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Low Level Laser Therapy at Helen Hayes Hospital

So Janice this is the last spot that I’m trying to to treat, the most painful spot. And it’s over, we’ll leave the SLD’s (Super Luminous Diode) on for a little bit more. You have about a minute more until this is done. Hi everyone I”m Payal, I’m a physical therapist at Helens Hayes Hospital. I’ve been working here in outpatient physical therapy for more than nine years now treating orthopedic injuries. We recently got our low low level laser therapy treatment modality at the hospital and we are so happy to use it on our patients and help them with pain relief. Here I have Janice with me she has Chondromalacia Patella which is a knee pain that she developed about two days ago when she went on a hike. She needs to get back to where she was, to her gym program which is finding hard to do now and walking is getting difficult. We are using a laser, we used it the past two days and she’s reporting substantial decrease in her pain. Laser helps us treat not only acute conditions, but also chronic pain conditions. We’ve seen good results with pain which helps us enhance the physical therapy program and help our patients get back to your their function as fast as possible, so we think it’s great!


  1. mgl shamim
    mgl shamim August 18, 2019

    Dear Payel, May I have an email ID to contact you? My wife has been paralyzed for a year by stroke and has been bedridden. If you could give me any advice on that, I would be very grateful . Thanks and Regards, Shamim, my email – [email protected]

  2. timothy lines
    timothy lines August 30, 2019

    hand job is cheaper.

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