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Nephrologist Corey Cavanaugh, DO

My name’s Corey Cavanaugh. I’m a doctor of nephrology at the University
of Virginia. We see patients with kidney disease. This comes in all varieties, whether it be
on dialysis. We occasionally see transplant patients after
they’ve been through the transplant kidney doctors, as well as my focus, which would
be glomerular disease or inflammation of the filter of the kidney. Medicine gave me the ability to combine my
two loves, which is just talking with people and getting to know them and science. Nephrology is very numbers based. If you have a problem, it correlates with
a number on some level. So it’s really fun to talk with patients and
say yes, I can understand you’re feeling this way. Let’s focus on getting this number down and
I think you’re going to feel better. It helps them follow a number, too, and sort
of track their own well-being. Coming to UVA means you’re coming in contact
with the cutting edge of medical care and that’s something that isn’t around the corner. There’s only a handful of places that I think
are like that in the country so you’re going to get extremely good care from extremely
bright and compassionate people.

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