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Meet Dr. Jerry Rector, Family Medicine Physician

I’m Jerry Rector. I’m a family practice physician
at NorthPointe Family Medicine. I like the thought processes
that go into problem solving. And while that can be
done in many industries, I like the service aspect. So I enjoy getting to be
involved in problems that are close to people’s hearts. I approach things
really wanting to hear what a person wants me
to hear in as much time as it takes to get that across. Sometimes it takes more
and sometimes less. I think the more I get to know
somebody, the more efficient we are at communicating. And so those repeat visits help. I’m pretty interested
in mental health. I feel like a lot
of us in this world have stuff that we picked
up as kids in our families, and it affects the things
that are important to us– our work, our families,
people we love. If you can interrupt
that cycle, that’s as powerful as interrupting
a headache cycle or controlling blood
pressure, I think. The privilege of getting to
walk through that, though, with people– I feel like those windows
aren’t open to many people. We don’t show all that stuff
to casual folks on the street. I really do find this to be
what my life is called to be. I find a great deal
of satisfaction, and I treat that with reverence.

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