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Meet Kyle Lieppman, MD, Pediatric Critical Care | Ascension Texas

My name’s Kyle Lieppman I’m a pediatric
intensivist I think taking care of the the sickest of the sick you know
children who have really significant medical problems or it’s just a it’s
usually the most stressful time of parents’, child’s life and able to kind of
see them through is incredibly satisfying I think critical to be in a place where
you can have all the different subspecialties that are part of the team
as an ICU doctor I really depend upon the expertise and the skill of not only
all the other physician specialists but the nurse specialist so we’re all in ICU
it’s a massive team that is needed in order to kind of get these
kids through Family centered rounds are a crucial
aspect of taking care of these kids so families are a part of the care I mean
we consider them really part of the care team and so every day usually multiple
times a day you know we’re coming around the bedside
and trying to take care of trying to address what the plan was going to be
and so families are a big part of that and if the doctors aren’t around or
always around and the nurses the respiratory therapists and all the other
providers are soliciting the family’s advice and make sure that they’re a part
of the decision-making It’s very very challenging what I do
taking care of these really sick babies and children and getting them better is
it’s incredibly satisfying Well I am a huge enthusiast in working on full scale, African large animal paper mache models When I’m not working on my paper mache or with my family then I really
enjoy taking pictures of, I’m a photographer vegan pastry and so I don’t really
have much time to work on that but when I when I can it’s really enjoyable and

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