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OWNING A DOG | Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy! | Doctor Mike


  1. beautywithcass
    beautywithcass February 18, 2018

    Yes! owning any pet is a huge commitment and responsibility and it is so important people get a pet for the right reasons and know what they are getting into. Great video!

  2. Sophia Mala
    Sophia Mala August 12, 2019

    I think i got puppy depression

  3. Margriet
    Margriet August 13, 2019

    What about human hairdryer's that blow cool air?

  4. aishacheach
    aishacheach August 13, 2019

    100% teach your dogs it is okay to have nails clipped the dog i had from a puppy will lay on her back and let me clip her nails the one i got from a friend who couldnt handle her will not let me near her feet.

  5. Bubble Bath
    Bubble Bath August 14, 2019

    Can u plz make a video on how you make time for so many things
    1.A hectic career in medicine
    2.Owning a pet – that seems like a lot to handle
    3.Charity stuff
    4.Social media content creation
    6.TV commitments
    And God knows what else

    Totally admire u for all that .Can you plz make a vid on ur daily and weekly schedule . That wud be pretty inspirational for couch potatoes like me .Thanks

  6. Sonia Ham
    Sonia Ham August 14, 2019

    Mike, I need to admit I might date you just for your dog… damn, Bear is beautiful!
    Doggo <3

  7. Bits of Pulp
    Bits of Pulp August 14, 2019

    They should do research on how dogs change human behavior. I used to sleep in until 8, then leave for work around 8:30, and show up two hours late. We live closer to the hospital, so my wife won't drive home drowsy from nights or post call.

    Ever since the first day we took our pup home, even when she doesn't bark and long before my wife's 6:00 alarm, I'm wide awake and trying desperately to just continue sleeping. I'm usually completely conscious around 5:30. I'm not a doctor. Wtf happened to me, lol.

  8. Crazy Dog Person
    Crazy Dog Person August 15, 2019

    My puppy is only 6 months old and he alwas jumps into our bathtub because he really wants to take a bath. We do normally wash him, he just loves his bath time 🤣

  9. Chocolate
    Chocolate August 15, 2019

    you look like that guy from vat19 in this

  10. Larry Pond
    Larry Pond August 15, 2019

    Didn't even mention the hair aspect…..

  11. sagchipkwe31
    sagchipkwe31 August 15, 2019

    Roxy baby…. Huskies are not for everyone. Great video. Do research on puppies.

  12. Ronelle Stanton
    Ronelle Stanton August 16, 2019

    I'm getting a white dog.

  13. Melissa Ixen
    Melissa Ixen August 16, 2019

    Getting a puppy is a huge commitment but it can bring joy to your home. But also can’t you walk your puppy until their vaccinations are complete?

  14. Toxic Link
    Toxic Link August 17, 2019

    My puppy starts to bark when he goes in his cage

  15. Momo Likes Gaming
    Momo Likes Gaming August 17, 2019

    Reason 1 why you shouldn't get a puppy: because I will want it

  16. Statiolove
    Statiolove August 18, 2019

    Dr.Mike 🤭😏😏

  17. Destiny lentz
    Destiny lentz August 18, 2019

    1:51 my name is on that ship🤗🤗🤗

  18. Fun bulletin
    Fun bulletin August 18, 2019

    Nope human dryers are okay tbh if there is s cool and hot setting

  19. Miles Gibbons
    Miles Gibbons August 19, 2019

    Looks like mine

  20. Oliver Chiang
    Oliver Chiang August 19, 2019

    Treat the pet like treating the same for yourself

  21. The Otterdanny
    The Otterdanny August 19, 2019

    I do want a dog in the near future. But I definitely could not get a puppy. I would lean towards mid to older age dog.

  22. gitanjali wilson
    gitanjali wilson August 20, 2019

    why did i watch this three years after getting an already adult dog

  23. DJ speedywolf
    DJ speedywolf August 20, 2019


  24. Yasaman Alibabaee
    Yasaman Alibabaee August 21, 2019

    okay but the real question is: is he adopted??? or are you funding breeders?

  25. Hanan Ataya
    Hanan Ataya August 21, 2019

    Ok what if i work for 12 hours so i cant take him to walk every 4 hours or feed him four times a day .. but am really into having one 😭😭 i need him so much so adorable 😭😭😭😭

  26. Kiara Williams
    Kiara Williams August 21, 2019

    I thought doctors work a lot

  27. Maximum Dank
    Maximum Dank August 22, 2019

    0:21 Fire hazard

  28. Rahul Joy
    Rahul Joy August 23, 2019

    Nice and informative..🙂

  29. Shamara Sefanja Purperhart
    Shamara Sefanja Purperhart August 23, 2019

    4:38 😂😂

  30. Choodaroy YT
    Choodaroy YT August 23, 2019

    My dog absolutely hates his crate

  31. Freestyle Dance teacher
    Freestyle Dance teacher August 26, 2019

    My parents work at a school and we aren’t able to walk our 11 week old puppy every few hours. We got a dog walker and it’s only $15 a day! If you are unable to walk ur dog while you are at work, dog walkers will help a LOT

  32. Brendon Davõdov
    Brendon Davõdov August 26, 2019

    Dr Mike My dog never goes on My bed or couch… Should I be worried?

  33. Darkseid
    Darkseid August 27, 2019

    All of these reasons are why I do not have a dog and instead I have snakes. I can have several of them and it's nowhere near the commitment of even one dog, plus snakes are RAD.

  34. Nahuel
    Nahuel August 27, 2019

    4:08 Forgot to mention all the hair everywhere, especially on clothes. I have a small yorkshire terrier and a big house, so I don't know how there's a hair EVERYWHERE, even inside my desktop PC. I wish I had known about the hair beforehand…

  35. Sweetpea M
    Sweetpea M August 27, 2019

    Or you can adopt an older dog from a shelter closer to 1yr that is fully potty trained, vaccinated, fixed, and trained. So many people get puppies and then drop them off at the shelter because they can't handle having a baby in the house. Just like human babies, they wake up in the middle of the night and need a lot of attention.

  36. Olis201
    Olis201 August 28, 2019

    My dog absolutely hates baths, but we have to give her a bath quite frequently because she dunks her entire body into muddy puddles!

  37. Emily Bush
    Emily Bush August 29, 2019

    As a vet tech thank you for talking about vet visits!!!!! People don't realize how dogs, espically the big ones, can be more expensive!!!

  38. Jasodhara Rao
    Jasodhara Rao August 29, 2019

    The hair on Mike shirt at the end of the video…!!

  39. quARTz
    quARTz August 30, 2019

    Hi Doctor Mike, just a tip, if you brush your dog before you bathe him it will remove all dead hair from your dog. (I recommend a dog rake for Bear since he is a double coated dog.) Water will cause tangles in his coat to expand so removing them before you bathe him is easier on you.

    (also that dog vaccum is called a blaster xD)

  40. TheSkyHazCloudz
    TheSkyHazCloudz August 30, 2019

    I work at a dog daycare, and there's one thing I'd like to add.

    YOU WILL NEED TO TRAIN YOUR DOG. It sounds obvious, but we have so many owners who think that their dog will just magically become behaved as it grows up. That's not how it is. If you want your dog to stop jumping, if you want your dog to respond to its name, if you want your dog to listen to you, you have to put the time in. I don't know why people think their dog will just grow up and listen perfectly, and then they get upset and blame the dog when it's 3 years old and still jumping on everyone and destroying the house. That's not how it works. You need to put the time in to teach them.

  41. Jillian !
    Jillian ! August 30, 2019

    idk why im watching this, my dog is almost 11

  42. Nessja Shusit
    Nessja Shusit August 31, 2019

    As much as i think pets are really good for you I am also wondering why are you encouraging buying dogs and not adopting, Where I am from thousands of dogs are being euthanized a month and here you are someone people look up to encouraging puppy mills and not saving a life ( look in to Game of thrones husky puppies and how they were adopted and abandoned because of that show).

  43. Rai Mou
    Rai Mou August 31, 2019

    I have cats and I'd say they are not quite as difficult, though of course it's still a huge commitment. Because they're outdoors cats (absolutely legitimate thing to do in germany), we can luckily just keep food out with them overeating, but after my childhood cat died, I always look out for behavioural changes and other worrying signs and the struggle there is real. My kitten, Silver, has a very slim build (We asked the owners of his siblings and it's the same with them) where you can see the bones under his fur around the pelvis and for a while I was very worried about that, just to give an example.

  44. ImortalKiwi
    ImortalKiwi September 1, 2019

    Doctor mike: dont get a pup if you work 8+ hour shifts.

    Also mike:is a doctor and works more than 12 hour shifts

  45. yanabi ohlala
    yanabi ohlala September 1, 2019

    I love how Bear trying to catch the water when Doc is bathing him. Lol.

  46. Angelica Rodriguez
    Angelica Rodriguez September 1, 2019

    I still can't get over it. He is extremely smart, extremely handsome, and he loves dogs… whoever ends up with him is a lucky lucky woman lol

  47. Johanna Crupi
    Johanna Crupi September 1, 2019

    Love u dog u two make a perfect pair when ever I go to the hosp ER the love my service dog Sasha she just makes herself at home on the bed at the hosp

  48. chnalvr
    chnalvr September 2, 2019

    If you work full time consider the cost of doggy day care or a dog sitter. Most dogs are not wired for endless hours of being left alone. Dogs are little getting a child that will never grow up and leave home. $$$

    KIMINKINK ' September 2, 2019

    Getting a pet is like adopting a baby, it need attention and you have to understand them. Spend time with them and take care of them.

  50. Ryan Gardiner
    Ryan Gardiner September 2, 2019

    0:09 that triggered my epilepsy

  51. Usagi Goma
    Usagi Goma September 2, 2019

    So what happened to his husky?

  52. Winterwolf 2116
    Winterwolf 2116 September 2, 2019


  53. Simeey
    Simeey September 3, 2019

    You forgot to mention that when leaving for holidays it can be difficult to find someone to mind the puppy!

  54. Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez September 4, 2019

    Lastly know that you will likely eventually outlive them. Sad to think about but if your not a strong emotion person and can’t see yourself handling that struggle eventually then wait

  55. Simple ASMR
    Simple ASMR September 4, 2019

    NEVER let your dog play when on a leash it will come across very threatening and can give your dog anxiety

  56. Justin S
    Justin S September 7, 2019

    Who are these people that regret getting a puppy.

  57. Josephine Josie
    Josephine Josie September 7, 2019

    I am so much like the video make me to me remember and miss my puppy Ling

  58. John Vine
    John Vine September 7, 2019

    what that dog is soooo adorable i i wish i have a dog

  59. RustyNailGaming
    RustyNailGaming September 7, 2019

    With cats its easy. Throw them food and water, empty the litter box and done.. they manage to live on their own. Dogs in other hand.. they are like kids for life, wash, go for walks, give food 3-4 times a day.. brush them, clip the toes.. oh god but i want a puppy. 😅

  60. Tasi Christou
    Tasi Christou September 8, 2019

    Is bear a Tibetan mastiff

  61. Olivia O'Neill
    Olivia O'Neill September 8, 2019

    sees bear, a huge ball of fluff
    he is babey

  62. Gracie Walters
    Gracie Walters September 10, 2019

    i got my puppy when she was 4 months old.. she was 4 pounds and so so so small. she was actually healthy according to the vet she was just so little. she’s now 11 months old and 5.6 pounds! she looks exactly like bear with her brown fluffy fur, long soft ears, and just being a big wooly baby! she’s such a happy baby and loves her family so much. she’s a toy aussiedoodle and such a sweetheart and shes so spoiled lol LMK if you have an aussiedoodle too!

  63. Josephine Josie
    Josephine Josie September 11, 2019

    I am like watching that video about your can training the dog not have fighting,caring A great meet

  64. cody collins
    cody collins September 12, 2019

    Make sure you research the dog breed border collies dont belong in small apartments the same way shitzus dont belong on the farm

  65. Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget September 13, 2019

    Does buying a cute doggo come with a handsome man who loves doggos?? Cause hell yes, take my money 😍

  66. orange lasagna
    orange lasagna September 15, 2019

    Who else has owned dogs for several years and is just looking this up?

  67. Lance The King
    Lance The King September 16, 2019


  68. Emily Cancilla
    Emily Cancilla September 17, 2019

    If you want a dog and cat in one, get a Savannah. I have a 5 month old and he's insane…

  69. Shain Maine VLOGS
    Shain Maine VLOGS September 17, 2019

    Wow stop this vidoe isnt right.
    Dogs need to meet new dogs
    And if i go to school 8 hours a day i can still own a dog.

  70. Jennie Mackay
    Jennie Mackay September 17, 2019

    Just so everyone knows a crate should be able to spin around and stand up in it. No hate at all 💜

  71. Tiffany Pérez
    Tiffany Pérez September 20, 2019

    2:03 When I miss a Dr. Mike video and my mom wonders why I’m angry at myself

  72. Andriy Hirnyak
    Andriy Hirnyak September 20, 2019

    This discouraged me

  73. Peyton Keefer
    Peyton Keefer September 21, 2019


  74. egg
    egg September 21, 2019

    a handsome doctor who loves dogs….where can i adopt you 😍

  75. Matthew Reynolds
    Matthew Reynolds September 23, 2019

    I want a dog more than anything in this world. They’re the best things on this planet but how can I do that when I live alone and work 8 hours a day? 😣😩

  76. Avery Crawford
    Avery Crawford September 23, 2019

    Me : clicks on video
    Me : I swear this is the doctor guy
    Also me : checks

  77. Lopamudra Saha
    Lopamudra Saha September 24, 2019

    where do u get the time to be a youtuber and a Doctor?????

    EXO&THE BOYZ GÜEY September 24, 2019

    I had two dogs and I would just leave the food there. They don’t eat much… am I doing that wrong?

  79. Venessa Brusseau
    Venessa Brusseau September 25, 2019

    Instead of getting that cute puppy. The aspca has just as cute adult dogs who are already trained and need ❤.

  80. armani vhj
    armani vhj September 26, 2019

    The “best” part about the drool is it takes the paint off your walls, and I had to pay for it at my apartment😂😂😩

  81. ItzCaramel Apple
    ItzCaramel Apple September 26, 2019

    I have a husky and and beagle mix

  82. Nora B.
    Nora B. September 27, 2019


    What’s with all the bananas?

  83. Jules
    Jules September 27, 2019

    ive got a french bulldog and he drools so much

  84. 【Cotton】 Michicorn モ為フ
    【Cotton】 Michicorn モ為フ September 27, 2019

    I love my little doogy

  85. Dr. Fish
    Dr. Fish September 27, 2019

    Serious Question

    So is puppy depression an actual thing? Like your puppy having depression. Not you. No, not me, you

  86. Amanda Janes
    Amanda Janes September 27, 2019

    Newfie here, I absolutely love bear! Some people don't realize how difficult they are to take care of and get them becaus ethey are fluffy. I am sooooooooo glad to see that he's so happy and healthy!! <3

  87. cheesy cheese_60
    cheesy cheese_60 September 29, 2019

    Cat is better

  88. Dark rose
    Dark rose September 29, 2019

    Hello, I understand this video is older but, it was on autoplay so I still watched it. You seem to have very basic knowledge of how to raise a puppy. I could talk about a few things you did wrong but, I will just talk about the bathing/dryer. The dryer you used is called a high velocity dryer. It is very good from drying dogs fast but, it can easily tangle your dogs fur if used incorrectly. Also, it is very possible to use a human hair dryer on a dog as long as it is on the cool setting and not in the same place for a long amount of time. The dryer you have a perfect for adult dogs but, once they get older the high velocity wind can be bad for them. 🙂

  89. Vanessa Rivers
    Vanessa Rivers October 1, 2019

    💔lost my yorkie 3 weeks ago. 9 yrs old. She got sick. Not sure what or how. And the guilt is unreal! So no more pets for me until I can afford to get proper help.

  90. bored bubble J.
    bored bubble J. October 2, 2019

    i think i had puppy depression xD
    I sat crying on the floor many days in a row thinking i was a failure and my puppy was just confused af

  91. MaddyLeeReads
    MaddyLeeReads October 2, 2019

    Now that I have two dogs, it is actually hard to walk both of them as they criss cross a lot even though they are trained (I know our oldest is, but we don't know much about the new one but she knows commands). Luckily, we have a big backyard for them to run around and be free. Although now the oldest had diabetes and is partially blind and the youngest has anxiety issues. The schedule for the one to get her insulin is kind of tough with our schedules, but me and my mom have a system worked out.

  92. Andrea Bennett
    Andrea Bennett October 3, 2019

    "The drool struggle is REAL"
    -Docter Mike 2019

  93. Jasminanya
    Jasminanya October 3, 2019

    He forgot the shedding-part. 😂 Just look at his red shirt! 😁

  94. Anjali Srinivas
    Anjali Srinivas October 3, 2019

    It's October 2019 and I still love this video. By the way I am a dog person too. A BEAR PERSON Mine is a brown newf and it's name is COCO!

  95. rabbit white
    rabbit white October 3, 2019

    So how did u manage that challenge at 4 hours walk?

  96. rabbit white
    rabbit white October 3, 2019

    Stay away from doctor mike(he's covered with drool!)

  97. Don't Worry be Happy
    Don't Worry be Happy October 5, 2019

    Bear is so adorable, can you do more videos with him in please? 🙂 Doctor Mike binge 2019 X

  98. Shawna Christine
    Shawna Christine October 7, 2019

    My dog could not be crate trained. She would SCREAM the entire night and keep the whole house up. Plus she would poop and pee in her crate and then lay it which everyone SWORE wouldn't be a thing. I had to give up on it after five months of not sleeping through the night. It was taking a serious toll on me. Luckily she's a whole six pounds so the most trouble she ever got into was chewing a laptop chord (it wasn't plugged in) and destroying notebooks. I won't ever get another dog though because my ankle is a nightmare after the military and it wouldn't be fair to a new dog to not be able to take them on long walks. Pippin is nine now and her joints are starting to bother her so she usually is done walking before my ankle even starts acting up.

    DIPANNITA DEY October 9, 2019

    Thank you for the tips Dr.Mike! Just saying, you would make a really good dad lol ❤and omg 3:53 all those bananas?! Wow

  100. The 7 Henry's
    The 7 Henry's October 10, 2019

    Funny and informative

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