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Introducing the Why Narrative Therapy YouTube Project

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a YouTube channel and it’s free YouTube’s and it’s really more like by the people you know for the
practitioners of Narrative Therapy speaking about why they’ve
chosen Narrative Therapy what it means to them What some of their history is and how they
came to practice in these ways What some of the. . what has surprised them about working in these ways. I’m
hoping that it will be sort of a digital storytelling project
where we’re just collecting a whole range of
voices and and then see what we can edit
together or just put out as short pieces about why narrative therapy written. I remember us
speaking also about some misconceptions people might have or maybe we want to speak about some of the
terms and the way they’re used and the way we understand them for example, maybe terms like expert and
non-expert Yea on the heels of what you were just
acknowledging that Akansha’s participation I remember a couple
years ago and David Epston we were hosting him out in Los Angeles having
dinner it was he was talking about his excitement
people like myself being the next generation and it’s it’s so
exciting for me to have you here and other younger folks
like yourself and to think that yes, these ideas will continue and find new form and new
application and new ways a showing up in the world.
It’s really that’s lovely the idea of passing it on Yesterday I was I was thinking
about all the previous models of therapy that I was trained in before I found
my way to this and you know my narrative work is probably somewhat infused with
those ideas and those models I’ve kept the parts that I like the most.
It’s unrealistic to think that future generations of people won’t have you know pieces of Narrative Therapy that have
been passed on to them infused into their future work which evolves and morphd intp ways that we can’t imagine yet So I also think of this as part of
that project, not just preserving something I’m not just passing something on but sort of helping people step through windows that we’ve
stepped through and helping people see where they go when they step through subsequent windows

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