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Instructions for Injecting Menopur® With Q-Cap Subcutaneously | Encompass Fertility Treatment

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey there, I’m
Sophia, and I’m going to walk you through how
to inject Menopur under the skin or subcutaneously. These instructions are broken
up into five quick steps which you can jump to at any
time using the chapters below. Let’s start by making
sure you’ve got all your supplies ready to go. Depending on your dose, a
vial or more of Menopur. Each file should contain
powder or a pellet. A vial of sterile diluent, a
syringe, a Q-Cap for mixing, an injection needle, plus
alcohol pads, a gauze pad or cotton square, a sharps
container, and a clean surface. You may get
prescriptions or supplies that use “cc” or
“mL” interchangeably. Don’t worry. They’re just different names
for the same amount of volume. For example, one
cc is equal to mL. Also, check to make sure the
diluent is clear and doesn’t have any particles
floating around. If you see anything, don’t use
it and call your health care provider right away
for next steps. Now go ahead and wash
your hands really well with soap and water. Then you’re on to preparing the
area where you’ll give yourself the injection. There are a few places where
you can inject your medication under the skin– in the abdomen, just below or to
the side of your belly button, or in the leg in the upper
outer area of your thigh. No matter which area you pick,
try to avoid injecting yourself in the same exact spot each time
to lower your risk of a skin reaction, and never
inject into any area that’s tender, red,
bruised, or hard. For today, I’ll show you
how to inject in the abdomen since it’s the most common spot. First, you use an
alcohol wipe to clean the skin about two inches
around the injection area. Then give it a couple of
seconds to dry while you get your medication ready. Up first, you’re going to mixed
the diluent with the powdered Menopur. To get started, remove
the caps from both vials and wipe the tops of each
with an alcohol swab. Then peel open the Q-Cap pack. You’re going to want to
keep it in the package for the next step. Just be sure not to
touch the spiky part. Place the diluent
on a flat surface and hold the sides of the vial. With your other hand,
turn the Q-Cap pack over and place the open part
on top of the vial. Push the spiked end straight
down through the rubber stopper and into the vial until
it snaps into place. If the Q-Cap falls
out of its package, toss it and use a new one. Once the Q-Cap is
securely in place, go ahead and remove
its packaging and toss it in the trash. Be careful not to touch the
connector end of the Q-Cap. Next, you’ll draw
air into the syringe. So pull back the
plunger to the amount of diluent your health care
provider has recommended, usually one cc or one mL. Place the tip of the syringe
into the connector end of the Q-Cap and twist
clockwise until it’s tight. Gently press the
plunger all the way in, which pushes the air into the
vial and makes to the diluent easier to withdraw. Without removing the Q-Cap, turn
the vial upside down and slowly pull back the plunger to
withdraw the recommended amount of diluent. Then go ahead and turn
the vial right side up, and pull on the syringe
barrel to remove both the syringe and Q-Cap
from the vial as one unit. Just be careful not to pull on
the plunger during this step. Next, place the vial of Menopur
powder on a flat surface. Take the syringe
you just prepared and slowly insert the spiked end
of the Q-Cap through the rubber stopper and into the vial until
it snaps in place once again. Then slowly press the
plunger to inject the diluent into the vial. Without removing
the Q-Cap, gently swirl the vial to allow
the powder to dissolve. Then push the plunger down to
remove any extra air that’s in the syringe. You’ll want to use the
solution right after mixing. Without removing the Q-Cap, turn
the vial upside down and slowly pull back the plunger to
withdraw all of the liquid. Be careful not to
pull the plunger out of the syringe barrel. If your dose is
more than one vial, use the syringe you just prepare
to mix up to five more Menopur vials. There’s no need to
add more diluent. If you have any questions,
call your health care provider. Once everything is
mixed, twist the syringe to remove it from the Q-Cap. Toss the Q-Cap and vial
into the sharps container. Next, twist the injection
needle onto the syringe and remove the cap. To get rid of any air bubbles,
point the needle up and gently pull back on the
plunger or tap or flick the syringe until the
bubbles rise to the top. Then press the plunger
slightly until a tiny droplet of medication appears at
the tip of the needle. A droplet is a good thing. It means your medication
is ready to go. Now you’re ready to inject the
medication, so let’s do it. Hold the syringe in one hand
and with the other hand, pinch a fold of skin
around the injection area. Insert the entire needle
straight into the skin at a 45 to 90 degree angle. Slowly push the
plunger until you’ve injected all of the medication. Do a quick count of
1, 2, 3, and then let go of the skin
you’re pinching. Press down firmly on the
injection area with a gauze pad and remove the needle. Nice job. Now your final step is cleanup. Go ahead and toss the
used needle and syringe into the sharps container. And if you have any leftover
Menopur that’s been mixed, go ahead and toss that too. Thanks so much for
watching today. Take care. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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