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I Found Europe's Weirdest Town!

welcome and Georgia welcome to Georgia welcome to Georgia alright guys it's our very last end to scale to burrow the land of abandoned Soviet buildings and Soviet trucks actually we're now gonna go for a final few hours and explore some abandoned Soviet sanatoriums once you haven't seen yet and hopefully find starlings bath where he used to hang out let's go but it does sound like it's some party going on up here I think we should check it help abandoned sanatorium party [Applause] specimen Bushra basavanna go ahead don't ask it's night Dukakis Magoo's inning we love you wash that caste uh-huh the word and means specify a new medium fire shots I come here every Rasta prosecution I deserve to be game Jasmina Williams Abruzzi ya Habibi Zagros you academically as Elizabeth garage mean vows mean squat London London but those night before no sir so the nasty way so China say you repay saluting don't you show us what you see we mostly did was just a to attend to I'd seen really hot rod used to be a democracy Mara Roman Empire symbols in their winter Netanyahu's they were fuzzy and making teammate whether to watch in Pliska College e-mini whistle on this one I will do my knee person is that Dewayne Oh chin valuable you know why well yeah why well that was done well oriental you way more mini awhile a protein new boy walk mara minis alleyway Modelo Democrat Dora watching Donald born to do a bomb in Georgia let's get absolutely slaughtered it's my birthday welcome and Georgia you never know what benches are gonna get into when you're walking around the abandoned buildings of Jessica to blog or wherever it's cool bongs abandoned buildings refugees from Abkhazia back in Soviet times workers were given permission or even vouchers every year to go and visit a result a sanatorium of course Soviet citizens couldn't go abroad except that are very very well privileged so they came and they made these sanatoriums all over a former Soviet Union we're now in the central baths of took salt Alba you can see here there was a ring of bar so all your Soviet citizens were a second one each and then the hot water would have bubbled out of there and fled down into each of the individual baths you can imagine all the comrades here and here there would have been probably back in a day a glass roof or something to let light in now of course it's gone and he was a sent to a central well of hot water these were the springs that made south door bore the bloody name of the town I can't say famous people traveled from where the Soviet Union's here here's some kind of some pictures on the wall of a flying Nightingale or some type of bird and a deer about all right here we go of course some Moldovans a bloody beam on holiday here and drawn a knob crazy he's actually saying [Applause] they have the maddest of Siri Georgie will they see a car coming they just take it towards the car and try get run over they've had enough of life in Georgia moscato boys cars idiot I did not sit back on the tray on the Moskva Sudha Nene – Sudha that's a tuba history Charlie's Auto goosey quenya auto busi you sure near nice is on yet pasta Yana is the more unis tabulator est your same idiot ie Krug legged ah what a cute idea Bangla it is a party me tombstone ssa at the Bell applause Luda be linear Shasta know the pillow G in Vietnam I do myself any problem super can't breathe Lumiere yeah sorry for garbage sure garbage all for that in a suit Shevardnadze I threw together perestroika him round the perestroika developer of the perestroika [Laughter] there are so many hot springs and thermal springs under the ground here that water just flows out of every crack you can see here just hot water just running down the road basically not far from here is the mineral town of Borjomi which is Georgia's biggest export the mineral water that is drunk all over the former Soviet Union Wow those dogs are insane Wow check this place out I mean so this was the main vestibule the main entrance of what was one of the most premier hot spring resort towns in all the Soviet Union as I say Stalin used to come here I think Khrushchev was here maybe British Neve and Gorbachev I don't know I don't want to make stuff up let's check it out Wow like a Roman bathhouse kind of place look it ah still got the old pillars here you take my sunglasses off Wow oh so well you've got me one my job what is it Wow a Soviet fella strange yes best present I ever received Wow my figure home yeah will Ryan will Ryan air let me take you on the plane or will I get charged a ridiculous amount alright we've discovered a bit of a broken staircase I think it's going first elite he's braver than me to be honest she's got Soviet blood she's a little bit braver than me no fear a lynching gosh when you know Mophie rolling chick let if this was late I'll be back here with a scratch rock strip in the bucket oh here we go here we go oh man huh the view from the roof all right can you hear that Georgian music in the background everywhere you go in Georgia you hear music the music of the caucuses we found a polyglot here oh yeah what it's that's yeah born your poop what it's on you were more connected to the Soviet Union than me what did your family I mean who obviously your mom and your dad and your grandparents are all like living under the Soviet system what did they think of the Soviet Union they look back on it is something terrible or something better than now or what's your opinion okay baby shall I just say whatever you think aleem she gets white on camera she's like oh my god what if I say something stupid it's something everyone thinks when they first on camera can I just say we're in Siberia okay Siberia Jake was taken by government okay so Soviets confiscated your parents land yes let's go up here okay come on I'm sure we're still talking yup okay so that means I presume that your family are not big fans of the Soviet system okay but I mean whatever this happens whatever I mean my family was sent to the gulag it happens all right then let's check out some more let's check out some more rooms here Wow you have to really imagine when you walk around these places what was it like before you know what was happening here let's go into this room look a Soviet duel the Soviet room was so here all paper and here they would have had a balcony or there is a balcony they would've had chairs here and mr. barrier and one of his victims would have been sitting here looking out across the lush countryside that is Georgia here we have an old Soviet bus stop from the later eighties period when he weren't using concrete anymore they were using glass fiber that's now this light rotted and stuck I like the yellowness that is so Soviet imagine the people that set on here sitting in the park waiting to go for their turn at the thermal springs chilly now waiting for the bus to pick them up smoking cigarettes paparazzi [Applause] so let me ask you this question like in Belarus particularly are there sanatorium still popular and it's quite popular people are going there every year once at least okay do your family go there do you go there me no it's for other people but for example my grandfather hi grandpa Wow and his wife are going we can finally meet granddad we can go to a sanatorium and hang out here and that finally yes this town this town took South double he's like something from the bloody Twilight it's like I know Twin Peaks or something you come here and everything just weird and not like the rest of the world it's as if you've entered some kind of strange Otherworld everything about it is just freaky and weird and I don't know took Sal to bow stick it on your tourist itinerary forget Benidorm forget Cancun for your Ibiza come here do some bongs explore some Soviet buildings up at your time took Sal to bow this messed up place you


  1. Inkoguto
    Inkoguto July 12, 2019

    Hitting the bong in an abandoned Soviet sanatorium with friendly Georgians, what an absolute madlad!

  2. konisuer
    konisuer July 12, 2019

    When in Georgia!

  3. Sean Jandu
    Sean Jandu July 12, 2019

    Mid Life crisis for Baldr = dye hair and goatee . wear teenager sunglasses….MidLife crisis for Bald & Bankrupt = Get Hot girl half his Age.

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    Alex Dub July 12, 2019

    Lol a gravity bong

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    Mr Bald hit that sh*t hard!

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    AFROJOE2323 July 12, 2019

    Bald hitting a Gravity bong in Georgia, lol you are awesome man! Much love from Colorado and as always safe journeys! Ps: Happy belated birthday!

  8. J R
    J R July 12, 2019

    The weed in Georgia is probably good lol

  9. Alexander Steele
    Alexander Steele July 12, 2019

    I've been wondering how Elenchik got her head out from between the bars. Mystery solved! Great stuff, Ben and Alina. Many thanks!

  10. clive kibbler
    clive kibbler July 12, 2019

    long may bald and bankrupt make films and edit them .

  11. Follower of Yahawashi
    Follower of Yahawashi July 12, 2019

    Please see the below comment I made about the Joyce Meyers ministry in reference to my Facebook page.

  12. Likanen Länsi
    Likanen Länsi July 12, 2019

    That dude at sittting on that concrete fence, with white shoes 1:35 laughing like crazy hahah, wonder what he was thinking'.

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    HippieMellis Kiki July 12, 2019

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    HippieMellis Kiki July 12, 2019

    I watched you before the cold ones shout out

  15. Город грехов
    Город грехов July 12, 2019

    At 0:28 and 3:56 they smoke ganja!

  16. sjuelva
    sjuelva July 12, 2019

    The best channel on youtube!

  17. Sk0rpioN100
    Sk0rpioN100 July 12, 2019

    Where is the part youre stoned? 😀

  18. Unbekannter Unbekannter
    Unbekannter Unbekannter July 12, 2019

    He is the good kind of Borat.😁

  19. Paul Grey
    Paul Grey July 12, 2019

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  20. Dimplesock Tickletit
    Dimplesock Tickletit July 12, 2019

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    Chilli Tango July 12, 2019

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    Dante Alighieri July 12, 2019

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  23. Paul Miller
    Paul Miller July 12, 2019

    Love your vids bro ❤️🍻🇦🇺

  24. dixgun
    dixgun July 12, 2019

    Interesting place 😊 and though the ruins are beautiful, in their own way, it seems like restoration of some of them, like the bathhouse for example, might be a good idea? These buildings look like a few different eras, different styles.

  25. #Spend your summer in Georgia
    #Spend your summer in Georgia July 12, 2019

    My town🇬🇪😍

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    Thank you boss one million times!
    You rock!

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    freefly July 12, 2019

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    Malecare July 12, 2019

    Your channel gets better and better. Very interesting and insightful view of sanitariums. Brilliant

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    Why is no one there please tell me.

  34. a n u k a
    a n u k a July 12, 2019

    2:17 this guy talking about zurab zhvania Georgian politician who said: I am Georgian therefore I am European

  35. Bobskibrit
    Bobskibrit July 12, 2019

    I think everything was just freaky and weird and twilight zoneish because you were off your tree 😅….awesome old sanatorium, nice.

  36. Abhishek Kulkarni
    Abhishek Kulkarni July 12, 2019

    A shout-out from Pewdiepie! Great stuff!

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