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My Autism/Asperger’s Medication Has Changed! Pregabalin Update💊

Hello everybody. My name is Tom stone. Welcome back to the stone post, I have Asperger’s syndrome. And I hope you having a good 2019 in today’s video want to take another look at my medication. Because I’ve made a…


(Video 8 of 8) Omics: Advancing Personalized Medicine from Space to Earth

[ Music ] [ Music ]>>We’re entering a revolutionary new period of personalized medicine. [ Music ] We’re going to be shifting from treating people once they have disease to actually predicting and preventing disease. We’re going to do that…

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A Brief Introduction to Drug Checking & Why It’s Important

One of the worst parts of prohibition is that it severely reduces the quality of drugs. Misrepresentation (selling one drug as another) and impurities are incredibly common. There’s effectively no part of the drug market that’s not affected by this…