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Meet Dr. Rubab Husain, Family Medicine Physician

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Dr. Rubab Husain. I work with the Bryan
Physicians Network at Southeast Lincoln
Family Medicine. The way I got into
medicine was that it was my grandfather’s wish. And I guess he must’ve
seen some potential in me that I hadn’t realized. But as I went
through med school, I really found out
that it is my calling. The thing that really
attracts me to family medicine is the variety of patients. I get to deliver babies,
I watched them grow, and that’s very exciting. There’s never a dull day. We see young adults. I’m very passionate
about women’s health. I want to empower them. And then I get to spend
time with my elderly, listen to their stories, and
give me insight to many things. My patient-doctor relationship
is really important to me. I’ll be honest with them
about the disease process. I’ll be honest with them
about the prognosis, and I’ll be very honest and
respectful in their treatment. I’m very passionate
about wellness and health maintenance. So I want to educate my patients
about their disease process, give them ownership
of what’s going on. It’s a great office,
from the front desk all the way to our lab person,
the doctors, the physicians. Everybody is collaborative
in working together. It’s a really nice
working environment. And as patients come into the
practice, they’ll notice that. Having an ethnic background– I’m from Pakistan– so
having that part of me, I feel passionate about being
respectful and understanding different ethnicities,
understanding their goals on treatment, and trying
to really understand what they expect from me
and trying to deliver that. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Husham Al Janabi
    Husham Al Janabi August 2, 2019

    Good job doctor

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