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Intraocular Injections

It is very common for eye specialists to treat
patients with several conditions with an eye injection. Although this sounds terrifying, I can assure
you it’s painless. We do everything in our power to make it a
very comfortable experience by giving you anesthesia beforehand. It usually lasts a few seconds and is pain
free. I can tell you some patients do have some
irritation a few hours afterwards, which can usually be relieved with artificial tear drops
or some type of eye irrigation. Our biggest concern is you developing a very
rare infection, which if not treated properly can lead to vision loss. That’s an infection inside the eyeball. If you start having increasing pain; usually
described as a dull ache, worsening vision, increasing light sensitivity, and increasing
redness in the eye within a week of your injection, you should call your provider immediately. Rest assured your experience of intraocular
injections at Austin Retina will be smooth and pain free. We’ll do everything in our power to get you
back to your normal daily routine.

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