly, nettles or stinging nettles is highly inflammatory and produces uric acid in the body."

    but in the video you say it is ANTI inflammatory and fight against production of uric acid !!!

  19. Rakeebah Amaneer
    Rakeebah Amaneer July 28, 2016

    thank you Dr axe i am happy to watch your vedeo because i serfur from gout i had a bad week

  20. erosphilosagape
    erosphilosagape August 29, 2016

    Yup, I noticed the discrepancy re: stinging nettles being anti-inflammatory (what he says) or being INFLAMMATORY (what he writes). Confusing!

  21. ChrisDSX
    ChrisDSX September 9, 2016

    I buy a veggie platter and eat it with whatever I have… Gout starts to go away pretty fast… Lots of water, no coffee! Alcohol is 100% off the table…

  22. Lyn Kinnier
    Lyn Kinnier October 10, 2016


  23. Aurora Mora
    Aurora Mora October 19, 2016

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  24. Marcy YT
    Marcy YT December 6, 2016

    Excellent video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you tried – Taparton Leaving Illness Takeover (do a google search)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for Curing gout without the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my friend after a lifetime of fighting got great results with it.

  25. Steven Monash 62
    Steven Monash 62 January 2, 2017

    If you are taking high blood pressure tablets avoid potassium ….Come on Doc.. more fucken details

  26. Ronnie Roo65
    Ronnie Roo65 January 25, 2017

    Dear Dr Axe, can you help with psuedogout advice please?

  27. Brett Tube
    Brett Tube February 11, 2017

    more meat chicken and bone broth advice from dr axe. trust me people dont do that. he doesn't seem to have much experience with gout. he has some good advice but some really bad advice also. stay away from meat chicken seafood broths.

  28. Cheryl Bailey
    Cheryl Bailey February 17, 2017

    cherry juice ya'll

  29. Cherry Cervantes
    Cherry Cervantes March 4, 2017

    Great video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you tried – Lammywalness Quick Defence Guide (just google it)? It is a great exclusive guide for getting rid of gout without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my close friend Aubrey at very last got amazing results with it.

    CHUCK HICKS April 5, 2017

    what doses of celery seed capsules and black cherry capsules are recommended to keep gout away. or rid gout after it starts

  31. Vandel Jason Strypper
    Vandel Jason Strypper April 11, 2017

    wait coffee ?
    some source tell me it's good for gout

  32. Jonathan Todd
    Jonathan Todd April 24, 2017

    Just coming out of a 2 month battle with gout in both ankles. Wish I saw this before.

  33. 52 Dislikes
    52 Dislikes June 6, 2017

    Bogus –  for entertainment only!

  34. Alex Tran
    Alex Tran June 15, 2017

    Beef bone broth??? I dont think so….that will certainly make it worse….baking soda w water,black cherry juice, high doses of vitamin C while experiencing attack and absolutely NO BEER!!! If you have to drink…vodka or wine and keep well hydrated… personal experience….5 years of dealing w this crap. Know your triggers and be aware or else!!!!….lol

  35. Stephanie Lapena
    Stephanie Lapena June 20, 2017

    Can anyone tell me if bone broth can make gout worse?

  36. Eleanor Doyle
    Eleanor Doyle July 25, 2017

    Ineed help now to-night have nothing in my cupboard you have mentiond only haking soda

  37. Agung Isyari
    Agung Isyari August 11, 2017

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  38. kurati testis
    kurati testis August 12, 2017

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  39. Johan Oelofsen
    Johan Oelofsen August 28, 2017

    Try PhytoSun Gout Atomizer – contains Celery Seed and Burdock Root to reduce uric acid, Devils claw and Cramp bark for pain and inflammation, Cayenne and Siberian ginseng for circulation and Alfalfa for kidneys…

  40. Betax Denster
    Betax Denster September 5, 2017

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  41. Antuan Grantham
    Antuan Grantham November 28, 2017

    I just took 6000 mg of emergen c …ill check back in

  42. Green Walker
    Green Walker December 20, 2017

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  43. Wendell Henderson
    Wendell Henderson December 20, 2017

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  44. Germaine Scott
    Germaine Scott December 22, 2017

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  45. Wade James
    Wade James December 22, 2017

    I`d gout for around Three years now and was only taking what the physician recommended but was always experiencing regular gout flare ups at least 1 time monthly. Right now, the flare ups aren`t badly as before because I have already been taking the “Vοvοpαm Azb” (Google it) two times every single day.

  46. Wendell Henderson
    Wendell Henderson December 30, 2017

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  47. Wim Bryant
    Wim Bryant January 3, 2018

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  48. Glade Carter
    Glade Carter January 19, 2018

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  49. Quarry Hunter
    Quarry Hunter January 22, 2018

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  50. Germaine Scott
    Germaine Scott February 21, 2018

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  51. Glade Carter
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  52. Guthrie Morgan
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  53. Gull Bailey
    Gull Bailey February 21, 2018

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  54. Wade James
    Wade James February 21, 2018

    I got much better final results using this gout treatment solution “Vοvοpαm Azb” (Google it) than I did from years of taking 2 prescription drugs. I`ll be using this item once again. Simply to be clear on about my experience, the gout pain went away right after the second take on the 1st day and completely gone on the second day.

  55. Wendell Henderson
    Wendell Henderson February 21, 2018

    I stopped working right after struggling for longer than a week of pain from gout and also got this gout treatment “Vοvοpαm Azb” (Google it). You name a product, I have already tried it and this one really performs! Within just 48 hours(a little over 24) my pain as well as gout were gone. I posted my satisfied outcomes on Facebook and have others now wanting this item. Hope my statement helps.

  56. Quarry Hunter
    Quarry Hunter February 21, 2018

    My gout of around Three years have been the reason I follow the doctor’s orders, but I still encounters gout flare ups at least one time a month. Right now, the flare ups are not as bad as before since I have already been using the “Vοvοpαm Azb” (Google it) 2 times every day.

  57. Yasar Ali
    Yasar Ali March 18, 2018

    Me and my brother has this disease causing massive difficulties sometimes the uric acid goes in different part joins shoulder legs toes even back we are using multiple medication. Pain kills to reduce the imflmmation

  58. Savannah St. Joseph
    Savannah St. Joseph April 26, 2018

    What’s 2nd Doc? You jumped to 3rd.

  59. Edward Bliss
    Edward Bliss April 27, 2018

    I wish I was 21 again and not have all these shitty middle aged ailments

  60. TDubsKid
    TDubsKid May 10, 2018

    gout has a strong association with iron overload/hemochromatosis

  61. Ken Fergus
    Ken Fergus June 10, 2018

    It doesn’t work

  62. Eric B
    Eric B June 13, 2018

    The only thing that works for me is NO MEAT, no HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, Absolutly NO ALCOHOL, no mushrooms… eliminate all foods with purines and try to eliminate as much sugar as possible including bread! Everyday take Tumeric and a product called Purge(tart cherry/celery) 2 times a day. Black seed oil and cannabis flowers are good too:) Drink lots of water and exercise…..and wait for the kidney transplant….:(

  63. Be Healthy
    Be Healthy June 28, 2018

    Good advices and we also have some tips for gout treatment on our channel if anyone interested 😉

  64. poxdaccy
    poxdaccy July 7, 2018

    As a gout sufferer 24hrs is unrealistic
    However, I drink apple cider vinegar, wheat grass to remove excess iron and lemon water. It took me 3 years to figure this out. However, a severe attack that lasted 1 week can now be managed with 48hrs thanks to these 3 ingredients. Also eat a banana a day to offset symptoms…good luck…worst pain i've ever experienced 🙁

  65. constance hamilton
    constance hamilton October 25, 2018

    Thanks Dr. Axe, you are helping so many people ,me included.

  66. Victor Lee
    Victor Lee October 27, 2018

    Hi everyone doctor who's can helping treatment my gout pleases who can help me

  67. Sean M
    Sean M December 24, 2018

    Nope, celery juice doesn't help a gout attack. Just tried it for 2 weeks. Tart cherry juice and extracts do for sure

  68. John Osborne
    John Osborne January 10, 2019

    Cherry juice MAY work but none of the others has any success!

  69. Lisa Carten
    Lisa Carten February 19, 2019

    Thank you so much

  70. NeoGeoSNK
    NeoGeoSNK May 10, 2019

    When gout flares up, these remedies won't work. The only thing would work is anti-inflammatory medicine. These remedies work in terms of preventive measures, not during gout attacks or flare up !

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