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Married to Medicine: Does Dr. Jackie’s Marriage Need a Breather? (Season 4, Episode 11) | Bravo

>>I got up and went
to church, and when
I got back, you had gotten on
the flight and left. >>We knew what
time the flight was leaving though. >>But I decided
I wasn’t going. Now, could have gone to
Hawaii with your friends. It could have
been a disaster in front of
your friends! >>But I’m mature
enough to not have let that happen.>>Well you know what,
I chose not to do that.>>Okay.>>I chose not
to do that. >>It was quite
devastating, uhm… to have a
renewal ceremony, have you ever done that solo,
by yourself?>>Okay.>>Nope. And so frustrating,
and close to embarrassing.>>And had you
not gone, you wouldn’t have
had to experience that. >>And we can go
back and forth, had you gone,
I wouldn’t have. When you come
at me constantly, you’re too busy,
and you’re too busy, and you’re too busy,
do you understand- >>You know it would
be nice to know that I only have to
come at you one time. >>I’ve never really
shared with Curtis that part of working so
hard is it fills the void. And the void is, I don’t
have a child at home. I don’t have that
unconditional love, and the fun, and
the laughter and the mommy stuff that
we go through. But I do what
I do for us. >>No, no, no, no, no. >>However, when I said
I was going to accept the no adoption
and put closure on it. I’m really true to
what I said, I don’t want him to
feel guilty about the decision
that I agreed to. >>What I’m trying
to say is, we have to find time
to put us first sometimes.>>Okay. >>We’ve got to make
sure that we’re recognizing what’s going
on in our lives so we don’t get to
where we have just come from. >>I recognize it every
morning at five o’clock when the clock
goes off. I recognize it every
night at midnight when I’m
still charting. I recognize it. >>Then there’s
something has to be done to correct that. You maybe be
recognizing it, but there’s no action to
correct it all. Maybe our marriage
just need a breather from all that stuff,
cause right now we have kind of-
there’s a divide there. >>Big divide.


  1. Jamar
    Jamar January 23, 2017

    No wonder Dr Jackie works all the time…she doesn't wanna come home to his big, burly, complaining ass in a house she DON'T WANT with no damn kids! Curtis is selfish and Dr Jackie deserves better. Can't believe she's putting up with him. I feel so much for her, all she wanted was a kid.

  2. ladze77
    ladze77 January 23, 2017

    she wanted to adopt a child, you said no, how do you even say no to something like this if you know how much it means to her? you cant be in a relationship and remain selfish.

  3. ladyj007
    ladyj007 January 23, 2017

    This man so damn selfish! He wanted to not go on the Vacation and wanted her to leave her best friend to just sit at the house and complain about everything he didn't get the whole time. His attitude makes me see that Jackie chooses to go to work all the time to get away from all that negative energy! My heart goes out to her

  4. YoYo32071
    YoYo32071 January 23, 2017

    I believe in BLK love, but those two need to work it out..

  5. kitty Esie
    kitty Esie January 23, 2017

    sounds like he cheating and the hoe is manipulating the true art of seduction 🙂 🙁 🙂 Jackie ain't about to let Barbara take her man kmsl

  6. PhillyGirl 1
    PhillyGirl 1 January 23, 2017

    Her husband is a sad ,sappy, control freak. And he is jealous of her! 😡

  7. justmyopinion TV
    justmyopinion TV January 23, 2017

    It is a shame…this man is so out of the marriage…he is looking for an excuse to finally quit. I bet he is cheating on her big time!

  8. Naya Revolutionary
    Naya Revolutionary January 24, 2017

    girl boo, adopt a child love your husband, respect your husband before you lose him. he's giving you warning

  9. TheRenegadeStarr
    TheRenegadeStarr January 24, 2017

    Team Jackie! Come thru! She compromised on the adoption, the house and when she makes time for a vacation he doesnt come with. Come on now.

  10. Foreign MilkyWay
    Foreign MilkyWay January 24, 2017

    he cheating Jackie.

  11. Foreign MilkyWay
    Foreign MilkyWay January 24, 2017

    he didn't go to Hawaii to be with his boo

  12. Ms D.
    Ms D. January 24, 2017

    this guy is the worst how come she doesn’t see trough his manipulations

  13. Steph Dee
    Steph Dee January 24, 2017

    Dr. Jackie is totally unhappy. I pray for her and I hope she has triplets with the right man! She's got enough love to give it!

  14. Rodney Tha Voice
    Rodney Tha Voice January 24, 2017

    he is an absolute asshole he didn't want to adopt, he didn't want to let her move in a condo/high rise, he didn't want her to go to Hawaii…she needs to curse his out

  15. Samanta sammy
    Samanta sammy January 24, 2017

    I see some people saying he's cheating, if he was cheating he would actually be glad she's not home, because it makes it easier for him so I don't believe he's cheating. maybe he's thinking about it. but if you have never been married you wouldn't understand, cause single people love to say get a divorce but its not that easy. I suggest they both work on their marriage.

  16. Abigail Coral
    Abigail Coral January 24, 2017

    jackie's hair though 😍😍

  17. Advocate Speaks
    Advocate Speaks January 25, 2017

    I genuinely don't think he's cheating. Just wants his wife to be around more.

  18. le e
    le e January 25, 2017

    her husband seems feminine

  19. A McDowell
    A McDowell January 25, 2017

    say what you dont have and spend time together talking abt what you dont have but what you cant have with him. fine

  20. Natasha Anderson
    Natasha Anderson January 25, 2017

    yes they need a brake she needs another man that's more family orientated he just come off him him.. he's not concerned what she going threw never having kids

  21. Natasha Anderson
    Natasha Anderson January 25, 2017

    there's life after breast cancer Jackie find you a husband that wants a family

  22. Iluv2bblk
    Iluv2bblk January 25, 2017

    Curtis is a Jerk….100%

  23. Cinnamon Spice
    Cinnamon Spice January 26, 2017

    He's a funny dude.

  24. aCrownOfGodsGlory
    aCrownOfGodsGlory January 28, 2017

    I really do hope that Jackie adopts a baby/child

  25. Tomia Harris
    Tomia Harris January 29, 2017


  26. Shaun 2.0
    Shaun 2.0 January 31, 2017

    I don't know but I feel like he wants total control…. smh..very touchy situation. I feel for her.. i definitely give him a breather…. he too old to be selfish like that..

  27. mykel1990
    mykel1990 February 4, 2017

    Is he her husband or a nagging ass housewife? Like dude, you're actiing really bitchmade.

  28. MzBombshell06
    MzBombshell06 February 25, 2017

    hes soooo selfish
    dr Jackie is a breast cancer survivor and wants a baby badly and he wont even give her that. she need to leave him and adopt a baby on her own.

  29. Sonia warren
    Sonia warren February 26, 2017

    Jackie should have stayed home and worked on her marriage it's clear there's a problem. He has said no about adoption for sometime and Jackie pushes it time n time again. It's just the same as her trying to ram her eating habits on everyone around. Jackie is just not that chick you gravitate to…stand offish and very guarded 🤔 I wonder why?

  30. Tommy Cader
    Tommy Cader March 18, 2017

    Dr.Jackie Hot Chocolate Cougar

  31. Erica F
    Erica F March 31, 2017

    Here's another woman giving up her desires for a man. Sad

  32. CrownTalaziah Major
    CrownTalaziah Major May 7, 2017

    She pretty

  33. Stacy Bell
    Stacy Bell June 29, 2017

    This man is begging his wife for her time talk to Jackie fits her husband in when it's convenient he's been asking her for her time but she made time to go to someone else's wedding and was mad because he couldn't attend

  34. CrownTalaziah Major
    CrownTalaziah Major July 10, 2017

    I love dr Jackie

  35. maxx increase
    maxx increase July 23, 2017

    i didn't know Curtis was like this!

    CHASS FREEMAN September 28, 2017

    Who pays the bills?
    Does she make enough to "make time"?
    Does he make enough to do what she does financially?

  37. a w
    a w October 1, 2017

    He's terrible…she needs to put her foot down he's very ungrateful she's a doctor and you're telling her she's too busy her work is her baby. He's stupid for a grown ass man I bet he wouldn't be coming for her if she told his ass off one good time

    Dr-D BREEDLOVE October 28, 2017

    Dr jackie, J wheres your signature

    Dr-D BREEDLOVE October 28, 2017

    Jackie, Kim wells n Jackie friend season 1 started again oh im getting old forgetful

  40. Portia Mthembu
    Portia Mthembu November 4, 2017

    Listen to your husband doctor

  41. islandslim ting
    islandslim ting November 15, 2017

    Looks aren't everything but Curtis is so unattractive . . Jackie was a huge come up for him. Ugh..

  42. Sheri Berry
    Sheri Berry November 18, 2017

    Selfish is not even the word.

  43. R King
    R King November 29, 2017

    Soror, we don't do duds. Cheaters, liars, inconsiderate bums that don't take your concerns seriously.
    Bye, bye Curtis go to your thot.

  44. Nicolle Washington
    Nicolle Washington December 5, 2017

    Dr. Jackie please let Curtis ass go, he is a negative force in a good woman's life

  45. Claudia Smith
    Claudia Smith December 25, 2017

    She needs another MD. Or Nurse Practitioner helping with her patients. She cant do it all.

  46. EarthyUrban Chic
    EarthyUrban Chic January 14, 2018

    How the fuck does he get to cheat on her but don't allow her to adopt a child. Like fuck Curtis! Ms. Jackie I am sure that there is somebody in the ATL that has a child that they cannot take care of and would love for you to be a blessing to that child's life.

  47. Sonia Ndukwe
    Sonia Ndukwe January 28, 2018

    Jackie give that man one day a week c’ mon

  48. charon banks
    charon banks February 2, 2018

    he is just an ahole!

  49. Dreams happen . .
    Dreams happen . . February 9, 2018

    jackie is so clam

  50. dakuba dakuba
    dakuba dakuba February 24, 2018

    I feel sorry for her,she doesn't deserve such nonsense and disrespect. I don't care what he says,she should adopt a child,this man doesn't care for her,he is a selfish son of a gun. she got money to take care of that child,not like she needs him. She needs to do her. Having a partner is good,but women have to stop thinking they can't make it without a man,damn! Especially that kind of a man.

  51. Miss Lulu
    Miss Lulu March 21, 2018

    Very inconsiderate man, too selfish! I dont know why such a beautiful soul like Dr. Jackie settle for such treatment its a shame!

  52. latasha nemons
    latasha nemons March 23, 2018

    Dnt make her ur excuse for cheating bc majority of why u love her is how yall live. Be realistic if she quit workn you gone pay fa that house n those cars and yalls lifestyle? Just fuck ur side piece n get a divorce so u can enjoy ya green grass on the other side

  53. J- 786
    J- 786 June 25, 2018

    Jackie get out of this bondage. Get yourself a man and a baby lady!!!

  54. Bec SocSci
    Bec SocSci July 26, 2018

    Dr Jackie is all class. She’s an excellent example of a black woman.

  55. Leslie McClary
    Leslie McClary September 2, 2018

    She needs to drop him and adopt herself a child

  56. Christy
    Christy March 3, 2019

    Is Jackie wearing a wig? I can't really tell.

  57. Shauna Dillon
    Shauna Dillon July 20, 2019

    I wish Jackie was my personal friend I would tell her to leave him and I have never done that

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