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Medicina Natural del Dr. Gosh

Genesis 1-29 states: “And God said, behold, I have given you every plant that is of seed, which covers all the earth. And every tree on which there is fruit
and that gives seed They will be for you to eat.” I’m here with Dr. Gosh.
Doctor, conventional doctor and also bioenergetics doctor. Doctor in bioenergetics. Alternative medicine, we can say. -Alternative.
-Complementary medicine. -Complementary. The basic situation we usually have
here is relating to health problems… We see that they’re digestive situations, right? Yes… and with 27,000 patients Who I have helped
throughout my career– -How many?!
-27,000… more than 27,000. Quite a lot. There is a lot of experience, well, wisdom does come from the Holy Spirit of God. But there is ample knowledge which allows me to tell
viewers that, when people come to consultation, more than
90% of patients arrive with digestive problems. Serious problems What do you do about that? The food is one thing, but if
I have already been eating badly for a long time, And I’m already half sick,
it’s known that there are digestive issues, a gastric problem, whatever, How do you do that,
how do you fix that situation? Well, God has given me wisdom and
I’ve been able to create several products, More than 30 natural products,
among them I created one that is special, which is the Body TuneUp, which is a complete digestive
detoxification system. -There are several…
-Yes. ..detoxification programs.
So detoxing is basic. Basic. What I’ve created is complete…
there are many that only do part of the job, mine is a complete system because we need to completely clean
the digestive system. Those six organs that I
spoke of at the beginning. Stomach, liver,
pancreas, gallbladder, small intestine and colon,
which is the large intestine. In a natural way…
it lasts only 9 days and it’s based on teas, Why teas? Because teas go directly
into the bloodstream. Its effectiveness is extremely quickly It has three stages. One is a Digestive Depurative
that allows us to eliminate parasites, amoebas,
bacteria and intestinal fungi. All human beings create them. There are endogenous and exogenous. Those that come from the outside
and those that form on the inside. We all grow them. So we need to remove them
to avoid intestinal infections. The second is a Detoxification
of the Liver, since the liver is the most important filter of the body, absolutely all the toxins from medicines arrive there, the same with from food… and
all the toxins that enter the body daily. The human body cannot get rid of all
these toxins, we need to help it. So we need to cleanse
the liver, strengthen it, restore it and help it So that it functions normally. Cleansing a fatty liver,
enzymes that elevate, which cause many problems and finally, we Cleanse the Colon. The colon, which is the
last part of the digestive system, we have to clean it, take out the toxins, and fecal matter that has accumulated for years. protect the intestinal walls, the mucous membranes and we will also strengthen and take great care of the intestinal flora. Strengthen the immune system. It’s a TuneUp, it’s a kit containing the three treatments,
it lasts for only 9 days. It helps you lose weight. Helps eliminate digestive problems like high cholesterol, triglycerides, high sugar– Removing the toxins from the body. …all areas are balanced. Of course, pastor.
There’s a lof of talk about diets. There are lots of diets,
I get patients every day and there are statistics. Are there diets that you can do
and others that you shouldn’t or– Most, because they focus
only on losing weight. I say, there are diets that aren’t so bad
and some that don’t work. There are good ones that also don’t work
so well because they focus on losing weight. What happens is that when someone
is overweight or obese, it causes serious health problems. So what we should do is to
think about getting healthy again and the weight follows naturally from this. As the word of God says, when one works for the kingdom of God
and its justice, all other things will follow afterwards. That happens when I take care of my health,
I begin to recover my health, because being overweight causes
serious problems: diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney problems, all kinds of issues. So I regain my health and
the weight corrects itself naturally… The idea is to stabilise the metabolism. I help my patients stabilise the metabolism So that their weight never goes up again. The problem of the frustrations
of people who diet, is that they lose weight fast,
they get very happy, but two-three months later
their weight goes up by what they lost and double, because their metabolism never adjusted. That’s why, if we don’t detox first,
nothing will work. So if there is no detox, Then the diet doesn’t work
despite losing weight. Even if you lose weight. Because the toxins stay there. The treatment I have,
when people do it, they can lose eight pounds, fifteen pounds in 9 days in a natural way. Removing retained liquids, toxins. If you don’t remove the toxins,
no diet will work. So your weight goes back up. It goes back and up and then it becomes
what we commonly say, we… There is a rebound effect or the famous yo-yo weight goes down, goes up, goes down, goes up and then that’s frustrating for people and that causes more harm than good. The idea of ​​this program is… A pastor who introduces you to yourself,
then the other understands and does it, and we start, but the people have
to know what’s happening. So, the idea of ​​this program, is that you’re able recognise
certain factors that maybe you already know are wrong, but you’re still doing them,
and don’t know how to get out. That’s exactly what we want, so that in the times that we live in, we’re able to improve our health
so that the Holy Spirit can do more work
through us. It’s true. In fact, I’m invited to many churches to give health workshops, seminars, conferences and
preach to the churches, because the people of God perishes for lack of knowledge. I say, out of ignorance. So we need to bless the people of God. Permanently every weekend
with my spouse, we’re able to carry the message of health
through the word of God, Taking care of the body of Christ, investing, we’re sowing in the temple of the Holy Spirit. The word says that: “…if you
destroy the temple of God, He will destroy it for you…” And if you destroy the temple of God… you can be removed from the ministry. So it is that important to take care of
the temple of the Holy Spirit. Indisputably,
if your body deteriorates, God cannot use you much. God cannot use you in a
hospital bed, full of tubes. Or with aches and pains, and…
He can’t. When the pastors tell me, “Doctor,
I’m sick.” Pastor, and why pray? You’re sick, why pray? Well, the word says that
we must pray ceaselessly. Eat healthy and take care of yourself. Well, but the point is… Prayer allows God to let us
know what to do. -Amen, yes. There is a revelation.
-There are times to pray and there are times to get up off your knees
and do what God told you in prayer. However, God sometimes speaks to us
and we keep praying. And God already told you. And this is one of the areas.
God tells us, in His word. And when we pray for certain areas, God stresses things
that the scriptures tell us. -Exactly.
-And it’s time to act. -The time to act.
-Time to act. And this is an area… So we know that
detoxing is basic -to remove toxins from our body…
-Fundamental …and the point of losing weight also adds years to our life. That’s right. Now, the food, what is it…? Is there a specific diet that…? You don’t have a specific diet
you can recommend? Yes, it’s important, for example, I always recommend that you consume organic food. Avoid for example white foods. White bread, white rice,
white pasta… -Flours?
-Yes, all this processed flour… greatly affects
the digestive system, Causes problems of constipation, haemorrhoids– Tell me about sugar. Because sugar is an issue that, For years sugar has been
bad, etc., etc. And then the saccharins
began to emerge, Soft drinks, they were all diet drinks
and then that they caused cancer… All this sugar… chemicals cause cancer. They have begun saying now that
cane sugar is actually the best. -Is that right or not?
-No. All refined foods cause
serious problems… God gave us fine foods, I say, why do we have to refine
them if God gave them to us? -You’re talking about white sugar.
-White sugar. So, it’s refined. All refined foods… feed cancer cells. Like lactose,
it’s important to manage… I say balanced. We have, we must
have a balance in life. God always presents us
with a balance– So if you’re going to eat sugar,
it could be cane sugar, but brown sugar, The more… the one that is not refined, the least refined. I basically recommend Stevia. Stevia is a natural sweetener
that for example, to patients who have diabetes,
they can take it, they have no problem. Other types of sugar, even the natural ones,
affect them a lot. In fact there are fruits, such as bananas, which have a lot of sugar,
which cannot be consumed by a diabetic. It’s natural and all, but it’s sugar. And of course, refined sugar
causes even greater problems. You have to have a balance in life. The important thing is to detox…
I tell patients, look, You can eat healthy, exercise,
but if you don’t detoxify internally
with the treatment that, well, God has given me that wisdom
to create these treatments, to create these formulas, a laboratory here in the
United States packs them, it’s to cleanse completely. Reversing
the ageing process. We can have more energy,
more vitality, right? Greater longevity. That’s what we need
for the kingdom of God to advance. God has accelerated the times
and doesn’t advance because… well, the children of God are very ill. They don’t take care of themselves. We need to realise that
there is a relationship of the Holy Spirit, that’s why I go to so many churches to preach, to give workshops, seminars… health workshops,
lectures and that makes a very big difference. Pastors who say,
“Doctor, I want to take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit,
but I don’t know how.” Invite me to your church pastor.
There are the phones, website– If you want him to go to your church,
or give a lecture or just want to talk more about this or ask more about your health,
the screen is showing… The treatment doesn’t even need
a medical prescription. All human beings can
do it, anyone, not only people who are overweight and obese, also thin people. In fact, in my house we do it, I do it in my house with my wife, my children, my family, every four months. We cannot prevent toxins from reaching us
however healthily we eat. We eat super healthily,
but toxins come from many sides. The food, the air, the earth,
the oxygen, the shampoo we use, soap, deodorant,
synthetic clothing it mixes with sweat and causes toxins,
we cannot avoid them. People think that only
overweight people, but no, there are thin people
who have a fast metabolism and they eat a lot,
but they are damaging their metabolism. They also need… All humans need a complete
detoxification like the one I mentioned– Well the website is showing
on the screen, if you want more information about Dr. Gosh, you can write or call or simply connect through the website. Thanks for being with us, doctor. Indisputably, if there’s anything we need to
start doing is taking care of ourselves now it is our body, for
God to be able to use us more. And not just use us more, frankly
I want to see my grandchildren grow up. -Grandchildren, great-grandchildren–
-That was the thing that inspired me, because when I arrived, I want to know, of course… I say, well, I’m
doing this for God, I have the church,
I travel, I have the television programs, I have a radio program here in Miami. So you’re bound to think that
because I’m doing that, I’m fine. But no, things can stop
if we don’t take care of ourselves. And so seeing my grandchildren grow does it for me that I have to do something
to see them grow up and to continue to preach
the word of the Lord. And this is one of the reasons
why you’re here today. Well, thank you for being here, Dr. Gosh. Blessings, blessings to you all
and move forward. It’s necessary to detoxify
and change your eating habits. This is Pastor Delgado
saying goodbye now and reminding you that everything is possible
if you can believe.

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