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My Experience with Ozone and Stem Cell Injections – Former N.Y. Yankee Jim Leyritz

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– Jim Leyritz, former two-time World Series champion with the Yankees, I was a catcher in a major
league for almost 20 years– (crowd cheering) – Hit in the air, deep left field. – One of those things, being
a catcher, is when you retire, those injuries kind of
start creeping up on you, and that’s what happened
with me. Both ankles, both sides of my back, both shoulders. I had surgery on both shoulders
during my playing days. Five surgeries on my left
knee, one surgery on my right knee. I mean, pretty much,
it was the whole body. Right around 45, 46, and now I’m 55, I was starting to feel these things. For me, to be able to
have this quality of life after five or six, maybe even
seven years, I would say, of going through a lot of pain,
not being able to work out, not being able to, you know,
when I did the fantasy camps, I couldn’t run the bases,
I had to have somebody else run for me, now I’m pinch-running
for other people. You know, it’s a whole
different aspect, and for me, I was 246 pounds when I started
the the ozone and stem cell treatments, and I’m 228 now. I think two reasons why. I’m able to exercise more.
I’m able to run again. More importantly, I
don’t have to take 6 to 10 Advil every day for
the pain, for the swelling and things like that. My
body’s just naturally doing it because of the stem cell and ozone injections
and because of what I’m receiving with the treatments and I’m
receiving with the ozone therapy. It’s life changing, it’s
physically changing your body because you’re able to do more. One of the things that I
love about the Regenerative Medicine is that it’s not against
the PED rules in baseball, this is something where
guys can come to get these treatments, and now,
I’m able to do everything that I need to do to make myself
ready for the next season. I also truly think that
Major League Baseball should look into this
because if this medicine can help their players, then why not? Why not make this part of a routine between the hyperbaric chambers,
between the stem cells, between whatever treatment
they need, here it is. All the athletes and
sports people need to get into their mind that this is
the new generation of medicine, and it’s the medicine that’s
going to help everybody get back on the field, on the
court, no matter where it is, it’s going to help you get back. – Just, just that, into the longer term. – Well, I think the most difficult thing for people to understand is it takes time. You know, most people are used to being injected with cortisone or with something that, all of a sudden, the pain goes right away, but then it reoccurs later. This is the complete
opposite. This is where you’re actually healing
from the beginning, and you have to give it
time, and I think, for me, that’s what I’ve been able to
recognize mostly with my knees and with my back, is that,
over a period of time, it’s getting better, and
I’m not feeling like, “Oh, here goes, I’m set back again.” It’s getting better. And for me, to be able to
sleep through the night, pain free, that, to me, is
what I feel most good about. If something works for me,
I’m passionate about it. You know, I’ve been through
so much where people have given me things that, they don’t work. I research it, I look it up,
I don’t just let somebody put something in my body
without knowing, you know, I mean, I literally met you
two years after I started looking into the stem cells and meeting you and talking to you, you were the first one
that gave me a comfort zone and more information than most people did. And I’ve been studying it,
I’ve been looking at it, reading everything, you
know what, let’s try this, you know, and again, it’s the same thing. We’ve been doing this
for four months now? It’s working. Yeah, it is, I’m feeling it. And now it’s going
away, you know, my swelling and everything else, it’s
just, it’s gone, so… Anybody that works out, anybody that runs, anybody that has aches and pains, anybody that has any type
of arthritis setting in after many years of
being just an amateur athlete. I think, like I said, the ozone and stem
cell injections are for everybody that is active, that wants a healthy lifestyle. (upbeat guitar music)

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  1. Peter Mikita
    Peter Mikita March 16, 2019

    How much does it cost, and where is it available?

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