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MVetSci Conservation Medicine | Online Learning | The University of Edinburgh

My name is Nidhi Rajput,
I’m from Madhya Pradesh, that is a central part of India,
and I’m currently doing and MVetScience in Conservation Medicine
from the University of Edinburgh. So why did you choose to do
a Masters in Conservation Medicine? That’s a good question because
currently I am doing wildlife disease investigation in my region, so
this is more of a local approach but I wanted something to be done at
global approach, what they are doing, what is their policies, what are their
protocols, so it is going to help me a lot to design my strategies to work
better for my animals in my country. I’m actually working on
the wildlife diseases, and previously it is mostly
based on the lab results. So based on that it was my duty to say,
yes this animal is positive for this disease or not but now since
I know what it is going to affect, I mean it is going to affect a lot
of species involved, so for example, if it is tuberculosis, if I have found
tuberculosis in a wild herbivore, so I now know I need to look up around for
other species associated with that species and
also the human community is involved, so my thinking is broad to include each and
everything in that ecosystem so this is what I am learning
through this course. What are the benefits of
learning from others? It’s again the regional problems, you can say they have a different climate,
we have a different climate, so it is always interesting to know that
how they are going to deal with that, sometimes they don’t have the public
dealing but we have the public dealing and sometimes they have a different
approach with the policymakers so in a way we know or
we come to know that how to deal with all these problems so
as One Health it should be global and yes this course is providing me
that area to communicate globally.

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