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Mount Nittany Physician Group: Cynthia Alexander

I look at my relationship with my
patient as a partnership. You know, I’m not the boss, so it’s really important
that we listen to each other. I need to listen to them, and they need to listen to me, and, hopefully, together we can work together and come up with a solution for
their problem. I think it’s interesting to treat adults, because adults have a whole life
experience, and it’s a privilege for me to get to know them and hear their
stories. I would say my most memorable patient was a man I met during my
residency, and at the time he was one hundred and three, and he was actually a
veteran of World War I. I feel very lucky that I was part of taking care of
him. I think some of my most rewarding patient encounters are taking care of
people who are not experiencing physical pain, but mental pain – people that are dealing with depression and anxiety, and that’s something that we see in primary care
all the time. But it’s also something that I think is rewarding to take care
of because it really can help people to feel better, and then, when they come back to see you again, they’re very grateful. I’ve lived here in State College for six
years and I’ve seen how Mount Nittany Physician Group has such a strong presence in this
community. I really like the size of the Physician Group. I think it’s a
large enough group that virtually every specialty is represented, but it’s a
small enough group that people really seem to know each other, and you feel you’re more than just a number.

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