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How to use a Defibrillator | First Aid for a Heart Attack

You use a defibrillator
if somebody is unconscious and not breathing. So you’ve checked for danger and you’ve checked for response,
you’ve opened the airway, you’ve checked for breathing, and they’re not breathing normally. And, they have less than two
breaths in a 10 second period; so, you will then start CPR, Okay,and get an ambulance on the way as quickly as possible, and, ideally, grab your defibrillator too. To use your defibrillator,
you would turn it on, and then you remove the pads and put them as shown on the pad. So, you put on this side of the chest, one on this side of the person, and if they are very hairy
or their chest is wet, you would dry the chest and maybe take a little bit
of the fluff off with a razor. You want maximum adhesion of the pads. The defibrillator will talk to you. And, you can only use it if they need it. So, you can only use it if
they’re in a shockable rhythm; so you cannot do any harm. You are to keep doing CPR, and you follow the prompts on the machine. So it will say, “Analysing heart rhythm.” Do not touch the patient. – You follow those prompts. It will tell you if they’re
in a shockable rhythm – And the shock is advised. – [Defibrillator] Charging. – And it will tell you what to do – [Defibrillator] Stay clear of patient. – [Defibrillator] Deliver shock now. Press the orange button. – So you just, stay clear. Follow those prompts
and be ready to do CPR – [Voiceover] Start CPR. – It’s really important,
that you are giving CPR and that you’re following the prompts. Leave the pads in place. Keep doing quality CPR: 30
compressions to two breaths. And keep going until the
emergency services arrive. If there’s a second
person, you can swap over every two minutes.

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