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Leslie Clayton Milteer | Family Medicine

Hi my name is Leslie Clayton Milteer
and I’m a family medicine PA with North Memorial Health. I chose family medicine because I like to know the story. The unique opportunity in family medicine is that we get to learn about people from beginning to end
and knowing what their story is is the best way to be able to provide care. The
best advice I ever got for being a healthcare provider was to treat people
as people and don’t give them expectations but ask them what their
expectations are of your care. So it all comes back to the relationship and the
conversation that you have with a patient to ensure that the care is
focused on their goals and their needs. I have medical education and I can provide
guidance and instruction but it really comes down to what the patient’s goals
are and how they see the recommendations fitting best into their lifestyle. My
favorite part of my job as a PA in family medicine is the relationships I
get to have with not only the patients but also the other members of the care
team. Everybody’s working together for a collective goal and that’s what gets me
excited on a daily basis. My patients should know that I’m gonna treat them
with the respect that I would want anybody in my family to be treated
because that’s why I work in family medicine.

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