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Mayan Elder Speaks on The Ego and Natural Laughter Medicine – Tata Pedro Cruz

Corazón del cielo (Heart of the sky) Corazón de la tierra (Heart of the earth) Corazón del agua (Heart of the water)… What do you want me to talk to you all about? What do you want me to talk to you all about, Maestro? This is spirituality: To smile To laugh for at least two seconds every morning This is the medicine It is part of our natural medicine To be sensible Not to be large I used to hear my elders say, in my language: Matab’an ta Nimaq ch’itaq One must be simple “You do not need to be large” To be large is ego “I am so-and-so,” “I am the mother of Tarzan” No, it is better to be small To be small and to be simple is greatness In our ancestral spirituality there is no goal to reach a title We continue learning What I have learned is that the good word is good for the mind. and the bad word is bad for the mind. Heart & Mind I speak with my heart because it comes from my mind. This is why I speak What is in my mind? A heart What is in my heart? A heart Maltiox chawe Te damos gracias (we give you thanks) Thank you very much Maltiox chawe!

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