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How to Treat an Injured Cat : Buy First-Aid Supplies for Your Cat

Hi, I’m Dr. Greg McDonald, and I am here
for Expert We are talking about first aid in cats. I thought I would show
you a few products that might be good to go out and get now before you have an emergency
to try and keep around the house that would be really good to protect your cat and do
some things like get them to the veterinarian. Often times we see a lot of human products
used, and sometimes they are okay. Sometimes they stick to the fur and cause some problems.
This is one that I really like a lot. It’s called brown gauze, and brown gauze is always
good for any type of wrapping. It doesn’t stick to the animal, and you can put some
pressure on it so that it would stop any bleeding. Again, this is just called brown gauze, and
you can get that at any pharmacy. Another product that I like to keep around is a telfa
pad. Telfa pads are non-sticky, and again it is something you can put right up there
sterile. They come in these packages like this, and you can put that right up against
something to put some pressure on it. Once again, it is sterile so you can put pressure
on a bleeding wound, and then you might be able to wrap it with some of the brown gauze
to try and form a little bit of a bandage that would stop the bleeding while you are
transporting the cat to your veterinary hospital. This is another real good product, and it’s
called extend-over. Extend-over is a stretchy bandage material. It is sticky on one side.
I kind of like it because you can tear it off like this, and you don’t need bandages
and scissors to apply it. After you start wrapping, and you get the gauze on, this would
be a good thing to put over the gauze to be sure that it doesn’t come off. We also have
another nice product because this is a really nice product because it actually sticks to
itself rather than sticking to the animal, and is especially good for birds and animals,
like, that you don’t won’t to wrap their feathers. It is again a really nice product,
and it is called vet wrap, and again, it does not stick to the skin at all, but it will
stick to itself so that it holds on like that. Once again, it is a really nice product to
have around the house. You might, again, want to use this after you get the brown gauze
on, and you stop the bleeding. One other thing that you do have sometimes because you do
need sticky material once in a while is called wet proof tape. Again, I like this kind of
tape because you can put it over things and not have anything that is damp affected by
it. It is only sticky on one side, easy to tear off like that, so again, it is easy to
apply to a wound or over a bandage to try to make something stay on the animal. All
these products are something you can get right through your pharmacy, and it is good to have
a little kit around in an emergency so you can grab that. It is good to have it even
in your car.


  1. monas
    monas August 2, 2008

    Thank u very much, my cat has been in a fight and is very injured

  2. MadCowsGaming
    MadCowsGaming February 19, 2013

    have a less retarded brother

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