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Injection Foam Insulation: What To expect – 248 556-5839

On the day of installation, Pro Home Improvement’s insulation experts will begin working on the outisde of your home, there is no need for them to enter your home. Pro Grade Injection Foam insulation can be installed with any type of exterior, including all types of siding. They will begin by removing a minimal amount
of siding. Small holes are drilled into the exterior wall board. Next, a foaming hose
will inject the Pro Grade Injection Foam between the studs of your wall. All gaps and crevices
will be safely filled, ensuring no air movement is possible in your walls. Pro Grade Injection Foam is especially appropriate
with exterior walls with existing fiberglass insulation, since most fiberglass insulation
has settled through the years. As each cavity is filled, the excess is wiped
clean and a cap is placed on the hole. When all walls insulated, the siding will be replaced
and any holes are seamlessly closed. Choosing Pro Grade Injection Foam is a great
plan to increase comfort, increase resale value, reduce sound and reduce energy costs.
Inject your home with comfort today!

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