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Ministry of Health & Prevention, United Arab Emirates – Arab Health TV 2018

in this time today we'll be talking about the artificial intelligence is actually what we've done in collaboration with our strategic partners IBM and cognate Mubadala we have utilized one of the best systems in artificial intelligence which is IBM Watson health the the focus today is about Watson how is it managing the diabetic patients what we have done here in our presentation is that we have taken special data from our database and we've actually run it through Watson diabetes management the major thing is that what does what Watson does it takes all the literature that is there it takes about 90 attributes of the medical file of the patient plus a lot of information of the guidelines of the diabetic and with that there is a huge algorithm that sits at the back end and then it will come up with the optimal treatment plan for the individuals the main actually aspect of that is to develop an individualized treatment plan for everybody and to have a comprehensive decision support system and the major thing is to have a healthy community you

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