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Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at DeSales University

The best way to learn how to take care
of patients is by taking care of patients. Every week you’re out doing
something with patients. We have the two-year master’s program here at DeSales in PA studies. PA’s are in great demand because of job availability. It’s
a public service job. You’re helping people all the time. It’s an excellent
career choice to get in to. We have new facilities, which are excellent. We
have great skills labs and we have an excellent simulation center as well.
We have a cadaver lab. There are not many PA schools that are not in a large
medical university that have a cadaver lab. And a lot of PA schools, they
use cadaver anatomy but they follow the medical students and they sort of look
at what they’re doing. Our students do the full dissection of the body. They get
that experience and they’re taught by clinicians as to why is this anatomy
important when you’re seeing patients. Come to campus and take a tour. You’ll get
all the information you need to make a good reasoned decision about what you want
to do and why DeSales is such a good place to come.

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