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Meet Dr. Allison Bae of of Inova VIP 360 – Concierge Medicine in Northern Virginia

Hello, I’m Dr. Allison Bae. I’m a family
practitioner at Inova VIP 360. I’ve been in general practice for over 16 years
where I’ve treated a lot of acute and chronic medical conditions. I met many,
many patients and loved them dearly over those years, but what I missed the most
during the time was a time with my patients. So here I am. I’m with the VIP
360. I now have the time for my patients. Good quality medical care really needs a
time with the patient and their physicians and that’s where you start. I
want my patients to walk into my office with any concerns they have. It could be
as minor as a sore throat or sniffle, or it could be a little more serious as in
chest discomfort or abdominal pain, but they will know, no matter what it is that I’m
there for them. We will sit down together. We’ll try to solve the problems.
I may not have the answers for all those issues but they will know I will go out
and get it. Now I have the Inova technology in support system and most
importantly the time that I have for them. It will be done, it can be done.
I want my patients to walk away from my office and have a little relief and have
a little smile on their face. Good patient care, good medical care is not
just treating them physically but treating them as a whole. Emotionally and
physically and treating them from head to toe and inside out. So I’m ready for
my patients and come and visit me at VIP 360. Thank you. you

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