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MSD Atomic EFI Install Jeep CJ7 Tutorial Overview Programming Electronic Fuel Injection

All right, guys, this is my third and final
video about this Atomic EFI fuel injection system. I’ll show you guys, real quick, what
I did to get this going. Sorry, I delayed a little bit because I did have issues with
my engine here. Well, not issues, I just had issues with my belts here and my water neck.
I had to resolve with those issues, and I fixed them. And another one important thing
is the timing. You’ve got to make sure your timing is right here. If it’s not, you will
have some problems with your throttle bite, trying to get it going and stuff like that.
But, after I fixed the timing on here, it took care of all those issues. One thing I did was I mounted the device right
here, the module. You can see it’s right there. And then… It’s right there. And then I hooked
up all the wirings to where they need to go. Real easy diagram in the manual when you get
the system, real easy, yeah. So, you should have no problems with that. Later down the
road, I might supposed to be able to do, when I do the timing control, but I think you have
to have an ignition module or something like that to have it hooked up here, which if I
do do it, I will post that video, how to do that. Anyways, so here’s the motor. I said, everything’s
hooked up to it and everything like that. So, here’s my [inaudible 00:01:19], which
is plugged into the module, and it comes on over here, and I just put it right here for
now. I will put it into the firewall later, but I’m going to show you guys real quick,
just right here, real fast. And so, as soon as I turn my ignition on,
it should pop up here. There it goes, and there it is. Atomic Dash, you can see, this
is basically the layout, the whole system, what’s going on. Tachometer, obviously the
motor’s turned off, but when it is on, it’ll tell you the actual rpm and stuff like that.
ECT, I think, is the temperature of the motor, 199F. I turned it on a little while ago, that’s
why it’s kind of warm. And then, all the other stuff there that shows, fuel pressure, batteries,
the voltage, and the A/F ratio, all that stuff. Ignition timing’s off right now because when
you do do the setup, the ignition, if you decide to go with the ignition timing, it’ll
display on there for your guy. But yeah, that’s basically it, real easy. Tells you everything
what’s going on. We’ll go back to Initial Setup. Before you
turn on your motor, it does tell you to go through the setup. Obviously, your Engine
Displacement is going to be your engine size. This is a 350 motor. You could put whatever
number in you want there. V8, of course. And, okay, here’s the issue I had before,
the Camshaft Type. Okay, I had it on Street Stock, which was, I think, when I was on the
highway, it was giving me issues because I floored it and I heard the throttle body making
some popping noises. I don’t know if it was trying… It seemed like it was sucking for
gas. So, when I changed it to, not Performance, to Mild, it got rid of that noise, and now
I can floor it on the highway, about 70 miles an hour, 75, no issues. So, I think that was
the issue, so just make sure what size your cam is and you should have no problems. And all these stuff, you just, basically,
it’s just plug, you know, just put what you’ve got, drive it, if you don’t like it, you could
always change anything you want. Advanced Setup, one thing I did do in Advanced Setup
is this Pump Squirt. It was on 25%, I think, and I did it to 30%. I don’t know if it did
anything, maybe that was another…because this was before I had the issue. I did fix
it by changing this to 30% and I don’t know if it helped me, anyway, when I had that issue
with the popping, but that took care of that. And then I also did the Power Valve Enrichment.
I also moved it up 5%, which was at 15%, now it’s at 20%. So, yeah, that’s basically it. Again, the
module, real easy setup. Diagnostics, tells you what’s going on with your motor. Well,
as you know, I’ve got an Error right there, didn’t even know that was up. I’ve got to
check what that’s up. I didn’t even know that was up. But, anyways, I’ll look at that and
see what that is. And then, Display Setup, it’s basically going up with the, you know,
obviously, the controller, which are your likes on here. But, anyways, yeah, so here’s the module here,
real easy setup. Again, no issues yet. Been driving around in my neighborhood, you know,
this past couple weeks with no issues yet, and it is hot out here. I think today was
about 95°, something like that. So, I don’t like driving in the heat with the real top
on, so maybe down the road I’ll put a top on or a bikini top so I could drive it. But, yeah, that’s basically it. I mean, I
don’t know if you guys have any questions about this setup. Would I recommend it? Yeah,
it’s cool. You know I like to mess with anything like that. But if you guys have any questions
or anything else, just let me know, and I’ll try to respond to your comments or anything
like that. All right, so I guess I’ll see you guys later, and this was awesome doing
this little project. If I have any other, I’ll just post them on Facebook…not Facebook,
on YouTube. All right? Later.


  1. ssgtdiggler
    ssgtdiggler March 18, 2016

    Half the connections compared to a FI Tech unit? Please explain. Also, what are you getting for the $1000 premium you pay over a FITech unit?

  2. ssgtdiggler
    ssgtdiggler March 31, 2016

    How does the MSD only require a total of two and a half wires? That exactly half of FITech, and you said this uses half the wires as a FI Tech unit.

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