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Katy, Texas Family Medicine Physician Dr. Marjorie Broussard

– Hi, I’m doctor Majorie Broussard, and I’m a family medicine
doctor at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. (upbeat music) It is very rewarding to
experience, on a daily basis, the positive impact that we
can have on our patients’ lives as primary care doctors cause we get to see
how they get to control some of their chronic medical problems. Sometimes we get to just
ease some of the pain over an accrued issue, and sometimes we are just part of their team to help them just stay healthy. So it is definitely very rewarding. I was attracted to medicine because it’s the perfect
marriage between science and serving humanity. I find that the art the
practice in medicine is the ability to apply
the scientific knowledge to the very complex creature
that is the human being. And it is very challenging
and extremely rewarding. The fact that we are a
multi-specialty group assures me that my
patients are going to be taken care of. I get to work with the
specialists on a daily basis and I know them by first name. It really fosters continuity of care, and that’s very important for
me as a family care doctor. I definitely approach
medical care as teamwork, and I try to encourage my patients or empower them to be active
participants on their care. I usually recommend and give them advice, but they need to get involved directly in the medical decisions that we make. The fact that I am practicing medicine because I really enjoy it. I look forward to become part of the team that takes care of your medical problems for years to come. (upbeat music)

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