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Man Jailed for Pretending to Be a Doctor Just Finished Med School


  1. VSimone_MUA
    VSimone_MUA October 10, 2019

    😳😳😳 SMDH that sounds about white

  2. Jesus Fierro
    Jesus Fierro October 10, 2019

    They need to make a show about this!

  3. MovingForward
    MovingForward October 10, 2019

    I want a doctor who is passionate about medicine.

  4. farah dormanesh
    farah dormanesh October 10, 2019

    He was a doctor if he had the knowledge I know many doctores that have the degree but not the knowledge or passion to practice

  5. Tessa marie
    Tessa marie October 10, 2019

    Dont seem like he causes harm. He just showed hes not an honest person… so I would be a little concerned. But I sure would rather have him around then no doc at all.

  6. KianiGEE
    KianiGEE October 10, 2019

    Ehh give the guy a break

  7. Msgoody 2shoes
    Msgoody 2shoes October 10, 2019

    1.) No. Just NO to all of the fake doc becomes real doc. He looks mental. 2.) See Dr Husel of Columbus,Oh. Docs with serious Narcissism, and that much power, are generally DANGEROUS. He could be a radiologist and that's about it. No clinical activities. No hands-on pt care. I sure as hell would not trust him. Medicine innately has trust, integrity, and honor at its core.. if you have a history of dishonesty,… it's a no-go for you in medicine.

  8. Mike Smallwood
    Mike Smallwood October 10, 2019

    He'll fit right in with all the other scumbags who become doctors. All they do is whore themselves for the drug companies and then cover each other's asses when someone screws up. Being a doctor is about ego and money–thats it. Anyone who still trusts the medical community REALLY needs to do some internet research. Wake the hell up.

  9. Cody Arndt
    Cody Arndt October 10, 2019

    It's like episode of house when Dr. House does a massive hiring competition and one of them isn't a doctor but audited every class of med school several times.

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