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MedTap: Cost of medications

in England there is a prescription
charge for each item dispensed the cost of paying the prescription charge
monthly can be expensive if you are taking lots of medicines certain adults
do not have to pay the prescription charge this might be because of your age
if you are receiving benefits if you are pregnant but if you have a specific
long-term health condition if you are unsure if you meet these criteria you
can check online or ask your specialist team GP or pharmacist for those that do
need to pay the cost can be significantly reduced by purchasing a
prepayment certificate this means you pay a set amount for prescriptions for
three or twelve months no matter how many items you need this can be a
one-off charge where you can set up a direct debit for patients receiving more
than one item this method is recommended you can apply online through the NHS
website pay over the phone in a registered pharmacy or by filling in a
form and posting please ask your specialist team GP or pharmacist for
advice if you’d like more information about this option

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