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Introduction to Reflective Integration Therapy™

Reflective Integration Therapy™ a
psychotherapy of healing the clients on the autism spectrum RIT is revolutionary in that it is the
first fully contemplative psychotherapeutic model ever designed
and has been specifically tailored for individuals on the autism spectrum it is
a comprehensive therapeutic program developed for use in clinic by psychotherapists psychologists counsellors and other mental health professionals
specializing and researching in the ASC field RIT is comprised of a combination of
essential teachings and engaging therapies designed to give hope to the
many people on the autism spectrum who are desperately seeking a way to
transcend the hand they have been dealt trying to cope with extreme emotions
abuse anxiety social confusion critical thoughts and poor choices and to
discover that despite all these things peace of mind and solid self esteem are
not only possible but attainable a middle way not in theory but by hard-won
practice for the mental health therapist the contemplative way
restores the integrated balance between the medical and psychotherapeutic models
of treatment by restoring the humanity to a profession whose primary function
is not to cure but to heal moreover the attrition rates through burnout so
prevalent in the mental health professions are addressed by the
self-care embedded in the RIT program itself by virtue of the perfect balance
achieved by the structure and implementation of the Reflective
Integration model the therapist is not only enabled to practice RIT
indefinitely but is also energized in the process the daily practice of mantra meditation
within the RIT program is revolutionary in that all personal transformation and
healing comes not as a focus but as a byproduct of the twice-daily discipline
of the repetition of the mantra mantra meditation is concerned not so much with
thinking as with being and through the faithful practice of mantra meditation
we are becoming the person we are meant to be Reflective Integration Therapy™ a
psychotherapy of healing the clients on the autism spectrum

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