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Neuroplasticity and Pain – Back and Body Pain Relief NJ

– Can the brain’s learning
curve be a bad thing when it comes to pain? Hi Doctor Dave Perna here
with Back & Body Medical. Today we’re gonna talk about how chronic pain over time can be a problem. If you have a stimulus from pain it is perceived into the brain and over time you can develop an efficient pattern for that pain. It’s the same efficient patterns that are developed for
people when they type and barely think about typing anymore. Or a violinist who plays a concert or a golfer who has a
very efficient swing. Unfortunately pain
patterns are the same way. It’s called neuroplasticity and basically it creates a problem when you’re dealing with chronic pain because over time you get
more and more efficient at perceiving the pain. So essentially even though the area has healed properly, there may be efficient pathways still telling the mind
there may be a problem. Or even if they didn’t heal fully and it shouldn’t feel as painful, it still feels as painful as the first day of the injury. That becomes a huge problem. Recommendations are physical therapy to get the person moving that area so they can create other neural patterns or re-educate the mind on
old neural patterns again and make those efficient again to avoid creating or continuing with the neural pattern that’s efficient for pain. Now I know what you’re thinking. You may have tried
physical therapy already. But you need a person or a healthcare provider that is familiar with neuroplasticity and breaking that efficient pattern that causes pain to be perceived higher. Here at Back & Body Medical, we have people who are
very familiar with this.

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